Genaro Guevara races down Gallatin Pike at 100mph in Camaro LT1, tells police he was “Just Driving”

25-year-old Genaro Tellez Guevara was observed speeding, following another vehicle, appearing to race in his Red Camaro LT1 near the Hart Lane and Gallatin Pike intersection late June 27th. Officers observed them going 100 mph in a 40-mph zone, during which Guevara weaved in and out of traffic, disregarding other drivers. Then, officers caught up to him and conducted a traffic stop. Guevara told police he didn’t know the other driver and that he was “just driving.” Guevara was cited for the incident that day. Guevara was later booked on the citation of drag racing and reckless driving on July 5th.

Tristan Williams threatens child’s mother with gun

20-year-old Tristan Eli Williams had an altercation with the mother of his child, Latroya Crutcher, at East Park on the afternoon of April 15th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Crutcher, who advised them that Williams attempted to lure her close to him during an argument, where he pulled a gun from his waistband and pointed it at her, causing her to fear for her safety, so she maced him several times while running away. She stated he handed the gun to his sister, who tried to get her to come closer also. Crutcher Requested to press charges for the incident, and they obtained a warrant for his arrest. Williams was taken into custody for domestic assault on June 12th as part of a city-wide warrant round-up.

Reyn Haun threatens to shoot ex-girlfriend’s current roommate

29-year-old Reyn Tucker Haun had an altercation with Christopher McCall in the parking lot of Fatherland Flats on the night of May 8th. Upon arrival, officers spoke with McCall, who stated that Haun had initially entered the apartment to see his ex-girlfriend, who was McCall’s current roommate, adding that he knew who he was because she told him they had broken up due to domestic violence history. McCall said that Haun then left, went home, grabbed his shotgun, and texted the female that he was coming back to her apartment to confront and shoot McCall.

Haun advised officers he waited in the parking lot, contemplating if he would do it. McCall said he saw Haun outside and approached to speak with him, during which Haun told him to get away from him, and when McCall continued to advance toward him, he retrieved his shotgun from the passenger seat and racked it while demanding he backed away again. Officers could not speak with the female to confirm if either should have been at her residence. Haun was then taken into custody for aggravated assault.

Kevin Averett breaks girlfriend’s tooth, steals her car during altercation

36-year-old Kevin Ray Averett had a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Sarah Nichole Popov, at her Kirkland Avenue residence on January 1st. Popov initially refused to answer any officers’ questions when they arrived but eventually stated that Averett had hit her. Popov explained that her being hit caused her tooth to break. Popov did not explain any more details but said Averett took her car without permission after she told him not to. She added that she did not wish to prosecute for the theft of her vehicle but not the assault. Averett was taken into custody for domestic assault and theft of a vehicle on March 28th.

18-year-old Jaliyah Williams booked for disorderly conduct after pushing officer

18-year-old Jaliyah Williams was being disorderly near the townhouses on South 4th Street on March 13th. Officers arrived in response to a report of aggravated assault and met with Williams. Williams was hostile toward the other party involved and had to be separated. As officers separated Williams from the other party, she pushed an officer, attempting to continue the fight. The officer did not wish to prosecute for the push. Williams was detained and then released while officers investigated the initial assault, during which they found out that Williams was involved. While officers investigated, Williams kept trying to instigate a fight with the other individual. She was rowdy and initially refused to provide officers with her identification until she was placed in the back of the patrol car. Williams was taken into custody for disorderly conduct.  

Kae’La Ewing smacks and strangles girlfriend who went outside with no pants

24-year-old Kae’La Ewing had an altercation with her fiancée, Alesia Smith, at an apartment on Litton Avenue on January 14th. Ewing told officers they argued because Smith went outside without pants or a coat. Then, she advised that she smacked and strangled her before calling the authorities. Smith provided a similar statement regarding the incident and declined to prosecute. Ewing was taken into custody for aggravated assault.

DUI: Andrew Mannella drives into head shop, high on Whippets

When police found 29-year-old Andrew Manella on Tuesday afternoon, he had crashed into the side of a head shop on Gallatin Road with a Whippet canister in his hand. He initially claimed his brakes failed as he pulled into the parking lot; however, security video showed him sitting in the parking lot for twenty minutes before pulling over the curb and driving into the building. He admitted to “doing Whippets” but claimed it was several hours ago. A search of the vehicle yielded a large Nitrous Oxide tank, and a total of four canisters, totaling 4.35 liters of the gas.

Nelson Pence: High in East Nashville

28-year-old Nelson Pence was found walking in the middle of the intersection at Gallatin Ave & Strafford Ave in East Nashville late Saturday afternoon. As officers approached to check on his welfare, he was unable to tell them who he was, where he was, or where he was going. Officers say he appeared to be under the influence of an unknown substance. He continued to attempt to walk into oncoming traffic and was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Chance Kuban calls 911 on his mother, Virginia Kuban, after she threw a foam pumpkin at him

53-year-old Virginia Kuban owns her house and is responsible for all the bills – including those of her 26-year-old son Chance Kuban who lives with her. She says Chance drinks alcohol, and when he drinks, he becomes annoying and won’t leave her alone. On Sunday night, when Chance was drunk, she stated she was going to her room, and in response, he called her a “b*-*h” and a “c-*t”, to which he freely admitted to responding officers. Virginia says these words from her son upset her, and she threw a small remote control at him, striking him in the leg, and she also threw decorative foam pumpkins at him. Chance was not injured but told police he found the contact to be provocative and upsetting to him, which is why he called 911.