Three charged after chase: Shy’Marie’On Link, Terrence Brown, & Jamari Aikens

On Thursday evening, Metro Nashville Police began following a vehicle driven by 19-year-old Terrance Brown with their helicopter, Air ONE. Officers observed Brown park the vehicle on Lombardia Lane in Madison and walk toward the residence with his two passengers, 21-year-old Shy’Marie’On Link, and 22-year-old Jamari Aikens. Link walked to the rear of the home, where police say he dumped a stolen Glock 19 handgun and 20 grams of marijuana. Officers conducted Terry stops on all three individuals and also searched the vehicle, where they found a second Glock 23 handgun in plain view, a loaded AR-556 pistol, 89 grams of marijuana, and 3 Hydrocodone pills. No one made any admissions about the guns or marijuana, so all three were charged. Jamari Aikens, who owned the car, admitted to the pills.

Halee Persinger charged after punching boyfriend in face during cocaine withdrawals

22-year-old Halee Anne Persinger and the father of her children, Isaiah Cooke, were visiting her parents earlier this week when she became upset that she no longer had custody of her children and couldn’t take them back with her. Both her mother and Isaiah told police about her history of drug use and that she was currently withdrawing from cocaine and was acting erratically. When Isaiah took her outside to attempt to defuse the situation away from the children, she punched him in the face, which was also witnessed by her mother, Leslie Jones.

Police charge Kyzer Drury with possessing brass knuckles

31-year-old Kyzer B Drury was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail this week on an outstanding citation from July charging him with possession of a prohibited weapon. Goodlettsville Police encountered him at a convenience store on July 10th and during a search found brass knuckles. He is free on a $100 bond.

Fugitive Cheyenne Paige found with drugs in his prison pocket at Nashville Jail

29-year-old Cheyenne Paige was found to be trespassing inside the laundry room at The Village at Crestview Apartments in Madison Wednesday morning. When officers checked his identity to charge him with criminal trespassing, they realized he was a wanted fugitive out of Arkansas. Nothing was found on him during a search, however, once he was at booking, deputies at the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office located a quantity of marijuana, a folded dollar bill containing an unknown substance, and two now broken blue pills inside the rear body cavity of Cheyenne Paige. It was unclear how long he had just been walking around with the bounty in his booty.

William Butler found unresponsive in bushes on Church Street

32-year-old William Luke Butler was found unresponsive in the bushes in the 1600 block of Church Street in Nashville just after 10 p.m. Thursday. Metro Nashville Police arrived to assist Nashville Fire Department Medics after Butler became unruly. After the found him to be initially unconscious in the bushes he became aggressive after coming to. He reeked of alcohol and after refusing all offers for assistance he was transported to booking.

Michelle Branch arrested after slapping Patrick Carney in face during argument over marriage

Nashville Police responded to a domestic disturbance on Chickering Lane in the early morning hours of August 11th to find 39-year-old Michelle Branch, who stated she argued with her husband, Patrick Carney, over their marriage. Branch admitted to slapping Carney in the face, which coincided with Carney’s account of the evening. Branch was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

Emails confirm Mayor Cooper’s administration kept public out of State of Metro in violation of city charter

In April, Nashville Mayor John Cooper provided the yearly ‘State of Metro’ address to the citizens of Nashville, which is required by the city charter to be open to the public. While the administration claims no one was turned away or denied an invitation, a newly fulfilled open records request details people who were told they could not attend, citizens who were turned away at the door because they were not on the invitation list, and a directed change of the announcement text making it ‘invite only’ and specifically not open to the public. The Mayor’s Chief Communications Officer TJ Ducklo claims none of this ever happened, despite the newly released administration emails detailing the denials.

Jerald Sanford: “Of course I’m drunk, I just got off work!”

Metro Nashville Police Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative in downtown Nashville Sunday were flagged down by staff at Honky Tonk Central and observed 31-year-old ‘Jerald Marquese Sanford to be involved in a fight at the location. He was extremely sweaty, disorderly, and reeked of alcohol, according to officers. After he was placed into custody, Sanford stated: “of course I’m drunk, I just got off work!”

Imani Fleming charged in harassment of Eirneshia Carter; challenged her to fight via text

Eirneshia Carter went before a night court magistrate and swore out an affidavit of harassment against 24-year-old Imani Fleming on March 16th. She stated that she repeatedly told Fleming not to contact her, and twice within six weeks, she texted her and called her another two times. One of those texts challenged Carter to a fight. Fleming was booked on the outstanding warrant on Tuesday and is charged with harassment/causing emotional distress.

Elijah Leavens charged after “fit of rage” leaves bathroom door vandalized

Matthew Stephens says one of his roommates, 32-year-old Elijah Leavens, came “storming out of his room in a fit of rage” on June 20th as Matthew was confronting another roommate about finding moldy food in the kitchen as he returned from an out-of-town trip. Elijah was reportedly not involved in the conversation yet began an argument. He then punched a hole in the shared bathroom door. A warrant for vandalism was issued for his arrest, which he was booked on this week.