Man charged with 5th DUI after crashing mother’s car into mailboxes

39-year-old Michael Wagner was charged with DUI 5th offense and driving on a revoked license when he crashed his mother’s vehicle into a wooden pole and admitted to huffing Dust-Off compressed air.

Man charged after witness captures footage of him dragging girlfriend across a parking lot

23-year-old Louis Wrice was charged with domestic assault and vandalism after reportedly destroying his girlfriend’s cellphone and dragging her across the asphalt in their apartment parking lot.

Man charged after ex calls police multiple times in one night for harassment

30-year-old David Whitaker was charged with harassment after police gave him multiple chances to stop, but he returned to his ex-girlfriend’s residence multiple times in one night and harassed her.

Man charged after ex-roommate tells police he was greeted with barrage of punches

22-year-old Logan Collins was charged with domestic assault after a roommate he hadn’t seen in three years reported he drove to a Publix and assaulted him.

Man charged after his name is used to sell stolen phone

37-year-old Aaron Nettles was charged with theft of property and burglary of a motor vehicle after police deduced he broke into a woman’s car by checking the name of the person who sold her stolen phone.

Wilson County fugitive accused of slapping woman at Vanderbilt Medical Center

33-year-old Carlos Beard was charged with domestic assault after his ex-girlfriend claimed he slapped her in Vanderbilt’s Medical Center East causing visible injury and blood spatter.

Couple jailed on over $100k bonds after police find them with a stolen vehicle

40-year-old Chassity Thorton and 29-year-old Juan Parra were both charged with burglary and theft. Thorton was also charged with contraband in a penal institution and Parra with possession of burglary tools and evading arrest when they were caught with a stolen car and forcing entry into a home.

Police say pedestrian removed from I-65 told them he was trying to walk to White House

54-year-old Bobby Turner was charged with traffic controlled access use by a non-motor vehicle after he removed from I-65 North twice, he told officers he was attempting to walk to White House.

Man caught nearly 3 months after domestic assault at Tigermart

34-year-old Phillip Covington was charged with domestic assault after his girlfriend told authorities he dragged her from the car and hit her repeatedly in the face when she confronted him about seeing someone else.

Man charged with possession of a handgun while under the influence after visiting liquor store

35-year-old Jonathan Mcdaniel was charged with possession of a handgun while under the influence, public intoxication, and resisting arrest after employees claimed he drunkenly tapped on the door of a liquor store with a pistol.