Woman admits to smoking cocaine-laced marijuana with baby in vehicle

34-year-old Michelle Northcutt was charged with her second DUI when she backed her vehicle into someone else’s in a McDonald’s parking lot with her 15-month-old daughter was in the car and later admitted to police that she took Xanax and smoked marijuana.

Antioch man swerves vehicle into oncoming traffic, later found with no license

33-year-old Jose Bautista was charged with driving without a license, driving under the influence and implied consent after allegedly being unable to stay in his lane of travel, halting his vehicle on Una Antioch Pike, then driving into the oncoming lane of traffic.

“I don’t even drink that much” says man who blows double the legal limit

27-year-old Christopher Crutcher was charged with blowing double over the legal limit before he tells police that “I don’t even drink that much” at the scene of an accident involving two cars.

Baby-faced driver tells cops: “I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty f—-d up.”

April Bryson

26-year-old April Bryson was charged with driving while intoxicated May 31, 2020 after side-swiping another car when she told cops she didn’t usually drink that much.

Slumped man tells police “I am going nowhere then somewhere and poof” at the scene of accident

25-year-old Zachary Stanfield was charged with driving under the influence, implied consent, and violation of open container law when he struck a pole and was found slumped over when police arrived. He then told officers “I am going nowhere and then somewhere and poof”.

Man admits to drinking 2 bottles of Hennessy while driving; blows .199 BAC

28-year-old Adam Abdo was charged with driving under the influence of an after he crashed his vehicle in a front lawn on Mossdale Drive and told police he was “confused” with the directions given by his GPS.

Woman crashes into tree, identifies herself with credit card and is charged with DUI

57-year-old Carolyn Winstead-Vachon was charged with implied consent and driving under the influence when the vehicle she was driving left the roadway and impacted a tree. Officers also found six beer bottle caps on her person.

Man sleeps at wheel, blocks road for over an hour: says he had four Coronas

34-year-old Aaron Domingues was charged with driving under the influence, driving with no license, and implied consent after he passed out behind the wheel and blocked traffic in both directions at Paragon Mills and Tampa Road for over an hour.

Nashville’s Fittest Man passes out behind the wheel, vomits on self in Belle Meade

23-year-old Harold “Hal” P. Fisher was charged with driving under the influence after he was found passed out behind the wheel of a truck on Chickering Lane in Belle Meade.

Former Metro school librarian arrested for DUI: Passes out at a school. Tells cops, “I’m not going to pass that S#!%”

49-year-old Gretchen E. Good was arrested for driving under the influence after the former Napier Elementary School librarian was found passed out behind the wheel near Lockeland Elementary School.