Jasmine Caruthers sprays mace inside home with two babies present

22-year-old Jasmine Caruthers was taken into custody on April 14th when officers were dispatched to a Walsh Street residence, where they observed three broken windows with mace sprayed inside two of them. After they knocked on the door to announce their presence, Donte Wilson, Cierra Wood, and two infants less than a year old came outside with shirts covering their faces. Officers noticed the children had extremely runny noses and red faces. Wilson stated that Caruthers had thrown rocks at the windows and sprayed mace inside their home. He added that he and Wood grabbed the kids and hid in a room away from the broken windows until Caruthers left. Officers were advised that Wilson and Caruthers share a child, who was inside the residence during the incident.

DUI: Crystal Fennell whips children while high on drugs at Waffle House

41-year-old Crystal Fennell was jailed on March 3rd after complaints of a woman pushing her kids and swinging a whip at them inside the Waffle House on Old Hickory Boulevard. Witnesses stated that Fennell had entered the restaurant with two children and began behaving erratically. During this time, the witness observed Fennell push both children and swing a whip at them. Officers tried to speak with Fennell, but she wasn’t making sense. From their professional experience, the officers believed that Fennell was under the influence of either meth or cocaine due to her behavior. Officers determined the abused children were ages 5 and 6 and belonged to Fennell. Officers also discovered that she was in possession of a multi-lashed whip.

 Multiple complainants stated they saw Fennell arrive, driving a white Chevrolet suburban. Officers decided that it was unsafe for Fennell to perform sobriety tests due to her fidgeting and constant pulling away, fearing Fennell would run into traffic.

 When Fennell was arrested, she began complaining of chest pains, to which officers requested an ambulance. While at Nashville General Hospital, she admitted to drinking some alcohol and then spat in Officer Heaton’s face. Crystal Fennell was taken into custody on March 3rd for assault on an officer, DUI with a child, and two counts of child abuse.

Ryan Sosa charged with child abuse after infant daughter sustains life-threatening injuries

33-year-old Ryan Manuel Sosa was taken into custody for aggravated child abuse on February 15th. On February 12th, officers arrived at Sosa’s residence on Dodson Chapel Road, responding to reports of a 5-month-old female infant not breathing. CPR was attempted before the child was transported to Centennial Children’s Hospital, where she was diagnosed with multiple internal injuries. The injuries include diffuse cerebral edema, subarachnoid and subdural hemorrhages on her head in multiple places, a fracture to her distal tibia, and retinal hemorrhages in both eyes. Dr. Turner advised officers that the injuries were consistent with non-accidental trauma and are life-threatening. On February 15th, they interviewed Sosa, who stated he was home alone with the child while her mother was at work. Initially, Sosa told officers he went to pick the child up from her bassinet after noticing her head in the pillow. He then blew in her mouth and carried her into his bedroom. After explaining the injuries to Sosa, he told detectives that she also fell off the bed, which may have caused them. Sosa was taken into custody and charged with aggravated child abuse on February 15th.

Jared Taylor charged with attempted murder of his infant daughter

25-year-old Jared Taylor is charged with the attempted murder of his infant daughter. The child’s grandmother heard crying at 7:30 p.m. on July 1 and walked in on Taylor while he was standing over the child. He was pressing the child’s head into the bed, appearing to suffocate her. She screamed at him, and he stopped but “appeared unfazed.” He initially claimed he was placing a blanket over the child, but later admitted he was trying to get her to stop crying. He stated he was “not using his full body weight because that would probably snap her neck.” Taylor is jailed in lieu of a $175,000 bond.

Tonya Plunkett jailed after striking her infant with a switch

20-year-old Tonya Plunkett is charged with felony child abuse after admitting to striking her infant child with a switch. Medics responded to her home when she reported she was experiencing fatigue after her pregnancy, and responding medics observed numerous injuries across the male infant’s body. She told medics she “don’t whoop him hard.” She is free on a $7,500 bond.

Steffany Hamner abandons child in downtown Nashville after assaulting her with boot

Nashville police say 41-year-old Steffany Rose Hamner was at several bars on Broadway in downtown Nashville Saturday with her 13-year-old daughter. As they were walking at 2nd & Broadway, they were “playing” by grabbing each other’s hair. Steffany fell down during the tussle, and when she stood up, she told her daughter, “I’m gonna beat you!” She then removed her boot and began to strike the victim several times, leaving visible injuries on the juvenile. After the assault, Steffany abandoned her daughter in the Entertainment District without a phone or any supervision and without the address of their AirBNB. Medics transported the child to the hospital, and Hamner was located and jailed on charges of domestic assault and child neglect.

Amany Megali says she bit her child’s arm because he wouldn’t listen to her commands

30-year-old Amany Megali told detectives during an interview that she bit the arm of her six-year-old son, breaking the skin and leaving a substantial injury, because he was “refusing to listen to her commands.” The Department of Children’s Services and Metro Nashville Police became involved when the child’s father took his son to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital after he complained of arm pain and stated his mother bit him.

Ricardo Chavez Martinez holds teen son’s face into pillow until he loses consciousness

43-year-old Ricardo Chavez Martinez was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant from July charging him with the felony aggravated assault & strangulation of his 15-year-old son. Ricardo assumed his son was on drugs, which the child denied. Later, when the child was asleep, Ricardo entered his bedroom and pressed the child’s face into a pillow while gripping his neck, causing the child to lose consciousness and leaving him with injuries from his fingernails digging into his neck. The child’s mother and two younger brothers witnessed the entire assault.

Floyd Thomas charged with child abuse after daughter beaten from her “neck to her ankles” with belt

A fifteen-year-old girl says her father, 57-year-old Floyd Thomas Jr., brutally beat her with a belt on September 7th. She told police she had taken a walk around her Antioch neighborhood with her sister, which she does every today, but on this day, her father felt the walk took too long. When she returned home, she says he took a belt and began to beat her with it, hitting her over and over again, and when she went to her bedroom, he followed her and continued to beat her as she screamed. She was able to escape and run to a nearby home, where police and first responders were called. Officers documented injuries “from her neck to her ankles,” including large welts to her upper back, visible welts, and redness covering her arms and legs. She also had a mark on her face. Police found the father at his home, and he claims he only spanked her on the bed, but she moved around; he explained she recently had to move to a new school due to behavioral issues. Thomas was charged with child abuse and transported to booking.

Majid Alkanani charged in the assault and abuse of two children

Police say 54-year-old Majid Hussain Alkanani is charged with the violent assault of his teenage daughter, which sent her to the hospital, and the assault of her boyfriend after approaching him in a parking lot and then sending death threats to the teen. Details inside…