Ryan Napier found with his pants down around his ankles, high on drugs in Antioch

26-year-old Ryan Napier was found stumbling on Hobson Pike with his blue jeans down around his ankles in Antioch late Monday night. Officers made contact with Napier, who was sweating profusely despite it being around 45 degrees. His speech was slurred, and he could not advise where he was going or coming from. He admitted to using narcotics but did not specify any specific drug. He was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Sara Glover spits on husband Zachary Glover when he refuses to move out of the way

29-year-old Sara Amber Shipp Glover and 39-year-old husband Zachary Glover were jailed this week after police say spat in her husband’s face after he stopped on the stairs in front of her and would not move. Zachary admitted to restricting her movement on the staircase, preventing her from freely moving about the house. Police say this was not the first time they have responded to a domestic-related call at their residence.

In 2021, Zac Glover was previously charged with domestic assault after admitting to pushing an apple smoothie into the face of his wife, Sara Amber, during an argument on a Monday morning. She threw the cup back at him, but not before the smoothie mixture had covered her face, body, floor, and walls.

Dirie Abshir hits wife in face as 12-year-old son watches the assault

41-year-old Dirie Abshir is charged with domestic assault after his wife, Sahro Osman, punched her in the face during an argument on January 13. Though the initial call came in as a person with a gun, the victim denies that a weapon was present. His 12-year-old son confirmed the assault, telling police that his father hit his mother in the face. Officers documented a bruised right eye on the victim and took Abshir into custody.

Seafood Sensation scores 61, was cooking food in home kitchen, using bucket to wash dishes, sink with no water

The owner of Seafood Sensations in Antioch told a Health Inspector Thursday that he cooked 20 pounds of rice in the kitchen of their home and brought it to the restaurant to be served to the public. Additional factors that contributed to the score of 61 included being open without approval or any permits, thawing raw chicken on a table, having cooked rice four days past the last use date, steamed food not at temperature, having no running water at the dish sink, no sanitizer or bleah at dish sink – the owner stated was using a bucket of water to wash dishes.

Steven Zierke strangles his wife twice after leaving Monster Jam in Nashville

After leaving Monster Jam Saturday night, 32-year-old Steve Zierke was driving back to Antioch with his wife, Christine McGarry Zierke, in the passenger seat. While he was driving, Steven reportedly reached over and grabbed his wife by the neck in anger. Once they arrived at their Post Oak Drive residence, Christine was sitting on the couch when she said Steve once again reached over and grabbed her by the neck, this time using both hands. She states she was unable to breathe during the strangulation. Officers observed redness and markings on the victim’s neck and took Steven into custody.

Tyshecka Carter shows up at baby daddy’s door and punches him in face – yet again

26-year-old Tyshecka Carter went to the home of her child’s father on New Year’s Day and began an argument with her ex, Demartin Robinson. When she began to punch him in the face, Carter called 911, as she has a history of assaulting and attacking him after showing up unannounced. After assaulting him, she threatened to smash his car with a brick and then began to punch him again while dispatch was on the phone. Officers arrived and observed multiple injuries on Martin and noted Carter’s bond conditions from her previous arrest don’t allow her to have contact with Martin.

Mya Delgado calls 911 on her girlfriend, but she goes to jail for assault

23-year-old Mya Delgado called 911 to report her girlfriend, Chelsea Channel Bryanton (AKA Cinko), wouldn’t allow her to retrieve her belongings from their shared apartment. The couple returned home after being out at a nightclub and got into an argument as Mya had a flat tire on the way home with no way to call for help due to Chelsea taking her phone. Mya says Chelsea came at her, so she threw her keys at her in “self-defense” from approximately 8-10 feet away. Chelsea told police that Mya came home and began destroying the bedroom looking for her phone, and then pushed Chelsea down in anger. Once she found them, Mya reportedly hit her girlfriend in the head while holding the keys. Due to the victim’s documented injuries and the damage around the home, Mya was determined to be the primary aggressor and taken into custody.

Ruterera Budamu charged with assaulting wife with shoe on Christmas Eve

50-year-old Ruterera Budamu was charged with domestic assault for an incident on Christmas Eve, after he threw a shoe and struck his wife, Nyinawumwami Nyatuza, in the face and hand while arguing with her daughter, Nadine Utumanseka, about parking outside the house. Nyinawumwami says the shoe caused pain in her face.

Street Racer Derrick Vassar free on pre-trial release after police chase [VIDEO]

Despite an initial $10,500 bond, 23-year-old Derrick Vassar is free on pre-trial release after fleeing from police working the street racing initiative Friday night. AirOne was surveilling the area near Firestone Parkway and Old Hickory Blvd when Vassar, driving a matte black Chevrolet Corvette, was seen doing donuts in the parking lot of a Thornton’s convenience store [video below], where there was a “sea of vehicles,” according to police, who say Vassar had already fled a traffic stop. As he exited the parking lot, he traversed to I-24 with multiple police vehicles in pursuit with full lights and sirens. AirOne noted that Vasser bailed out of the vehicle on Crossing Place and fled on foot until he was apprehended nearby. Police say he tensed up and pulled away while being arrested, and the tag on the Corvette belonged to a Ford vehicle.

Antioch: Red Lobster employee Devin Cole Smith charged in assault of co-worker at restaurant

27-year-old Devin Cole Smith is charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after he threw items at a co-worker, including a metal pitcher from the kitchen of the restaurant. Smith had just been disciplined at the Antioch restaurant, and afterward, he started an argument with Angela Castillo, with whom he had a “recent conflict,” according to the police report. He became verbally aggressive and followed her behind the bar, where he grabbed a carton of liquid and tossed it at her head. She was able to avoid a direct hit, but the carton busted and soaked her. Unhappy with his initial performance, Smith then grabbed a metal pitcher, which he also threw at Castillo. She also avoided this impact, as the pitcher shattered a nearby wine bottle instead.