Businessman Bill Whitaker charged with DUI in West Nashville after drinking at “nearby casino”

56-year-old Bill Whitaker was observed obstructing traffic near the Elliston 23 parking garage in the early hours of June 22nd. After noticing this, the location’s security guard, Cameron Stewart, alerted the authorities and advised them that he was slumped over the driver’s seat with his engine on. He stated he opened Whitaker’s driver’s side door, parked the vehicle, took the keys out of the ignition, and called 911. When officers arrived, they tried to speak with Whitaker, but he was “extremely unresponsive” until they rubbed his sternum to wake him up.

Whitaker then refused medical attention and denied taking any medication. During their interaction, officers smelled a strong alcoholic odor coming from Whitaker, so they asked him to exit the vehicle. While getting out, he had to brace himself against the car, and then he denied driving, stating that someone had driven him there, but he could not “clearly articulate” where he was. Then, Whitaker admitted to having eight drinks while at a “nearby casino,” including one cocktail and four tequila shots, and refused to take sobriety tests. Officers later discovered the vehicle was registered to his business and detained him for the occurrence. After being read implied consent, Whitaker refused to provide a chemical sample and was taken into custody for driving under the influence and an implied consent violation. We previously covered Whitaker after he assaulted a private investigator who was following him, telling police he believed she was a “game member” after him.

Landry Callahan jailed after drinking with fake ID in downtown Nashville

Landry Callahan FEAT.

Metro Police say 20-year-old Landry Wells Callahan was among a group of individuals in front of Jason Aldean’s Bar early Sunday morning when their conversation became loud and “alarming” to officers. Officers approached to see if they could assist, and one of the individuals was attempting to arrange a ride home. On the other end of the call, police could hear what sounded like a domestic incident. As they were investigating that end of the call, Callahan became belligerent and began to throw random items while stumbling on Broadway. It became apparent Callahan was unable to care for herself due to her level of intoxication. Police spoke with her further, and she disclosed she was only twenty years old while consuming alcohol. Officers located three different identification cards on her, with only one matching her name and likeness. She was taken into custody and charged with underage alcohol consumption, public intoxication, and use of a fake ID.

DUI: Stefanie Fair, Momfluencer & wife of music mogul Ron Fair, arrested in Nashville

51-year-old Stefanie Fair, wife of music mogul Ron Fair, was jailed late Sunday, charged with driving under the influence. THP Trooper Velez was finishing up a traffic stop near Armory Drive and walking back to his patrol car when a vehicle driven by Stefanie Fair passed him without moving over or slowing down. The trooper engaged lights and sirens and followed Fair, who eventually pulled over after an extended period of time. When educating her about the move-over law violation, she reportedly reeked of alcohol and had watery, bloodshot eyes. She denied drinking any alcoholic beverages and stated she had just returned from the Ice Cream Parlor, where she was visiting her daughter. She exited the vehicle to speak to the trooper, and the aroma of alcohol followed her. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was taken into custody for DUI. Fair is most recently known for her appearance on Bravo‘s series There Goes The Motherhood!

Kelly Chambers scratches & bites boyfriend during argument over infidelity

32-year-old Kelly Chambers had a domestic incident with her boyfriend, Michael Fahmy, at his Jackson Downs Boulevard residence on June 21st. Fahmy told responding officers that he and Chambers had a verbal dispute regarding infidelity, during which she threw his medication on the ground. Then, after the officers left, Fahmy called them back, stating Chambers had just scratched and bitten him. When officers returned, they noticed the visible injury on his right arm and detained Chambers for the occurrence. Chambers was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Spencer Graves assaults baby mama during child drop-off

24-year-old Spencer Graves was involved in a domestic altercation with his ex-girlfriend and mother of his child, Trina Woodard, at a Beals Lane residence on June 20th. Officers were dispatched to a Shell Gas Station near Whitescreek Pike and, upon arrival, spoke with Woodard. She told officers that she went to Graves’ Mothers’ Beals Lane residence to pick up their child earlier in the day. Graves was not there when she initially showed up but showed up later. Woodard claims that her friend, Whysper West, was waiting in her car but then came into the house. Graves became upset that Woodard brought someone else to his mother’s house, causing an argument. Woodard then grabbed her child and brought him to the car, putting him in the car seat. Woodard stated that while this was happening, Graves approached her and pushed the side of her face. Woodard then ignored it and tried to get in the vehicle, but Graves grabbed the door as she tried to close it. She stated that Graves then grabbed her shirt and began pushing her, causing a scratch on her chest that officers observed. Officers also observed blood on her finger that was caused by her pushing Graves away from her. Officers then spoke with West, a witness, who stated that she saw Graves push Woodard in the face. Officers then attempted to contact Graves at his mother’s residence but first spoke with his mother, Sequoya Cummings, who provided officers with a short clip of the incident from a security camera. The clip showed Woodard getting into her vehicle and Graves walking up to the door and grabbing it, preventing it from closing. The video also shows Graves and Woodard grabbing each other but cutting out shortly after. The officers then spoke with Graves, who stated that there was never any physical altercation, but due to the evidence of injury and the witness statement, officers determined Graves to be the primary aggressor, and he was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Percy Ford Jr. violates order of protection by taking wife’s dog before divorce

50-year-old Percy Welton Ford Jr. was taken into custody for two counts of violating an order of protection on June 20th. On June 19th, Percy’s wife, Courtney Ford, alerted the authorities to her Brookstone Court residence. Courtney informed them that around 4:17 p.m., Percy had shown up, entered the home, brought in some food, and took their dog before leaving. Courtney said that Percy did not speak to her and that she only recognized him after he got into his car and left. Officers confirmed that she had an active order of protection against Percy and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

On June 20th, officers were called back to the residence. When they arrived, they located Percy, who told them that, to his knowledge, the order of protection had expired on June 4th and gave them documents stating such. Then, officers confirmed that the order was active and had been extended on June 4th since they were still going through their divorce. He was then detained for the occurrences.

Terrick Claybrooks assaults boyfriend for not helping with bills #LoversQuarrel

24-year-old Terrick Claybrooks was involved in a domestic altercation with his lover, Michael Smith, near West Trinity Lane and Whites Creek Pike on June 19th. When officers arrived, they made contact with Smith and Claybrooks. Claybrooks would not let officers speak to Smith and was actively chasing him, so backup officers were called. Officers observed several injuries on Smith, including scratches on his elbow, around his neck, above his butt, and an abrasion on his forearm. Smith stated that Claybrooks had been driving his vehicle but refused to return the keys. Smith then told officers Claybrooks told him to move out if he wanted his keys because he still had an apartment key.

As Smith began to pack his things to leave the location, Claybrooks followed him and stood in the doorway so Smith could not leave. Smith began recording audio to show officers how Claybrooks was acting, and when Claybrooks noticed Smith recording, he became upset. The argument then turned physical when Claybrooks grabbed Smith as he attempted to leave the apartment. Officers observed more injuries on Smith, observing blood on his elbow and redness around the neck from Claybrooks pulling on his shirt. Smith denied medics and played the recording for officers that showed the context of the argument and a scuffle that happened with it. Officers then escorted Smith to the apartment so he could get his belongings. Officers observed Smith’s shirt and one of his shoes in the hallway of the apartment building. Smith told officers that he had to “make a run for it to get out of the apartment.” Upon arrival at the apartment, residence officers spoke with Claybrooks, who stated that they had gotten into an argument regarding Smith not wanting to help pay bills. Claybrooks then told officers that he snatched his keys back, which is when Smith pushed him and walked towards him, prompting the fight. Claybrooks told officers that Smith grabbed his neck and pulled Smith’s shirt to get him off. Claybrooks also informed officers that he defended himself after he had been assaulted and that Smith still had his keys. Claybrooks was deemed the primary aggressor, and he was taken into custody for Domestic assault and false imprisonment.

Malachi Nelson steals $45,000 worth of property after breaking into woman’s home

32-year-old Malachi Nelson was seen trespassing with marijuana on him at The Greyhound Bus Station near Rep John Lewis Way South on June 20th. When officers arrived on the scene, it was for an unrelated call. Staff flagged down officers and told them they wanted Nelson to be banned from returning to the property. Officers then spoke with Nelson and told him he would be arrested for trespassing if he returned. Officers then left the scene and received a call from the same location shortly after. The caller stated that Nelson had climbed the fence into the property and threatened to kill everybody inside the bus station. When officers arrived on the scene, Nelson was still on the property, and since officers had previously warned him, he was taken into custody for trespassing.

During a search of Nelson, officers located a small amount of marijuana inside of a small plastic bag. Officers also located several other suspicious items, including a photo ID and a debit card that belonged to a female and not Nelson. When asked about the items, he stated that he did not know where they came from or how long he had had them. Officers then discovered that the owner of the ID card had made a call and was waiting for officers to make a report about a burglary that had occurred. The suspect’s description of the burglary matched Nelson’s, and specific details about his clothing were included in the description. The victim of the burglary also had doorbell camera footage, which officers viewed, showing Nelson entering and exiting through the unlocked front door. He was seen carrying a stolen laptop and several bags containing two PlayStation 5 consoles, a MacBook laptop, multiple sets of car keys, house keys, an ID card, a debit card, $1,100 cash, an Audemars Piguet watch, designer clothing, and a Chromebook laptop. The value of the stolen property is valued to be more than $45,000, and Nelson was taken into custody for aggravated burglary, criminal trespass, and possession of a controlled substance. Nelson was recently arrested before this incident on June 18th for breaking into a US Bank ATM with a large rock.

Diaper Bandit Kanetra Hill steals $370 worth of Pampers & other items from Dollar General

29-year-old Kanetra Hill and her friend Lindsey Page had stolen from the Dickerson Pike Dollar General around 8:15 p.m. on March 7th. Hill and Page grabbed around $120 worth of Pampers diapers and Gain laundry detergent before exiting through the side door and leaving in a grey Honda Pilot. Following the incident, officers located the Honda near North 2nd Street and Grace Street with diapers in the backseat. Officers provided detectives with the vehicle’s tag, which returned as Hill’s, who was identified after reviewing Dollar General’s security footage. Then, officers discovered that Page had been arrested in the Honda Pilot on March 12th. A warrant was issued for Hill’s arrest on April 29th.

On March 18th, Hill and two other unidentified individuals entered the Brick Church Pike Dollar General. They picked up baskets and filled them with around $250 worth of merchandise. After filling their baskets, they left the store and drove away in a grey Honda Pilot. An additional arrest warrant was obtained for Hill on May 3rd. Kanetra Hill was later taken into custody for two counts of theft on June 17th.

Booster Edricka Carney steals over $8,489 worth of merchandise from multiple stores

30-year-old Booster Edricka Nicole Carney was taken into custody for five counts of theft on June 18th, 2024. On August 2nd, 2021, the asset protection leader for the Charlotte Pike Old Navy reported to the police that he observed Carney enter the store, select around $1,144 of clothing, and exit the store without paying. He added that he knew her from a previous incident caught on surveillance and obtained the tag of the vehicle she left in, which was later discovered to be registered to her. A warrant was issued for her arrest on August 23rd, 2021.

Then, on August 10th, 2021, another warrant was obtained for her arrest regarding an incident from July 15th, 2021, in which she gathered $500 of clothing from Old Navy and left without purchasing it.

On March 6th, 2024, around 4:01 p.m., Carney entered the Hillsboro Pike Macy’s with an unidentified female and collected approximately $3,000 worth of merchandise before leaving the store. Loss Prevention Officer Patrick Page provided detectives with security footage of the occurrence and later identified Carney as one of the individuals involved. He added that he had confronted the two about shoplifting on March 4th, 2024, after they grabbed $3,245 worth of baby clothing with another unidentified female. During this, Page recovered the stolen items. Then, two additional warrants were issued for Carney’s arrest on March 12th, 2024.

On June 3rd, 2024, another warrant was obtained for Carney’s arrest regarding an incident on January 23rd, 2024, in which she entered Elders Ace Hardware on Gallatin Pike and grabbed six Yeti cups, two wireless cameras, and other miscellaneous items totaling around $600 before leaving in a 2008 Ford Edge, which they discovered belonged to her boyfriend, King Cunningham. Officers identified Carney from the store surveillance they were provided. She was later detained for the thefts.