Spencer Fritz refuses to leave Z-Mart despite being told numerous times to leave

32-year-old Spencer Fritz trespassed at the Dickerson Pike Z-Mart late May 18th. Deputies were told that a white male wearing a blue shirt with blonde hair, later identified as Fritz, had been warned multiple times by employees that he was not allowed to be there. When officers arrived, they located Fritz and asked him if he had permission to be there, to which he stated no. Fritz added that he had been told by employees and police the day before that he was not allowed on the property, but he still returned. Officers discovered that the location had an active trespass waiver and detained Fritz for the incident. During a subsequent search of him, officers found a marijuana pipe with a “chore boy” in his left pocket, meant to smoke marijuana. Fritz also admitted that he had a metal push rod in his right pocket for drug use. Fritz was taken into custody for criminal trespass and the unlawful use of drug paraphernalia on May 19th.

Qusai Ayesh jailed after fight with his teenage brother in Antioch

19-year-old Qusai Ayesh was jailed on April 14th after grabbing his little brother at their home on Old Hickory Boulevard. Police spoke to the minor victim, who said his brother Quasi took his phone and other items, grabbed him, and stopped him from leaving the house. Quasi would not let him go, so the little brother started hitting him to get him to let go; at one point, he took a plate and hit him in the head with it. He said that’s when his mother stepped between them to stop the fight. Quasi told police that he grabbed his brother to stop him from leaving and that he is the older brother, and his little brother needs to listen to him. He said his mother, Neema Ayesh, and father, Jad Ayesh split them apart. Officers observed injuries on Quasi and the little brother. Jad wanted to prosecute on his juvenile son’s behalf until the mother became irate about it, and he refused. Quasi was transported to booking.