Phenix Gleaves breaks into home, assaults multiple family members during altercation

22-year-old Phenix Gleaves was involved in an altercation with his step-brother, Joshua Vance, at Stagner Road on April 7th. When officers arrived, they saw Phenix talking to his father, Jason Gleaves. Once contact was made, officers could assess that Phenix was highly intoxicated. Phenix was asked what had happened, so he informed officers that he had been drinking. Phenix also stated that he and Vance got into a fight. Jason told officers that he saw that Phenix was intoxicated, so he told him to go sleep it off. This, however, led to Phenix following around Jason and screaming at him. Jason was able to separate himself from Phenix, but Phenix ended up pushing him. Jason recovered, entered his residence, locked the door, and contacted law enforcement. Vance heard the commotion and came outside to see what was going on. When he came outside, Phenix started yelling at him too. Seeing this from his window, Jason told Vance to go back inside, which he did. This made Phenix more upset, prompting him to bang on the windows to get Vance’s attention. Once unsuccessful, Phenix went back to the front door and began punching it until he was able to create a hole big enough to fit a human being. Phenix started reaching inside and successfully grabbed Vance, pulling him through the door. Once Phenix got hold of Vance, he started attacking him. Trying to defend himself, Vance hit Phenix in the face until he could create enough distance to run away. Phenix Gleaves was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault with bodily injury, domestic assault with fear of bodily injury, aggravated burglary, and vandalism.

Vanessa McPhee assaults daughter after accusing her of dating someone she knew

65-year-old Vanessa McPhee had a domestic incident with her daughter, Malonda Jenkins, and her grandson, K.J., at their Crockett Street residence on the night of December 7th, 2023. Upon arrival, officers spoke with Jenkins, who advised that McPhee had come by and accused her of being in a relationship with someone she knew. However, Jenkins said she did not understand what McPhee was talking about. This initiated an argument, during which McPhee started attacking Jenkins, leaving bleeding scratches on her face. Jenkins stated she was standing on the porch outside the storm door when the scuffle began, adding that she fell back into the house. This is where McPhee got on top of Jenkins, continuing to attack her. KJ said that after hearing the confrontation in the living room, he came and saw McPhee attacking his mother, Jenkins. So, KJ pulled McPhee off of Jenkins by her hair, to which she responded by scratching his arms, leaving marks on both arms. Afterward, McPhee fled the scene in her car, and officers issued a warrant for her arrest. McPhee was taken into custody for domestic assault and aggravated burglary on April 4

David McDonald assaults men, destroys window after breaking into their apartment

29-year-old David Terrell McDonald entered Laquest Ware’s and Malik Perry’s apartment without permission in the early hours of March 25th. Ware and Perry told officers that McDonald entered via their unlocked backdoor and walked into their bedroom when Ware and Perry started yelling at him. They said the argument continued into the living room, during which McDonald tried to fight Perry. McDonald then turned and swung at Ware. After the altercation ended, McDonald exited the apartment, broke the handle off an exterior door leading into the building, then broke the backdoor window of the apartment. McDonald broke one of the passenger side windows on Ware’s vehicle before the officers arrived. Ware and Perry added that he had never been there or allowed inside. McDonald was taken into custody for aggravated burglary and vandalism on March 27th.

Devanne Burnett breaks into ex-boyfriend’s home, assaults him during dispute

28-year-old Devanne Burnett had a domestic incident with her ex-boyfriend, Carlos Hall, at his Hickory Manor apartment on Hamilton Church Road in the early hours of February 16th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Hall, who stated he was asleep when Burnett parked outside his building, honked her car horn and started texting him to come outside to talk with her. Hall repeatedly refused via text, which was when Burnett came to his door, knocking loudly for several minutes. Hall then opened his door to stop his neighbors from waking up. After he answered the door, Burnett started yelling and entered his unit without consent. Hall stated Burnett began to strike him in the face with a closed fist. Hall and the witness, Ms. Ghoulston, told her multiple times that she could not enter their home. Hall said that Ghoulston called the police, and Burnett fled the scene. Hall did not have any visible injuries. Officers reviewed camera footage, which showed Burnett yelling at Hall, pushing his door open, entering his home, and lunging toward him. Burnett was taken into custody for aggravated burglary on March 25th.

Mackenzie Clay breaks into neighbor’s house to give them mail

27-year-old Mackenzie Clay was jailed on February 26th after a home invasion on Mimosa Drive the night prior. Raquel Flores-Guillen stated that she heard someone enter her home from the basement door while she was upstairs. She then called out to them and grabbed a gun to defend herself. Her husband, Mr. Villalobos, quickly jumped out of the shower, took possession of the gun, and asked the intruder why he was inside their home. The intruder stated that he wanted to give them mail and proceeded to come up the basement steps. Mr. Villalobos fired a warning shot down the stairs. The intruder began to run away, and that’s when Mr. Villalobos noticed it was their next-door neighbor who had broken in. Mr. Villalobos told officers that two children were in the house when the incident occurred. Officers found the spare key and footprints leading up the steps of the basement and went next door to speak with Clay. He stated that he heard a beep from next door and entered the home to see what was going on. When officers advised Clay that he was under arrest, he tensed up his body and began to resist. Officers had to carry Clay to the patrol vehicle due to him refusing to walk. While Clay was in the backseat, he spat several times. When the patrol vehicle arrived at booking, Clay refused to exit the vehicle and stated that he would have to be dragged out because he was too tired. Officers then pulled him out of the vehicle and carried him into booking.

Jonathan Mattingly breaks into woman’s apartment, emails her photo captioned “Staying with ya tonight!”

37-year-old Jonathan Mattingly was booked after entering an apartment on Rep. John Lewis South without permission. Chloe Witmer advised that she received an email with a picture of her garage key fob and pass with the subject line reading “Staying with ya tonight!” That image was followed by a selfie of Mattingly in the bathroom of Chloe’s apartment that she uses as a short-term rental. One of Chloe’s employees went to the apartment and found a handwritten note signed by Mattingly on the ground. She then entered the apartment and said hello, to which Mattingly replied hello back. Mattingly then came out from the bedroom area and began talking to her as if nothing was wrong. When Mattingly started digging in a bag, the employee became uncomfortable and left the apartment. She later returned with the police, but Mattingly was no longer there. The property captured in the selfie was also missing from the apartment. Police recovered a pill bottle with Mattingly’s name and an address in Bardstown, Kentucky. Officers located an article detailing the 2022 arrest of Mattingly in Pikeville, Kentucky. The booking photo in the article and the photo from Mattingly’s email were used so Chloe and the employee could identify him. Officers contacted the Pikeville Police Department and were provided with Mattingly’s Kentucky driver’s license number. Mattingly was taken into custody for theft and aggravated burglary on February 6th.

Brittney McNeal charged in theft from father’s houseboat

31-year-old Brittney Nicole McNeal was caught on camera stealing from her dad’s, Jefferey Allen McNeal’s, 1978 Chris-Craft Catalina 30’ houseboat at the Four Corners Marina on Lavergne Couchville Pike on September 9th. Mr. McNeal advised officers that he had a video showing Brittney stealing a Ryobi Pressure Washer, a Bluetooth wireless speaker, and a luggage cart. He told them that she texted him prior to the incident to see where he was, and when he confronted her with a video and possible charges, she replied, “Cool, good luck.” A warrant was issued for her arrest in September, and she was taken into custody last week on the outstanding charge.

19-year-old Sherrekia Kitchens jailed after breaking into ex-boyfriend’s house

19-year-old Sherrekia Kitchens was jailed on January 8th after breaking into her ex-boyfriend’s house on Carter Avenue. Todd Easly called the police and told them that Sherrekia had broken in through his basement window and was currently kicking down the basement door. He confirmed that he owned the house and that Sherrekia didn’t live there. Once inside the house, Sherrekia assaulted Todd by grabbing his wrist while he was on the phone with dispatch. Officers observed bruising to Todd’s wrist and forced entry to the basement window and door. Todd stated that he was afraid Sherrekia would harm him. Sherrekia Kitchens was taken into custody and charged with aggravated burglary and vandalism.

Chef Chris Polley breaks into ex-boyfriend’s home, steals cologne & vinyl records

38-year-old Chef Christopher Polley was jailed Thursday on multiple felony and misdemeanor charges in Nashville. Police say he was caught on camera kicking through his ex-boyfriend’s door on N 2nd Street on Christmas Day. He does not live at the location and had no permission to be in the residence of his former lover, Philippe Boehm. Chef Polley, who until recently was the chef at Burger + Grain in the Nations, reportedly stole six bottles of cologne, valued at $500 each, and ten vinyl records, valued at approximately $200 each. Polley was clearly identified from a home security video, which was reviewed by police. In addition to kicking through the victim’s bedroom door, the back door has also been forced open, with a footprint on the door. Warrants were issued for Polley’s arrest, and he was taken into custody in the days following the incident.

18-year-old Kavel Pigrum breaks into home, punches police officer

18-year-old Kavel S. Pigrum was jailed on November 19th after officers were dispatched for a burglary in progress. When officers arrived, they observed the glass patio door had been shattered. They entered the apartment to ensure no one was inside. While clearing the apartment, they observed items thrown all around in disarray. The home belonged to Malachi Blackmith; his mother arrived while police were on the scene because she was notified that the alarm was going off. She also provided a location where Malachi’s phone was pinging. Officers put in a welfare check to that location and discovered North officers were already with Malachi and Pigrum. Before Malachi was arrested for unrelated charges, he showed police video footage of Pigrum throwing a rock at the patio door, shattering it. After the glass was shattered, Pigrum, along with two juveniles, went inside the apartment and began smashing items that were worth up to two thousand dollars. Malachi told police he believed Pigrum was looking for him due to a domestic incident involving him and Pigrum’s sister.

It was also reported that while North officers were taking Malachi into custody, Pigrum pulled up with multiple individuals, got out of the car, and ran towards officers. The officers commanded him to get back, but he refused and began throwing punches toward Malachi. During the “flurry” of punches, Pigrum hit an officer in the face, leaving a mark and causing swelling to his left eye. After the officer was hit, the fight was broken up, and Pigrum was placed in cuffs.