Teen found on Calvin Street checking for open cars to burgle

19-year-old Quinton Perkins was charged with burglary after checking for open door handles on Calvin Avenue and stealing gloves from an unlocked truck.

Scorned former lover wrecks man’s house; assaults him over suspected cheating

21-year-old Niya Hayes was charged with vandalism and domestic assault after she pushed her former lover and threw his things around because she found out that he was talking to other women.

Man charged with vandalism after punching girlfriend’s touch screen car radio

27-year-old Brendan Clemmons was charged with vandalism after he destroyed his girlfriend’s car radio during an argument on their way home from the bar.

Woman threatens to beat up child’s father over EBT card

23-year-old Precious Stevenson was charged with domestic assault after she told her child’s father that her boyfriend and father would “kick his a**” because he cut off the funds to his electronic benefits transfer (EBT) card.

Family friend caught on audio forcing 15-year-old to perform carnal acts for “disrespecting him”

41-year-old Ayler Quintana Fernandez was charged with rape after a 15-year-old victim told police that he forced her to perform sexual acts on him 3-4 times by threatening her and told a witness that “someone would die” if he got arrested.

Man found to have 74g weed, 2.7g MDMA, and 2 firearms while driving with little brother

23-year-old Taishawn Collins was charged with contributing to a minor, paraphernalia, and possession of marijuana, MDMA, and a weapon after he was found to have weapons and narcotics in the vehicle during a traffic stop.

Man caught 5 months after attacking woman to steal her purse & use debit card the same day

35-year-old Brandon “DatPart” Fuqua was charged with identity theft, robbery, and evading arrest after hitting a woman, robbing her, and using her debit card at an EZ Mart and Bordeaux Market.

Witness says man stood over victim “punching her in the face repeatedly” resulting in broken bones

23-year-old Bayron Santos-Recarte was charged with aggravated assault after a witness saw him punching his girlfriend in the face several times outside before she was taken to Skyline Hospital with a broken nose and possible broken jaw.

Woman threatens boyfriend’s son with a knife when he tells her to go to bed

45-year-old Bridget Bell was charged with aggravated assault after threatening to kill her boyfriend’s son with a knife while several witnesses were present.

2 blunts, totaling just over a tenth of a gram, found in boat after man claimed he smoked it all

21-year-old Logan Anderson was charged with BUI, implied consent, and possession of marijuana when police who were patrolling Percy Priest Lake stopped Anderson for a registration issue and then found weed in his boat.