Alec Cort traps wife inside home during altercation

51-year-old Alec Cort was involved in a domestic altercation with his wife, Allyson Cort, at Kennett Road on the night of October 30th. A third-party caller advised officers of the commotion and, once they arrived, determined that the dispute began when the couple was driving home from marriage counseling and continued until they got to their driveway. They went inside, and Alec stood before the door, refusing to let Allyson leave the bedroom. Allyson tried to reach around him to grab the door handle, and he pushed himself up against her, holding the door shut, so she slapped him across the face and screamed for help to her kids to get them out of the bedroom. Alec Cort was booked on a summons for false imprisonment on November 22nd.

Efrain Santiago Olivero assaults wife, tells children “Mom is about to learn”

29-year-old Efrain Santiago Olivero was jailed after threatening to assault his wife at their home on Hobson Pike. Bergeline Garcia told police that she and her husband got into an argument, and Efrain told their children to go to their room because “mom is about to learn.” He then began to chase her around the apartment. When she realized he wasn’t going to let her leave, she ran into the bathroom. Officers found Efrain on Old Hickory Boulevard and took him into custody. Bergeline told police that she was afraid her husband would hurt her because he had before. She then showed the officers photos from September 18th, where she had bruising on her chin from her husband hitting her. Efrain was taken into custody and charged with false imprisonment and two counts of domestic assault.

Henry Pangan charged with strangling woman, knocking her into a closet

27-year-old Henry Pangan got into an argument with a woman after she accused him of looking at another woman, and she became erratic, he said. He told police that he attempted to calm her down by holding her back at arm’s length. Also, he said that she threw a bottle of cologne at him, scratched his arms, and bit his chest while at the residence on Fedders Dr. on September 23rd. The victim, Migdalia Soto, said, through an interpreter, that Henry abuses alcohol and gets angry when he goes on bingers. She asked to use his vehicle due to her car being broken, and he said no, called her trash, and other curse words in front of her children at the residence. When she stood up for herself and told him that he would not talk to her like that in front of her children, he slapped her across the face.

She says Henry then pushed her into a closet and placed his hands around her neck as she attempted to escape. She reportedly lost consciousness for a few seconds and could not leave the closet because Henry blocked the door. In an attempt to defend herself, she grabbed a high heel, but Henry got it from her and threw it at her, causing an injury to her hand. Migdalia had to be treated by paramedics and transported to the hospital for her injuries. Her son was at the scene and told police that he saw Henry standing in front of the closet with his mother inside. He said that Magdalia was holding her neck as if she had been strangled.

David Faill pulls gun on her ex-roommate

26-year-old David Faill’s ex-roommate called the police after he needed to return to the residence on Hermitage Dr. that he and David once shared to grab some items with his friend on September 11th. The ex-roommate, Cody Kless, told police that an order of protection against David was dismissed on September 8th, which police confirmed. He said that when he went to the residence, he looked up while he was on the floor and saw David. She had a weapon on her, and he could see straight down the barrel. Cody said it took her thirty to forty minutes to put the weapon away while standing next to the door. Reportedly, he did not feel safe to leave, and his friend corroborated the entire story. Police identified David through ARMS and placed her into custody for aggravated assault.

Security Guard Stephen Patterson jailed for making improper ‘arrest,’ breaking into man’s home

22-year-old Stephen Patterson, a fully licensed security guard since September 2022 at Avana South Oaks apartment complex, “arrested” a man for DUI. Police responded to the apartment complex and spoke to Stephen, the security guard. He said he saw a car driving erratically in the parking lot and placed a man under arrest for DUI, awaiting police. Jose Balan was the passenger in the vehicle who told police that he saw Stephen pull up behind the vehicle he was riding in, and Stephen spoke to the driver. At this time, Jose exited the vehicle to go to his apartment in the complex to go to bed. Stephen followed him and kept the door from being closed behind Jose. At this time, Stephen entered the residence and tackled Jose in his own home. Jose was handcuffed and taken to Stephen’s security vehicle to wait for the police. During the incident, Jose admitted to intoxication but did not drive and had a designated driver. He also told police that Stephen tackling him caused him great pain in his back. MNPD officers responded to Stephen’s 911 call and took Stephen into custody, as his actions were inappropriate and illegal. He was charged with aggravated burglary, assault, and falls imprisonment.

Andrew Cheesman assaults yet another woman while out on bond for a prior sadistic assault

32-year-old Andrew Cheesman was jailed on July 8th for assaulting his fiancee at their home on Mullen Circle after an argument about suspected cheating. When police arrived, they saw Christina Rodriguez on the front lawn with red marks on her neck and back. She had a bruise on the inside of her left hand and told police her fiance had tried to take her phone the night before because he thought she was cheating on him. That caused a brief altercation during which she sustained a back injury.

According to Rodriguez, there was another fight that day when Cheesman said, “You’re ruining my life,” and began strangling her. Rodriguez tried to push him off of her, and he grabbed her by the wrist and started hitting his own face with her hand, saying, “If I’m going to jail, you’re going with me.” He had a small cut above his left eyebrow and small red marks on his neck. He told police that it was Rodriguez that tried to take his phone, then got on top of him and started hitting him. There were no witnesses or camera footage of the incident, nor was there a significant difference in injuries; however, due to Cheesman’s repeated domestic violence history with multiple other women and the size comparison, he was determined to be the primary aggressor. In 2021 we covered his arrest when he was accused of the brutal sadistic assault of a woman. He was out on bond for that case when this new assault occurred.

Ryan Taugher charged in felony aggravated assault of influencer girlfriend, McKinli Hatch

29-year-old Ryan Christopher Taugher was jailed in Nashville early Wednesday morning for the domestic assault of his social media influencer girlfriend, McKinli Hatch. There was an initial argument Tuesday night after Ryan became intoxicated and reportedly hit McKinli. She says he then tossed her clothes around the home and threw a piece of frozen candy at her. Still intoxicated, Ryan then threw a glass bottle at McKinli, which shattered across her buttocks, causing injuries and bleeding. She ran outside and called 911 and stated she had been hit and was being chased, but seconds later, he grabbed the phone and disconnected the call.

Officers responded to the hang-up call, but Ryan pulled her into the bushes, where they successfully hid from officers. The officers knocked on the door, but no one responded, so they pulled around the corner. Once they left the immediate area, he escorted her back into the home and threw her into a room. Due to their past, she was afraid she would be assaulted if she attempted to leave. He then made her text her family and tell them she was OK, as she had previously texted them for help. He then forced her to change out of her bloody clothing. She found a moment to escape out the front door, and he chased her as she screamed. The nearby officers heard the screaming and observed Ryan holding her as she struggled when they approached. The parties were separated, and Ryan Taugher was taken into custody

Joshua Watson charged in assault of girlfriend, Tami Lee

34-year-old Joshua Watson was booked Wednesday after closing the door on his girlfriend’s ankle when she tried to leave the apartment on Hillside Court during an argument. Tami Lee told police that Watson blocked the door with his body, and when she finally got past him, he tried to shut the door to stop her from leaving and closed it on her ankle, leaving a laceration and bruising.

Soldier Bradley Cheek: “I’m 170 pounds of pure muscle, and if I wanted to, I could destroy you.”

21-year-old Fort Campbell Soldier Bradley Cheek was Jailed on April 22 for attacking his ex-girlfriend after she picked him up from Broadway and allowed him to stay the night. Mr. Cheek called his ex, Hannah Gibbs asking for a ride and a place to stay. When they arrived at Gibbs’ place, they started to argue, and she told Cheek to leave several times. Gibbs told police that he walked out of the bedroom, so she got up and locked the door behind him, but he threatened to “Kick the door down in 2 seconds.” She decided to open the door, and he whispered, “It was a good decision because I’m 170lbs of pure muscle, and if I wanted to, I could destroy you.”

Gibbs then turned her head away from Cheek, and he grabbed her by her neck with both hands until she started to cry, and he let go. When she tried to leave the bedroom, he put his hands on her face to stop her. Gibbs returned to her bed and tried to leave again, but Cheek picked her up and put her back on the bed. Gibbs said every time she tried to leave after that, he would pull her back by her hair as he stood in the doorway. Gibbs showed the police a video of Cheek blocking the bedroom doorway. We previously covered Cheek in July for the assault of his wife.

AWOL Soldier Maccdousha Faulaau charged in assault of his girlfriend

20-year-old Maccdousha Faulaau, a Fort Campbell Soldier, was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant from March when he assaulted his girlfriend, Mokadesha Williams, in their apartment on Centennial Boulevard. Police spoke with Ms. Williams, who also stated that Mr. Fualaau has a military warrant as he is stationed at Fort Campbell and has been AWOL since November.

Earlier in the day on March 28th, she and Faulaau got into an argument in their bedroom. At some point during the argument, he grabbed her forearms and slung her around the kitchen. Ms. Williams then punched him in the head with her right hand. Faulaau grabbed her and threw her on the couch in the living room and then onto the floor in the bedroom. When the fight stopped, she told him she was going to call the police, so he grabbed her cell phone out of her hands. She tried to leave, but there was only one door in the apartment, and she couldn’t get by him to go. She tried to yell for help out of the window, but Faulaau grabbed her and pulled her back from the window.

He kept her trapped in the apartment for over two hours without a phone. Ms. Williams then asked to use her phone to call her mom, and he agreed, but while Ms. Williams was speaking with her mother on speaker phone, her mother told her to call the police. That’s when Faulaau grabbed a knife from the kitchen and fled on foot. Ms. Williams had several bruises and scratches on her right forearm. Her shirt was torn, and she had abrasions on her left breast.