Christopher Nelson refuses to stop sleeping in Burnham Apartments parking garage

47-year-old Christopher Nelson was sleeping in the parking garage and refusing to leave the Burnham Apartments on Representative John Lewis Way South in the early hours of April 9th. When officers arrived, they spoke with security at the apartments and located Nelson. Officers told him to leave, which he did as they informed him he was not allowed to return. After this, Nelson sat on a bench nearby, and officers left the scene. Then, after receiving an unrelated call, about 15 to 20 minutes later, they patrolled the Burnham Apartments again and noticed Nelson was sleeping in the garage between two vehicles. Nelson was taken into custody for criminal trespass.

Braxton Chassagne caught trespassing in construction area with minor

25-year-old Braxton Chassagne jumped the construction fence off 21st Avenue S next to Central Garage with juvenile Clyde Beatty in the late hours of November 19th. Vanderbilt University Police Department communications dispatched officers and, as they arrived, observed Chassagne and Beatty climbing up the construction crane tower. Officers ordered the two to climb down and identified them when they were safely on the ground. There are signs on the construction fence stating to keep out, so Chassagne was taken into custody for criminal trespassing.

Cameron Riley jailed for trespassing at Harlowe Apartments

20-year-old Cameron Riley was jailed on November 18th after police responded to Harlowe Apartments for a call about a suspicious individual roaming the parking garage. Property management advised officers that Riley was observed on the property multiple times within the past couple of weeks wearing a mask, hoodie, and a backpack. The property also had several vehicle break-ins within those weeks. Police observed Riley in the parking garage, matching the description, and placed him into custody. Riley does not live at the complex or know anyone who does.

Andrew Miller found hiding inside ceiling of under-construction house

24-year-old Andrew Miller was found in a house that was still under construction at Booker St. on October 28th. Miller was hiding in the ceiling when officers arrived and advised them that he had been gaining entry through an unlocked door. The general contractor wished to prosecute, and Miller was booked on a citation for criminal trespassing on November 17th.

Australian tourist Christopher Park tells police, “do what you got to do!” #Arrested

54-year-old Christopher Park was not wanted at the Holiday Inn and Suites Hotel on 4th Ave, as staff told police when they showed up on September 16th. A complainant told police that she did not want to prosecute Christopher, who was also staying at the hotel. The hotel security asked the MNPD officers who arrived just to escort Christopher off the property. Security and the officers contacted Christopher in his hotel room, and the security told him that he was no longer allowed to stay on the premises and needed to vacate. Christopher told them, “That’s not going to happen.” The officers told him that he would have to leave or be charged with criminal trespass, to which he responded, “Do what you got to do.” Police gave him several chances to leave, but instead, Christopher sat down in his room and refused to comply with police commands.

A drunken Alyssa McCoy booted from Tootsie’s & wraps her legs around MNPD Officer Blake Lutz in assault

Police say 29-year-old Alyssa McCoy was ordered to leave Tootsie’s late Wednesday night due to her level of intoxication. She refused and demanded the bouncers explain to her why she had to leave. They attempted to escort her from the venue, at which point she became aggressive with them, and they detained her until the police arrived. Police were going to issue her a citation for the trespass and let her arrange a safe way home, but Alyssa McCoy refused to sign the citation or provide a fingerprint for it. As officers were placing her into physical custody, she used a car to push away from them. Once in handcuffs, McCoy wrapped her legs around Officer Blake Lutz and refused to let go. As officers separated her from his leg, she began to kick him multiple times.

Intoxicated woman refuses to leave Mapco; charged with trespassing

58-year-old Beverly Bass was charged with public intoxication and criminal trespassing after she refused to leave Mapco when asked by staff, her daughter, and police.

Nashville banger arrested twice trying to get inside stores for more alcohol

39-year-old Gerard Matthews was charged with public intoxication and trespassing when he was caught on two separate occasions being belligerent outside of different businesses just days apart.

Man strip dances on riverbank after crashing event at The Bridge Building; per report

42-year-old William Rivas was charged with indecent exposure and criminal trespass when he entered private property, refused to leave, then walked down to the Cumberland River bank taking his clothes off and dancing simultaneously.

East Nashville man pilots drone over protestors, caught with over 31 grams of marijuana

20-year old James Brown was charged with unlawful use of drug paraphernalia, criminal trespass, and unlawful possession of a controlled substance after piloting a drone on private property during a downtown protest in Nashville. A consensual search of Brown later revealed over 31 grams of marijuana on his person.