Jared Paver points gun at employee during argument

34-year-old Jared Paver had an altercation with one of his employees, Raymond Mansfield, at the Sentral SoBro apartment complex on Lea Avenue on February 27th. Mansfield alerted the authorities, advising them that Paver pointed a handgun at him during an argument. When officers arrived, Paver was not at the location, so they left and were called shortly after by Sentral SoBro management. Later that day, Sentral SoBro management called the police and advised that Paver had returned to the location and wanted him removed. Officers responded and located Paver with a female companion in the hallway. Paver admitted to having a verbal incident with someone the night before and having a firearm but claimed that he did not point or aim it at anybody. Paver was transported to Central Precinct for further investigation. Under Miranda, Paver admitted that he had been drinking yesterday and that he argued with Mansfield but did not recall aiming his gun at him. Officers then showed Paver video footage of the incident, which was when Paver admitted to being the one shown on tape pointing the firearm. Paver was taken into custody for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on February 28th.

Genca Santana drunkenly attempts to assault ex-boyfriend with knife

27-year-old Genca Santana approached her ex-boyfriend, Joseph Ramos, with a knife late January 23rd. Ramos pulled beside Officer Hillis and advised him that Santana had been threatening him all day. When Joseph saw her walking down the road towards his house, he told her to leave him alone. This is when Santana pulled out a knife and started to approach Ramos’ vehicle with it raised. Officer Hillis located Santana and observed her to be visibly intoxicated. Santana admitted to having a knife, that she had been drinking, and told officers that she was going to Ramos’ house to see their kid. Ramos provided several text messages of her threats and photos of her holding the knife up to the screen. Santana was taken into custody for aggravated assault and public intoxication on January 24th.

Austin Brown threatens couple with gun at Nashville International Airport

28-year-old Austin Brown had an altercation with Richard and Kristin Diaz at Nashville International Airport on January 29th. Both parties flagged officers down regarding the incident, so they separated them to investigate. As they approached Brown, they were advised by dispatch that the passenger of the second car, Mrs. Diaz, who had called the police, advised that Brown had pulled a gun on her and her husband. Officers spoke with Brown and asked him if he had a gun, to which he replied, “Yes,” so they had him exit the vehicle as they secured it, with his consent, before further questioning. Then, Brown said the other vehicle, occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Diaz, followed him off from the departure level and showed aggression while sitting in traffic, so he pulled over to let them pass. He said they pulled alongside him while waiting at the red light on Terminal Drive and started yelling at him, which prompted him to pull the magazine attachment out of his pistol, showing it, asking them, “If they were going to have a problem.”

Officers then went to speak with Richard and Kristin, who provided similar stories, stating when Mr. Diaz was picking his wife up from departure, Brown was behind him, blowing his horn and being aggressive. When Mrs. Diaz entered the car, Brown sped past them, giving the middle finger. They said he was holding a small black item in his hand, waving for them to approach him. As they approached the stoplight on Terminal Drive, Brown stopped next to their vehicle, even though no cars were in front of him. Brown rolled down his window and presented his firearm, asking them, “Are we going to have a problem?” Mrs. Diaz was still shaken up during questioning. However, both Richard and Kristin told officers they were certain he was holding the firearm when he threatened them. Brown was taken into custody for aggravated assault.

Samuel Pearson assaults police officer with hammer

45-year-old Samuel Eugene Pearson swung a hammer at the residents of a Rock Creek Trace Drive home on January 29th. Officers arrived and tried to speak with Pearson, but he was uncooperative. He opened the door, saw the police officers, and tried to close the door quickly. Officer Worstall attempted to keep the door open when Pearson hit Worstall’s right index finger with a hammer. Pearson was taken into custody for the assault of an officer.

Rudy Perez Perez aggressively stabs man with large knife during altercation

22-year-old Rudy Perez Perez had an altercation near his residence on Pin Hook Road on January 27th. Officers were provided Ring camera footage of the incident, showing Perez and another male in a heated scuffle. Perez used a knife in a threatening way against the other party. Then, Perez returned to his house before coming out with a larger knife and using it aggressively. Perez was taken into custody for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Felicia Carbin threatens roommate with knife, tells her “I’m going to kill y’all or I am going to kill me!”

54-year-old Felicia Carbin was arguing with her roommate, Angela Robinson, about food in the fridge during the early hours of Sunday evening. Robinson confronted Carbin about possibly taking her food out of the refrigerator, leading to the argument. Carbin then went to the kitchen, grabbed a medium-sized butcher knife, faced Robinson, and said, “I’m going to kill y’all, or I am going to kill me!” Robinson told officers that she felt that the statement was targeted toward her and was scared for her life.

Carbin told officers Robinson went into her room without permission, which sparked the argument. She also said Robinson was upset that someone took her food out without her knowledge, which led to Robinson pushing her, causing her to fall. Carbin felt as though she needed a form of self-protection, so she grabbed a knife. She told officers that she had not made any threatening statements toward her.

Officers spoke with a witness, Ms Mccord, who was the homeowner, and she told officers that the argument was about Robinson’s food being removed from the fridge. She also corroborated that Carbin did go to the kitchen for a butter knife and did say, “I’m going to kill y’all, or I am going to kill me!” Due to her statement being almost identical to Robinson’s, officers determined that Carbin was the primary aggressor. Carbin was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault- deadly weapon int/kn.

Keosha Ferguson attempts to stab ex-girlfriend during dispute

21-year-old Keosha Ferguson was arguing with her ex-girlfriend, Antwameshia Jordan, about their recent breakup during the late hours of Tuesday evening. When Jordan brought up her most recent girlfriend, the argument turned physical. Ferguson went on a rampage, destroying Jordan’s phone and two of her mirrors. Ferguson then diverted her attention to Jordan, hitting her in the face, and then proceeded to grab a blue folding knife and charge at her, threatening to kill her. Ferguson swung the blade at her but missed and stabbed the couch. Jordan got into a struggle to get the knife out of Ferguson’s hand, but Ferguson bit her on her forearm. Officers came to observe the broken mirrors and the injury to Jordan’s arm. Ferguson shortly came back and attempted to gain entry into the apartment but was placed in handcuffs by officers. Ferguson, while being escorted out of the apartment, said that she was going to come back and kill Jordan and admitted to biting her and destroying her items. Ferguson was booked previously for an incident involving assault in November of 2022.

Landlord Yousuf Ahmad charged with firing gun at tenant while intoxicated

33-year-old Yousuf Ahmad was reportedly intoxicated in the early hours of Sunday morning when he sent a text message to his tenant, Kisa Myrick, who lives next door. When she received the text, which advised she needed to move out, she went to the door of Ahmad’s home, but he did not answer. As she returned to her home, she says he came behind her and forced his way into her home while holding a black handgun. He reportedly grabbed her by her wrist and yelled at her, threatening to kill her, and fired the firearm.

During questioning, police say Ahmad repeated himself and would randomly yell and scream. He claims he only answered his door and went back to bed; however, his girlfriend confirmed to police that he followed the victim to her home, and police retrieved a Glock 22, along with a shell casing, on the front steps of the victim’s home.

Jena Harris attempts to assault boyfriend with metal baseball bat

20-year-old Jena Harris was jailed on November 12th after assaulting her boyfriend on Columbus Trace Court. Jena’s aunt told officers she had been arguing with her boyfriend all day and throwing items around the house. She stated that Jena lost her temper and hit her boyfriend in the face. Jena then picked up a metal baseball bat and swung it at her boyfriend. The boyfriend told officers that he tried to calm his girlfriend down, but she still hit him in the face. He explained the incident with the baseball bat and advised that he was able to take it from her before being hit. Jena admitted to hitting her boyfriend but denied swinging the baseball bat.

Mark Boutsisomphone pushes, threatens mother with knife; “We are all dead”

27-year-old Mark Boutsisomphone was involved in a domestic disturbance with his mother, Kheo Boutsisomphone, at Whites Creek Pike Apartments on October 23rd. Officers arrived and spoke with Kheo, who advised them that she and Mark had previously argued, and she left with her daughter and came back to kick him out of the apartment when he pushed the door open, pushing her out of the way. Then an argument ensued in the kitchen as Kheo was telling Mark that he could no longer stay there, so he picked up a kitchen knife and said, “We are all dead.” if the police or anyone else tried to remove him from the residence. Kheo felt threatened by this, and Mark left as the argument ended. Kheo’s neighbor, who witnessed the incident, spoke with police and confirmed Kheo’s statements. Mark Boutsisomphone was taken into custody on November 7th for aggravated assault.