Dakota Baker loiters outside Circle K gas station, caught with crack pipes

28-year-old Dakota Lee Baker and Edwin Meija-Alvarez were loitering outside Circle K Gas Station on Murfreesboro Pike while it was closed in the early morning of March 27th. Officers initially observed them at 12:44 a.m. in front of the store. Officers warned them that they were trespassing and that they should leave if they were not buying anything. Then, at 4:22 a.m., officers noticed the men were still standing in front of the gas station. An employee advised officers that the men had loitered on and off for the last few days at the location. Officers detained him, during which they found he had a glass pipe with burn marks. Further investigation led to officers locating three glass pipes with burn marks with chore boy stuffed inside, a plastic straw with residue, and a metal push rod. Officers believe that they may have been smoking crack. Baker was taken into custody for the unlawful use of drug paraphernalia and criminal trespassing.

Edwin Mejia-Alvarez loiters outside Circle K gas station multiple times

36-year-old Edwin Meija-Alvarez and Dakota Lee Baker were loitering outside Circle K Gas Station on Murfreesboro Pike while it was closed in the early hours of March 27th. Officers observed this and advised them they could only be on the property if they were conducting legal business repeatedly. Then, officers detained Alvarez because he had been warned numerous times throughout the weekend and determined his behavior would continue. Officers searched Alvarez and located a metal pipe with burnt residue, consistent with being used as a crack pipe.  Meija-Alvarez was taken into custody for criminal trespassing and the unlawful use of drug paraphernalia.

DUI: Jodie Simpson crashes car on Lebanon Pike after snorting Xanax

45-year-old Jodie Simpson was involved in a car accident on Lebanon Pike late March 27th. When officers arrived, they observed Simpson in the passenger seat, where she advised that she was turning left when an oncoming car hit her vehicle. Officers noticed she showed signs consistent with being under the influence of an opiate. Simpson then stated she was prescribed Gabapentin and Metoprolol, adding that she had not taken any medication since yesterday afternoon. Simpson consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and agreed to provide a chemical sample after being informed about implied consent. Officers detained her and searched her car, during which they located a straw with a blue powdery substance in her purse. The blue powder found in the straw was consistent with her prescription of Alprazolam, a generic version of Xanax. Additionally, officers located her prescription Adderall and discovered that she was not taking the medications as prescribed after checking the date it was filled. Officers obtained a search warrant to obtain two vials of blood and transported her to Nashville General Hospital for the blood draw. Simpson was taken into custody for unlawful use of drug paraphernalia and driving under the influence.

Chevaya Gordon caught crushing up cocaine

37-year-old Chevaya Gordon was caught crushing up a white powdery substance in his silver Ford SUV at 3rd Avenue South on March 9th. When Gordon noticed officers approaching him, he dimmed the lights and rolled up the windows. When officers made contact with him, they demanded that he and the passenger step out. Gordon stepped out and dropped the white powder on the asphalt before he could be checked. The substance was collected from the ground and tested positive for one gram of cocaine. Officers proceeded to conduct a probable cause search for the car, which yielded drug paraphernalia as well.

Kaleigh Hathaway caught smoking meth in WeGo Central Bus Station waiting area

29-year-old Californian Kaleigh Hathaway, also known as Bambi Fae, smoked meth in the waiting area of the WeGo Central Bus Station on January 19th. MTA security guards flagged officers down, stating that Hathaway was smoking crack in front of everyone. Officers arrived and asked Hathaway about the incident, and she advised that she does not smoke crack. Hathaway explained that she had been smoking “Ice,” a street name for Methamphetamine. Hathaway was detained and, under Miranda, told officers that she had her pipe in her pocket, which had char marks consistent with being used to smoke crystalline, illicit substances. Hathaway was cited for the unlawful use of drug paraphernalia. Hathaway was booked on the citation on February 25th. Hathaway was previously booked in Nashville in November 2023 for trespassing.

VIDEO: Destiny Broome threatens to “air out” Ride and Drive and hides at Wendy’s next door

20-year-old Destiny Broome caused a disturbance at the Ride and Drive on Gallatin Pike on January 12th. Officers arrived at Wendy’s nearby, where a witness helped them locate Broome in the women’s bathroom with the door locked. Her boyfriend, Quinton Mitchum Jr., tried to tell officers that she was not in there and repeatedly interfered while they worked to get Broome out of the bathroom. He yelled at them and tried to enter the bathroom, so they detained him. As officers attempted to handcuff him, he resisted by putting his hands to the front of his body. Officers believed Broome had a firearm in her possession, but Mitchum Jr. insisted it was his. Broome initially refused to exit when they commanded her to, and when she eventually did, she was uncompliant with their orders to put her hands behind her back. Broome repeatedly resisted as they detained her, and a subsequent search yielded a small bag of marijuana in her front pant pocket, a small black bag containing a black semi-automatic handgun, a digital scale, rolling papers, and several 9mm rounds in the trashcan of the restroom.

Ryan Demoss and April Ruiz from Ride and Drive advised officers that Broome had come by to test drive a vehicle, but when she provided her ID, they realized that she and her boyfriend were blacklisted for previously wrecking a car, so they did not allow her. She argued with them, turned over a small table, causing the glass vase that was on it to shatter, before stating, “I will air this b!tch out,” as she put her hand inside her hoodie, where Demoss said he had seen the butt of a black handgun, which she cannot possess being underage. Demoss further explained that he observed Mitchum Jr. remove the gun from Broome’s hoodie and place it in his black bag before they stepped into the Wendy’s, where he positively identified her with the police on a “show-up.” Broome was taken into custody for unlawful use of drug paraphernalia, simple possession, weapon possession under prohibition, resisting arrest, tampering with evidence, vandalism, and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

DUI: Andrew Mannella drives into head shop, high on Whippets

When police found 29-year-old Andrew Manella on Tuesday afternoon, he had crashed into the side of a head shop on Gallatin Road with a Whippet canister in his hand. He initially claimed his brakes failed as he pulled into the parking lot; however, security video showed him sitting in the parking lot for twenty minutes before pulling over the curb and driving into the building. He admitted to “doing Whippets” but claimed it was several hours ago. A search of the vehicle yielded a large Nitrous Oxide tank, and a total of four canisters, totaling 4.35 liters of the gas.

Nicholas Jones booked on outstanding warrant for stealing man’s iPhone 13 in September

29-year-old Nicholas Jones was with an unknown individual at Pie Town Tacos when they were closed on late December 29th. Officers encountered the two individuals while patrolling the area. Officers then engaged them in conversation, and Jones provided them with his license. When officers ran record checks, they were notified Jones had an outstanding warrant for his arrest regarding a theft that occurred at the Whiskey River Saloon in September. Jones was identified as the individual who stole Kevin Keith’s iPhone 13. Additionally, Jones had a glass pipe commonly used to ingest cocaine on his person during a subsequent search. Nicholas Jones was taken into custody for unlawful use of drug paraphernalia and failure to be booked on a state citation regarding the Whiskey Saloon incident.

Carlens Ostin charged after police find 6 pounds of marijuana at his residence

19-year-old Carlens Ostin left the back door of his house open on Aaronwood Drive for a couple of days, so a concerned neighbor called the police on the afternoon of December 5th. The neighbor stated the previous residents had moved out, and they believed no one had moved back in. Officers arrived and observed the lockbox attached to the front door, commonly found on homes that are for sale, had been cracked and left open without the keys. They went to the unsecured door at the rear of the home, announced themselves to ensure no one had broken in, and began to clear the residence when they located three vacuum-sealed bags full of marijuana sitting in plain view on top of a box in the upstairs bedroom, so they executed a search warrant, uncovering three additional vacuum sealed bags, weighing a total of six pounds, and a vacuum sealer. Ostin arrived at the house while the officers were on the scene and advised he had just moved in and must have left the back door open. He stated he had gotten the key out of the lockbox and accidentally damaged the box. Then, Ostin contacted his aunt, the legal renter of the property, and she confirmed that he was staying there while going to school. He told officers he was the only one who was staying there, and he knew nothing about the marijuana. Ostin was taken into custody for possession with intent to distribute and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia.

Meredith Wickstrom says mushrooms & marijuana in her bag with her ID at shady motel aren’t hers

Metro Nashville Police were patrolling the parking lot of the Super 8 motel in Hermitage in the early hours of Wednesday morning when they observed a vehicle parked in the rear parking lot with two people inside, one of which was the driver, 22-year-old Meredith Wickstrom. As officers approached the vehicle, they observed a rolled joint in the center cupholder, and the male passenger had a grinder in his hand. Wickstrom consented to a search of the vehicle, which yielded 16 grams of mushrooms, 10 grams of marijuana, a black scale, and several baggies – all in a fanny pack with Wicktrom’s state-issued ID. She claimed those were not her drugs in her fanny pack with her ID.