DUI: Jacob Hudelston caught with handgun after crashing into rock wall on I-65 South

30-year-old Jacob Huddleston had a single-vehicle accident where he drove off the roadway and collided with a rock wall near Exit 74A on I-65 South in the early hours of April 14th. When officers arrived, Huddleston told them he was unsure which direction he was going or how he had gone off the road, but he believed he was driving onto the I-65 South entrance ramp from Old Hickory Boulevard. They noticed he reeked of alcohol and asked him if he had consumed any, to which he said no. He refused to take sobriety tests but allowed them to check his eyes, where they found indication of intoxication. Hudelston declined to provide a chemical sample and, under Miranda, told them he had three beers a little after midnight. During an inventory search, officers located a half-empty liquor bottle, a couple of beers in his vehicle, and a loaded handgun in one of the pockets of his backpack. When asked about the gun, he said, “Yes, I inherited it,” so it was seized. Huddleston was taken into custody for driving under the influence, implied consent, weapon possession while under the influence, and an open-container violation.

Eric Drees tells police to take him to jail after a scuffle on Broadway

32-year-old Eric Edward Drees had a heated verbal altercation with an unidentified male on the corner of Broadway and Representative John Lewis Way late April 13th. The officers observed the two parties scuffling as they approached and separated them. Then, when officers told them to leave Broadway, get in a taxi, or go to jail, Drees told them to “Do it.” Drees was then taken into custody for disorderly conduct.

Nathaniel Starr tells police “I like them old” after being accused of inappropriately touching a child

39-year-old Nathaniel Starr was taken into custody for sexual battery and indecent exposure on April 13th after officers were dispatched to the Cambodian International Buddhist Temple on Dellway Drive regarding a 14-year-old boy being inappropriately touched. When officers arrived, the boy told them he and his father were at the location to celebrate Chinese New Year, adding that his father’s acquaintance, Starr, also attended the event. The juvenile victim advised that his dad had to drop someone off and asked him to accompany him, but Starr interjected and suggested he stay with him at the party.

During the party, both he and Starr went to the bathroom together, where Starr cupped the juvenile victim’s buttocks, attempting to pull him toward him, so he pushed him away, which was when Starr lowered his pants and showed his penis. The juvenile victim stated he ran from the bathroom and went to get help.

When officers questioned Starr, he said he had come to the party with his husband. He added that he had gone to the bathroom, and when he came out, people were screaming at him, and he didn’t know why until he was detained by security. Officers asked Starr if he knew the 14-year-old, which he initially said no before telling them he knew him through his father.

He admitted to having “a couple of shots” and stated that he had no idea why the boy would be accusing him. Starr admitted to going to the bathroom with the juvenile victim but insisted that nothing sexual occurred, adding, “I do not like them young; I like them old.” A witness told officers that the juvenile victim approached him after running from the bathroom, telling them, “That guy just touched me and showed me his dick.” He added that when Starr walked out of the bathroom, the boy pointed him out.

Charles Watkins tells police he’s “fine” as he stumbles to hotel

36-year-old Charles Zachary Watkins was sitting on the sidewalk near Jason Aldean’s Rooftop Bar in the early hours of April 13th. A passerby observed this and waved officers down. When officers approached Watkins, they noticed he could not stand up independently and smelled strongly of alcohol. They asked him if he had any friends to which he advised that they had left him. Watkins then told officers he was staying at a nearby hotel, so they tried to help him there because he couldn’t walk on his own. Watkins repeatedly stopped, refusing to cooperate, telling officers he was “fine.” Eventually, Watkins was deemed unable to care for himself and was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Edward Redpath knocks on random doors in search of his Airbnb

33-year-old Edward Redpath was taken into custody for public intoxication on April 13th. Officers were dispatched to Ramsey Street regarding a male, later identified as Redpath, wearing glasses, who appeared to be impaired and was knocking on doors. The caller added that Redpath claimed one of the residences was his Airbnb. Upon arrival, officers observed Redpath trying to enter a different house, so they approached and spoke with him. He had a strong alcoholic odor coming from him and slurred speech. Officers tried to locate his Airbnb, but Redpath could not answer questions and would only say, “Thank you” in response. The officers then attempted to contact someone he may have been staying with, but they were unsuccessful, so Redpath was deemed a danger to himself and was taken into custody.

Timothy Isokait cusses out onTrac Security at Nashville International Airport

41-year-old Timothy Isokait refused to get on the bus or return inside to the secured area between The Satellite Concourse and the bus lane exit doors at the car rental area of BNA late April 12th. Upon arrival, onTrac Security spoke with officers, advising them that Isokait went outside as if he were going to get on a bus to the main terminal. Then, they noticed he was not getting onto a bus, so they asked him what he was doing. Isokait showed signs of intoxication and “cussed them out.”

Officers spoke with Isokait, who told them he missed his flight and attempted to call Allegiant Airlines to locate his bags. While he was speaking, officers noticed he reeked of alcohol. They explained to him that they could go inside to talk to the airline to rebook his flight and to help find his luggage, but Isokait declined, stating, “I am not going back inside,” adding that he was on the phone with a friend who would pick him up.

Officers explained there was no public access where they were, and he would have to go to the main terminal to be picked up. They then asked him for his ID, which he initially refused before providing it to them while trying to get on the bus, telling them he called an Uber and was waiting for them. Officers tried to inform him that Uber does not pick up anyone at The Satellite Concourse, but he cut them off repeatedly, telling them, “I do not need to listen to you.” Isoakit was then taken into custody for public intoxication.

Spencer St. John too drunk for downtown Nashville

22-year-old Spencer Paul St. John was being disorderly near the corner of 4th Avenue North and Broadway around 9:05 p.m. on April 12th. Officers observed this, approached him near Margaritaville, and noticed he showed multiple signs of impairment and reeked of alcohol. He was deemed a danger to himself and could not provide information about where he was staying or if anyone could pick him up. St. John was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Brandon Clopton gets into fight at Barstool Sports

25-year-old Brandon Allen Clopton, CEO of Illustrated Marketing Inc. had an altercation at Barstool Sports on April 14th. When officers arrived, they observed Clopton being held against a wall, struggling with security at Barstool near the main entrance. Security told them that Clopton and another individual had a scuffle with several others inside the establishment. Once officers detained Clopton, the other party involved became aggressive, so they handcuffed him as well. Afterward, the officers tried to escort Clopton to the patrol car, where he suddenly lunged forward, breaking their grasp and causing them to trip. Clopton was taken into custody for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

David Herrera-Andino shoots man in face during altercation, leaves him in critical condition

21-year-old David Herrera-Andino was taken into custody on April 11th for an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon that had occurred at a Preserve Circle residence on March 24th. Andino had shot and hit Brillian Amilcar Mercado-Nunez in the face. Andino then fled the scene by having Karla Dayanne Hernandez-Reyes pick him up. Officers on the scene rendered medical aid until paramedics arrived and transported Nunez to Vanderbilt Medical Center, where he was in critical condition. Detectives identified Andino as the shooter via several individuals who were inside the residence during the shooting, and he has since admitted to firing the handgun and shooting Nunez in the face.

Jesus Ordaz-Herrera steals $1,200 worth of sunglasses at Opry Mills Mall

32-year-old Jesus Ordaz-Herrera stole merchandise from Sunglasses Hut at Opry Mills Mall on April 11th. After being notified, officers located him at Tangler Outlets, where he was getting into a Toyota Corolla. They then conducted a traffic stop, where they detained Ordaz-Herrera and three other individuals. During a subsequent search of the car, they found four pairs of sunglasses from Sunglass Hut matching the description of the stolen items. The stolen sunglasses were valued at around $1,200. Ordaz-Herrera was taken into custody for theft.