Active shooter arrested inside St. Thomas Midtown Hospital with multiple magazines of ammo

#BREAKING: Metro Nashville Police responded to an active shooter a St. Thomas Midtown Hospital early Saturday after multiple calls were received of shots fired from inside the hospital. Security advised they heard two shots fired from inside a stairwell, and the gunman was now on the fourth level of the stairs after having entered through a back door to the hospital. Officers located and confronted the man, identified as 33-year-old Nicholas Zaayenga, who was eventually taken into custody. He was armed and had multiple magazines of ammunition in his possession, and was firing at in interior door when he was located. Multiple bullet casings were located in the same area. [His mugshot was not immediately available due to the weekend timing of the incident]

April Hampton — texting while driving leads to arrest for cocaine, handgun, and marjiuana

33-year-old April Hampton was pulled over by a THP Trooper on I-24 after he said he observed her texting while driving. It was determined her driver’s license was revoked for failure to pay court fees, and the officer noted the smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle. She claimed she had smoked earlier, but nothing was currently in the vehicle. A search was conducted and resulted in the seizure of a handgun, a small amount of cocaine (0.5 grams) packaged to sell, 32 grams of marijuana, and a scale.

Shardae Bell rips hair from baby daddy’s scalp during child custody exchange

Police responded to the O’Charley’s on Rivergate Parkway and met with 27-year-old Shardae Bell, who advised she had been assaulted by her ex-boyfriend during a child-custody exchange at the location. She says Terrance Jones was removing the child’s shoes and new clothing and dressing her in another set of clothing, as Shardae reportedly didn’t return the new clothes with the child on a prior exchange. She claimed she reached in to grab the child, and Terrance hit her in the face and pulled a gun on her before fleeing the scene.

Terrance returned to the location to also speak with officers, and they immediately noticed he was holding a large piece of his hair that appeared to have been ripped from the scalp, with a visible injury. He explained that as he was changing the child’s clothing, she attacked him and ripped out his hair. Witnesses confirmed that Shardae was the primary aggressor, and her version of events was untrue. After she was in custody, her child randomly spoke and said that her dad was hurt and her mother ripped his hair, without any prompting.

Xavier Rolle issued citations for cocaine & prohibited gun possession in Nashville

22-year-old Xavier Rolle was issued a state citation for cocaine possession and carrying a prohibited weapon after police conducted a traffic stop on his vehicle in late October when they observed expired plates on his vehicle, which was traveling at a high rate of speed. During the traffic stop, Rolle advised officers he had a gun in the vehicle, that it belonged to him, and it was under the back seat passenger’s legs. Officers retrieved the gun, which was a short-barrel shotgun — a prohibited weapon in Tennessee. During a pat down search, a grinder was discovered, which had multiple small baggies of white powder inside that tested positive for cocaine. Rolle was booked on the citations this week and has retained Bobby Ballinger as counsel.

Luke Ratliff refuses to cooperate after DUI traffic stop on I-40: 102 in a 70mph zone

It took the presence and force of three THP Troopers and two Metro Nashville Police officers to escort 40-year-old Lucas Andrew Ratliff from his vehicle to the ground after a DUI traffic stop and assistance from two security guards at Metro General Hospital to hold him down for a forced blood draw on November 21st. Troopers initially stopped Ratliff on I-40, where he was paced at 102 mph in a 70 mph zone. During the traffic stop, Ratliff would not make eye contact with officers and had slurred speech, and refused to exit the vehicle, stating he “does not want to.” A warrant was granted for his blood, and he was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail and charged with DUI.

Meskin Beshili assaults wife after she buys new vehicle without his knowledge

57-year-old Meskin Beshili says his wife, Suad Mustafa, bought a new vehicle without his knowledge. The couple had a verbal argument about the purchase, which escalated when his wife allegedly made a degrading statement about his mother. He says her words upset him, and he “pushed” his wife. During an interview, the victim states Meskin grabbed her by the arms and, pushed her to the couch, then slapped her in the face. Officers documented two injuries on her arm from the assault.

Zaron Smith punches a woman in the face & pulls her hair, during assault in all-female TSU dorm

22-year-old Zaron Phil Smith was booked this week on an outstanding warrant from 2019, charging him with assault. Police say security video shows Smith entering an all-female residence hall at Tennessee State University and waiting in the lobby for Taylor Doughty to come downstairs. Once she was in the lobby, Smith engaged in a verbal argument and then punched the victim in her face and pulled her hair. Smith was issued a citation at the time of the incident, and never appeared for his court date.

Pheairis McMurray would knot leave Smokin Thighs after showing up high on marijuana

Metro Nashville Police responded to the Wedgewood location of Smokin Thighs on a report of a disorderly person at the business. They came in contact with 29-year-old Pheairis McMurray, who stated he had smoked marijuana before visiting the restaurant. He had been asked to leave and was now willing to do so; however, his slurred and muffled speech and inability to stay focused on a conversation led police to take him into custody for public intoxication.

Marcel Labib strangles husband who wouldn’t help her change a flat tire

31-year-old Marcel Labib is accused of putting her husband, Youssef Shawk, in a rear choke hold until he was unable to breathe and scratching at his face when he refused to come to her aid with a flat tire. When she called him to help her, as she was stranded, he reminded her of his “hand injury” and advised her to call a tow truck instead. After the tire was fixed and she returned home, Marcel reminded Youssef that she cooks, cleans, and takes care of the home and that he could at least attempt to help her. He says she was irate and came at him, scratching at his face. As he attempted to shield his face, he says she put him in a rear choke hold, preventing him from breathing. The assault occurred in front of their two minor children, who attempted to separate their parents. Marcel is charged with domestic assault with bodily injury.

You’re too drunk to leave Nashville — Michelle Balke & James Balke arrested at airport

55-year-old Michelle Kay Balke & 60-year-old James Balke were attempting to fly out of Nashville late Monday; however, gate agents at the Nashville International airport denied boarding to both parties due to their extreme level of intoxication. The couple became verbally aggressive, with each one blaming the other for their predicament. Their argument causes a disturbance to airport operations and the gathering of people now watching. Airport police arrived, and they were asked to leave the property. As they were walking out, they again began yelling at each other, and after multiple attempts to calm the situation, both parties were taken into custody for public intoxication.