Steven Tigue throws drink at girlfriend after she prevents him from drunk driving

39-year-old Steven Tigue was involved in a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Neacie Keeling, on January 1st. The situation began with an argument over Tigue wanting to drive while he was intoxicated. Keeling took his keys to prevent him from driving, which upset Tigue. Tigue retaliated by grabbing her neck and then throwing a drink at her. Witnesses on the scene corroborated that the assault happened. When officers approached Tigue, he admitted that there was a verbal altercation but denied that anything physical had occurred. Tigue was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

Throuple Throwdown — Zaida Johnson assaults boyfriend’s wife during argument

19-year-old Zaida Johnson had an altercation with the two other members of her throuple, married couple Damali Sommerville and Rashanda Harris, at Grove Creek on December 20th. Officers arrived and observed Rashanda Harris standing in the living room, holding knives, claiming that Johnson was an intruder. Further investigation revealed Johnson as their third partner, making the trio a throuple. Johnson advised them she was mad about Rashanda breaking the window of Johnson’s apartment in an incident earlier in the day, so she came to their residence to confront Harris. Then, Johnson entered the unlocked apartment, and a scuffle ensued between her and Harris. Johnson stated that she did not initiate the fight, but both Sommerville and Harris said she did by pulling Harris’ hair. Johnson also admitted to damaging their TV because she was angry. Zaida Johnson was taken into custody for domestic assault and vandalism. The other two throuple members have a history of violence as well.

Carlens Ostin charged after police find 6 pounds of marijuana at his residence

19-year-old Carlens Ostin left the back door of his house open on Aaronwood Drive for a couple of days, so a concerned neighbor called the police on the afternoon of December 5th. The neighbor stated the previous residents had moved out, and they believed no one had moved back in. Officers arrived and observed the lockbox attached to the front door, commonly found on homes that are for sale, had been cracked and left open without the keys. They went to the unsecured door at the rear of the home, announced themselves to ensure no one had broken in, and began to clear the residence when they located three vacuum-sealed bags full of marijuana sitting in plain view on top of a box in the upstairs bedroom, so they executed a search warrant, uncovering three additional vacuum sealed bags, weighing a total of six pounds, and a vacuum sealer. Ostin arrived at the house while the officers were on the scene and advised he had just moved in and must have left the back door open. He stated he had gotten the key out of the lockbox and accidentally damaged the box. Then, Ostin contacted his aunt, the legal renter of the property, and she confirmed that he was staying there while going to school. He told officers he was the only one who was staying there, and he knew nothing about the marijuana. Ostin was taken into custody for possession with intent to distribute and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia.

Tourist Adam Perkins punches cop twice, free on pre-trial release

33-year-old North Carolina tourist Adam Perkins caught the attention of Metro Nashville Police after he was observed walking in traffic at 5th & Broadway late Saturday night. As officers approached to check on his welfare, it was immediately apparent he was extremely intoxicated. Officers attempted to guide him out of the road and back to the sideway, but Perkins refused. He began to yell and scream at officers and punched Sgt. EricPetlewski in the chest twice, while screaming “take me to jail!” As officers were taking Perkins into custody, he pulled away from officers and kicked at the windows inside the patrol car until he was placed into hobble restraints for transport.