Dominique Holland breaks into ex-girlfriend’s home with pistol — “I really want to hurt you right now”

25-year-old Dominique Holland admitted to breaking his ex-girlfriend’s back glass door and entering her house with a pistol after they argued on August 19th. Police arrived at his ex-girlfriend, Terrica Woods’s, house and spoke to Terrica about the incident. She stated that she and Dominique argued at her house earlier, but he had to leave to cool off. While he was gone, she said that he called her several times and then arrived back at the home. Dominique knocked at the door until Terrica came outside to sit in the car with him, and he said to her, “I really want to hurt you right now.” She went back inside, then he began knocking on the door, went around back, shattered her glass back door valued at approximately $300, and entered the home with a pistol in his hand. Despite him pointing it at her or threatening to use it, she stated that she felt in danger. Terrica’s 16-year-old son said that he heard Dominique say, “Someone is gonna get arrested or die tonight,” which Dominique denied saying.

Arturo Bolan kicks down door, assaults wife’s juvenile brother

21-year-old Arturo Bolan fought his wife’s juvenile brother when he stepped between the married couple’s argument. Arturo’s wife, Jenelli Amaya De Cubias, told police that she and he had argued earlier when they arrived at her family’s house on March 21st. She said that they were loud enough, despite being in her room, to wake the whole family. During the argument, Arturo became aggressive, and her juvenile brother stepped between her and Arturo. When the juvenile did this, Arturo and him got into a physical altercation. The juvenile and Jenelli told Arturo to leave and locked the door behind him. Moments later, they said they showed up at the residence, kicked the door down, and entered again. Arturo then tried to punch and confront the Juvenile but fled before the police arrived. The family all confirmed that Arturo does not live at the residence. Jenelli told police that she did not wish to prosecute, but police observed clear signs of forced entry, so a warrant was issued against Arturo for aggravated burglary. He was booked on August 13th.

Security Guard Stephen Patterson jailed for making improper ‘arrest,’ breaking into man’s home

22-year-old Stephen Patterson, a fully licensed security guard since September 2022 at Avana South Oaks apartment complex, “arrested” a man for DUI. Police responded to the apartment complex and spoke to Stephen, the security guard. He said he saw a car driving erratically in the parking lot and placed a man under arrest for DUI, awaiting police. Jose Balan was the passenger in the vehicle who told police that he saw Stephen pull up behind the vehicle he was riding in, and Stephen spoke to the driver. At this time, Jose exited the vehicle to go to his apartment in the complex to go to bed. Stephen followed him and kept the door from being closed behind Jose. At this time, Stephen entered the residence and tackled Jose in his own home. Jose was handcuffed and taken to Stephen’s security vehicle to wait for the police. During the incident, Jose admitted to intoxication but did not drive and had a designated driver. He also told police that Stephen tackling him caused him great pain in his back. MNPD officers responded to Stephen’s 911 call and took Stephen into custody, as his actions were inappropriate and illegal. He was charged with aggravated burglary, assault, and falls imprisonment.

Jeremy Mitchell punches through ex-girlfriend’s window; says she’s “going to die”

21-year-old Jeremy Mitchell told his ex-girlfriend she would die after breaking into her home. On July 24th, Chelsea Serritella called the police and stated someone was trying to break into her home. MNPD officers arrived at the residence on Harrington Ave and spoke to Chelsea, who said that her ex-boyfriend, the defendant, broke into her home. She said they broke up a week ago, and he had moved all his belongings out with him. But earlier on the 24th, she said that Jeremy texted her that he was “having people over” and “people sleeping in her bed.” She said that Jeremy was often paranoid due to his abuse of drugs, most notably Xanax.

Chelsea said that Jeremy began knocking on her side door and kicking it when she refused to open it. After that, she heard him yell, “I told you, you were going to die.” Then he broke the window to her bedroom by punching it and attempted to climb through. Chelsea said at that time, she went and hid in her bathroom. Her son, Anthony Serritella, heard him say that she was going to die and saw him drive away in a green SUV, which was the same one he had arrived in. Police noticed the broken window and muddy footprints on the side door.

Clarksville mother & daughter Darla & Morgan Knight jailed on felony aggravated burglary charges

56-year-old Darla Knight, owner of Yada on Franklin, and her 30-year-old real estate agent Daughter, Morgan Knight, were both charged with aggravated burglary when they broke into Morgan’s ex-boyfriend’s house, stealing and destroying his property, and emptying a bottle of lube on his bed.

Around 9:30 p.m. on July 20th, MNPD responded to a possible aggravated burglary at 24th Ave; when they arrived, they spoke to the victim, Raymond William Johnson III. Raymond told officers that he had camera footage showing a 2011 Black Chevrolet Suburban pulling into his driveway and then Darla and Morgan Knight exiting the vehicle. Officers reported Darla and Morgan were able to be identified via the footage without question, and the registration of the Chevy Suburban showed that it was registered to Darla Knight. The door was broken into as if someone punched the deadbolt, per the report. The footage shows Darla pointing to the camera as if she planned on committing the burglary without Raymond knowing, officers noted.

When police spoke to Raymond, he said that he and Morgan had broken up in June on amicable terms. He said that he had just recently started seeing another woman. Raymond showed police a text message that Morgan sent his mother stating that she saw notes in their house from the other woman, and that is why the relationship was over. Police found a note on Raymond’s chalkboard with Morgan’s signature under it reading, ” Do not call me or try to reach out. I hope you two live your best life. I only took what was mine.” During the investigation, police found broken picture frames, an entire bottle of lubricant poured onto Raymond’s bed, drywall damage, and all of Raymond’s schoolwork wiped from his computer, valued at over $16,000 for the semester. They took several items, including bedding and curtains, valued over $1,100 as well as caused over $880 of damage to other household items. Raymond’s Glock 19 pistol was also stolen with a value of over $2,000.

Man breaks into AirBNB & crawls into bed with children — Tanner Thomas Tamsin

Police say 31-year-old tourist Tanner Thomas Tamsin broke into an AirBNB apartment at the Sonder Apartments on 7th Ave North Friday night, where two children were sleeping on a fold-out bed in the living room. He climbed between the two children and went to sleep. At 3:15 a.m. Christina Johnson and her husband returned to the AirBNB to find the stranger sleeping between their children. They shook Tamsin’s leg to wake him up, causing him to jump up from the bed and charge at Christina, all of which was captured on video. Officers arrived and located Tamsin on the first level of the complex and took him into custody.

Benjamin McCay found inside country club with stolen jewelry from nearby home

27-year-old Benjamin McCay reportedly entered the Hillwood Country Club at 2:45 a.m. Friday, and took an alcoholic beverage, which he consumed. At 9:20 a.m., security found McCay to still be on the property and contacted police. He told police he had no recollection of the incident or knowledge of his actions. During a search of his person, a set of keys to the business were located in McCay’s pocket, along with assorted jewelry. Further investigation showed the jewelry and AirPods were stolen from the home of Kathryn Martin, whose home is adjacent to the Country Club and golf course.

Taylor Conyers charged in assault of juvenile neighbor

20-year-old Taylor Conyers faced multiple charges after she and another person knocked on the door of a juvenile neighbor, pushed into the home, and began to attack a juvenile female. The two reportedly “jumped” the victim, punching her in the face before fleeing. Officers arrived and reviewed video doorbell footage of the two entering and exiting the apartment. The argument seems to be over an incident the night before when Conyers was accused of stealing packages that belonged to the victim’s grandmother.

Carl’e Hooks hooks discovers her ex-girlfriend with a new lover after breaking into her bedroom

18-year-old Carl’e Hooks told police she came to her ex-girlfriend’s house because she wasn’t answering the phone. When she arrived, she used a keycode she was no longer allowed to use to enter the home, where she does not reside. She then made her way upstairs to her ex-lover’s bedroom and discovered her there with another girl. A knock-down-drag-out fight ensued, leaving large amounts of hair pulled from heads and injuries to one of the victim’s neck and head.

Courtney Emery kicks in ex-boyfriend’s door, lays in his bed; assaults him; gunshot fired

30-year-old Courtney Emery kicked in the front door at the home of her ex-boyfriend, Ethan Opelt, just before 5 a.m. on January 25 and walked upstairs and lay in his bed while he was sleeping. He woke up and immediately told her to leave the residence and noticed she was extremely intoxicated. She then became aggressive and began to assault him. He felt in danger and armed himself with a nearby handgun, and they moved downstairs nearer to the door. Once in the living room, she began to assault him a second time, and the firearm was accidentally discharged during the struggle, firing into the ground. Officers noted multiple injuries on the victim, Emery’s shoe prints on the front door, a damaged door frame, and the destruction of the television and coffee table. A Neighbor, Larry Craig, also reported the gunshot to police.