Man reportedly fires single shot at his mother’s boyfriend; charged with 3 counts of assault

31-year-old Christopher Nease was charged with three counts of aggravated assault after he reportedly fired a bullet at his mother’s boyfriend and their two neighbors.

Former missing teen admits to “beating” her child’s father because of their relationship situation

20-year-old Jade Mullen was charged with aggravated assault after she admitted to striking the father of her child with a metal flashlight multiple times in the face because of their relationship troubles.

Man wielding ax tells juvenile “I’ll kill you with your own weapon bitch”; per report

38-year-old Douglas Crawley was charged with domestic assault and 3 counts of aggravated assault after his girlfriend said he got angry she didn’t get him cocaine and her children and niece claimed he threatened their lives with an ax.

Woman charged after boyfriend says he woke up to her slicing his hands with a steak knife

60-year-old Rita Mullins was charged with aggravated assault and resisting arrest after telling officers “I know you’re on his side” and calling her boyfriend a “fu*king idiot” when they came to her home to investigate a stabbing.

Indiana man caught on camera pulling knife on man who told him to stop cussing

21-year-old Winston Cherry was charged with aggravated assault when he threatened a man in the parking garage at Holiday Inn Express with a knife after the man confronted Cherry and his friends about their use of vulgar language.

Antioch man with “anger problems” jailed after pointing gun in brother’s face

26-year-old Luis Martinez was charged with aggravated assault after his brother told authorities he pointed a gun in his face when confronted about screaming at his niece while her father was at work.

Man jailed after smacking roommate with metal cane; he was angry she insulted his mother

69-year-old John Rose was charged with aggravated assault after he openly admitted to hitting his roommate over the head with his cane after she insulted his mother. He also had a warrant in Cheatham County.

Felon admits to brandishing weapon, claims housemates “messed” with his car

34-year-old Cassius Works was charged with 4 counts of aggravated assault and felon in possession of a handgun after he admitted to pointing a handgun at fellow rooming house residents because he thought they had messed with his vehicle.

Man fires at ex while she and her children are in their vehicle; tries again a few hours later

29-year-old Raphael Hughes was charged with two counts of attempted homicide and two counts of child endangerment after shooting at his ex and chasing her down in her own vehicle.

Man in a “black-out rage” holds gun to girlfriend’s head while laughing; per report

32-year-old James Lowery was charged with two counts of aggravated assault after his lover told authorities that he blacked-out in a rage before strangling her, then held a gun to her head while laughing and told her he was “just kidding.”