Police jail Phoeba Harper, 67, who suffers from dementia, for felony aggravated assault

67-year-old Phoeba Harper is jailed in lieu of a $5,000 bond after reportedly pulling a pocket knife on her roommate. Officers arrived at the residence on Dickerson Pike, where a witness and roommate explained Harper had entered the victim’s room as he went to the kitchen and was taking a bracelet. She then produced a knife and stated she was going to cut him if he came near her. Officers went inside to find Harper sitting on the couch while smoking a cigarette. She began to talk to officers about a man who wasn’t there, and officers were informed she suffers from dementia. She was placed into custody and charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, as the victim stated he was in fear for his life and scared of her. Officers report he appeared “shook” by the experience.

Kenneth Hershberger charged in road rage incident with handgun

37-year-old Kenneth Hershberger was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant from March 2022, charging him with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon during a March 2022 road rage incident. Kelly Baker was driving on I-24, and there was a line of traffic behind a white work truck, which was driven by Hershberger. They blew their horn at the truck to influence him to move to a slower lane of travel, and they were brake checked by the truck multiple times before eventually changing lanes. As the victim drove past the vehicle, Hershberger was reportedly pointing a handgun at them.

Christopher Price identified as man who went on rampage with fishing poles and box cutters

Police say 31-year-old Christopher Price had a busy Saturday just south of downtown Nashville as he struck a Greyhound bus station security guard and multiple patrons with fishing poles and then stole merchandise from Nashville Wine & Spirits. His afternoon wasn’t complete, as when police caught up with him, he was attempting to steal merchandise from a convenience store and pulled two box cutters on employees who confronted him. They disarmed him, and he was taken into custody.

Kerry Poe jailed after road rage incident with handgun

57-year-old Kerry Poe was jailed Thursday morning for intentionally crashing his car into another vehicle and pointing a loaded gun at the driver. Amy Duggin and Poe were involved in a car accident, but instead of sticking around, Duggin fled the scene. Poe followed Duggin all the way to the parking lot of Truist Bank on Charlotte Pike. While in the parking lot, Poe intentionally crashed his van into her vehicle. He then got out of his van, walked up to Duggin’s driver’s side, beat on the window with one hand, and pointed a gun at her with the other. A Truist Bank employee was a witness, as she was parking her car at the time of the incident and immediately called 911. When arresting officers arrived on the scene, they found Poe with a loaded 9mm in his waistband.

Tyche Lewis jailed after firing shot during argument

24-year-old Tyche Lewis was arrested for a shooting in a gas station parking lot. On the 25th, officers were dispatched to a report of a shooting on West Creek Pike. Officers spoke with the victim (Quintin Couch), the passenger of the vehicle. They were trying to back into a parking spot at a gas station, and Lewis was speeding past them and had to stop quickly to avoid hitting their car. Couch started recording once Lewis started yelling as she was driving by. She pulled a gun out and pointed it at Couch. She yelled, ” I’M GOING TO SHOOT YOU, AND I DON’T CARE IF YOU CALL THE POLICE BECAUSE I AIN’T SCARED OF THEM!” After making that statement, she put a live round in the chamber and fired one shot in their direction before driving away. Officers looked up the license plate number provided from the video to get her contact information. Officers pulled up to Lewis’ home and also learned that her license had been revoked. She was then placed into custody.

Deadreicka Miller taps David Taylor with knife after disparaging his dead relative

David Taylor says 23-year-old Deadreicka Miller made a disparaging remake about one of his dead relatives on February 8. As the argument heated up, Miller reportedly pick up a knife and threatened Taylor. She then tapped the blade on his leg, putting him in fear of bodily injury. A Witness observed the assault. Miller had been staying with Taylor for just a month prior to the incident. She says that Taylor said something about her ex initially, causing her to respond about his dead relative. She is charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Ashley Young rams vehicle of her boyfriend and his co-worker in rage incident

31-year-old Ashley Young was booked this week on two outstanding felony warrants from December 2020. Police say her boyfriend, Brent Gales, was riding in a car driven by his co-worker, Taylor Means. Ashley Young was driving a black GMC Terrain when she began to follow them on Rosa Parks Blvd. When Taylor attempted to turn left, Ashley rammed into the left side of her vehicle, forcing it off the road. Ashley then circled the car three times while screaming, “What are you doing with her?” She then fled the scene. Brent was able to identify his girlfriend and her vehicle positively and was unsure why she was upset he was with a co-worker.

Showdown at Juicy Seafood in Antioch — Linda Edouard pulls a gun on ex’s baby mamma

23-year-old Linda Edouard was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant charging her with an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon at Juicy Seafood in Antioch. The warrant alleges that in November, Linda pushed up against Tanesha Jenkins, who was at the restaurant with her four-year-old daughter. Jenkins says Linda put a hard object against her back. As Jenkins was leaving the location, an argument ensued, and as they were both exiting, Linda reportedly pulled a gun from her waistband, pointed it at the victim, and threatened to shoot her. The child’s father, who is Linda’s ex-boyfriend, witnessed the incident.

Herald Ciliezer Zuniga cuts wife’s throat after discovering she’s cheating

36-year-old Herald Ciliezer-Zuniga says he “lost his mind” when he hurt his wife, Lesbia Mondragon-Gomez, after discovering she had been cheating on him. Officers responded to their South Nashville apartment on February 2, where the victim stated her husband slapped her, pushed her to the ground, grabbed her by the neck to strangle her, and held a knife to her throat, which cut her. He is charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Derrick Jefferally robs sister of phone at knifepoint during breakfast

Breanna Dickey says she was cooking breakfast Friday morning when her 27-year-old brother, Derrick Jefferally, approached her from behind and attempted to grab her phone. When she thwarted the theft, Jefferally grabbed a red-handled knife and pointed it in her face, taking the phone by force. Officers arrived and met Jeffereally in the backyard of the residence, with the victim’s phone in his bag.