Oscar Avila taken to the ground by police after kicking cousin in stomach

21-year-old Oscar Avila was involved in a domestic incident with his cousin Susan Garcia-Myorga at a Piccadilly Row apartment residence. When police officers arrived, they spoke with Garcia, who was standing outside of the apartment crying hysterically. She stated that Avila had bitten her on the arm and kicked her in the stomach. Garcia was then transported to the hospital for her stomach pain. Officers made contact with Avila and observed another man on top of a bed holding him down. Officers noticed Avila was intoxicated and crying. As officers were escorting Avila to the police vehicle, he tried to pull away and was restrained on the ground. Avila was then taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

Melanie Serrano charged for involvement in carjacking of man she met on Facebook

18-year-old Melanie Serrano was taken into custody for carjacking on April 24th. On April 23rd, Jose Eliseo De Paz Flores reported that he had met up with a female he met online under the Facebook Profile “Diana Serrano.” Flores added that he had met up with her previously and that she stays in a Bell Road apartment near Home Depot. Then he said Serrano directed him to a property on Hickory Highlands Drive and told him where to park. Once he arrived, Flores said four unidentified black males wearing all-black clothing approached his vehicle. All four men were armed with guns as they told Flores to give them his car and threatened to kill him if he didn’t. The men took his 2015 white Honda Civic, his wallet with his two bank cards, and his red iPhone 7.

During the robbery, Serrano was there but did not react to it and left shortly after with the men, causing Flores to believe she was involved. He provided the officers with a photo of her Facebook profile. Violent Crimes Robbery Operations personnel observed a female, later identified as Serrano, matching the Facebook photo, exiting a white Honda Civic without tags at a gas station on Bell Road. Then, the officers called Flores and described the vehicle she was in, and he told them it was his. Officers apprehended her and conducted a “show-up,” where Flores confirmed her identity. During an audio and video recording, Serrano alleged that she left after the robbery because she did not want to get in trouble at home. Then she said her friend, whom she would not name, picked her up in Flores’s Honda Civic. She stated that she did not realize it was his car despite having been in it earlier that night when it was stolen. Serrano was then detained for the incident.

Clare Torchia lies to police about being assaulted

20-year-old Clare Torchia was caught contacting law enforcement for a non-emergency at Nashboro Boulevard on March 3rd. Torchia told law enforcement that she was in her babysitter’s driveway trying to get her child from him when she told the babysitter that if he didn’t give her the baby, she was going to tell law enforcement that she was assaulted. The babysitter stated, “I’m not going to deal with this,” then went inside with the baby and locked the door. Torchia called the police department to advise she was hit and pushed and that her 7-month-old child was taken from her. When officers arrived, Torchia admitted that she had lied because she wanted the police to get to her fast. Clare Torchia was cited for the violation that day and then booked on the citation for a non-emergency 911 call on April 17th.

Michael Moore strangles baby-mama during argument over cleanliness

30-year-old Michael Moore had a domestic altercation with the mother of his children, Naketha Moore, at their Bell Road apartment on the afternoon of April 10th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Naketha, who was sweating profusely and had minor scratches on her face. She advised them that she had asked Michael about the cleanliness of their apartment, expressing her frustration about the mess. Then, Naketha said she grabbed a vacuum cleaner and slammed it on the ground as they argued. Michael responded by pushing her against the wall, “strangling” her multiple times and compromising her breathing. Naketha told officers that she feared for her life, so she called 911, which was when he left the scene. A warrant was issued for his arrest that day. Michael Moore was taken into custody for domestic assault on April 23rd.

Rubin Miles assaults girlfriend with baseball bat after he “lost control of his anger”

53-year-old Rubin Lemont Miles had a domestic incident with his girlfriend, Yvonne Wescott, near their Pepperwood Drive residence late February 22nd. Wescott alerted the authorities, advising them that she pulled into the neighborhood and observed Miles having an issue with his Ford Explorer in the middle of the road. She stopped to assist him, using her vehicle to get his SUV to their house. Wescott stated she was upset because her car sustained minor scratches after pushing his Explorer and wanted him to apologize for being careless. Miles refused and became irate in their front yard, so she grabbed a baseball bat underneath the bench by their front door and put it under her arm. She added that she feared for her safety once the argument escalated.

Wescott said Miles saw the bat and “lost control of his anger,” punching her in the face repeatedly, causing her to lose her balance. During this, she said he grabbed the bat and hit her on the right side of her abdomen. Officers noticed she had swelling to the left side of her cheek, with her eye nearly swollen shut, and bruising to her stomach. Wescott provided officers with camera footage from her ring bell, which showed him removing his dark-colored jacket and changing into a red Detroit Red Wings hoodie before fleeing. A warrant was issued for his arrest. Miles was taken into custody for domestic assault on April 22nd.

Booster Latosha Harris steals $2,290 worth of merchandise from Marshalls

43-year-old Latosha Harris stole merchandise from the Lebanon Pike Marshall’s on the afternoon of April 17th. At around 12:54 p.m., Harris entered the establishment and started picking up items. Harris passed all points of sale and left the store without paying. The stolen items were valued at $1,159. The incident was also captured on surveillance video. Loss prevention officers recognized Harris from previous incidents. Officers had a witness identify Harris via photo, and a warrant was issued for her arrest.

Later, on April 23rd, Harris returned to the same Marshalls location, so the employees notified police. Before officers arrived, they confirmed that Harris had an outstanding warrant. When officers arrived, they observed Harris exiting with merchandise and detained her. They spoke to a Marshalls employee, who stated that Harris had not paid for the items she was caught with, valued at $1,131. Harris was taken into custody for two counts of theft on April 23rd.

Jason Kromjong punches mother after daughter pours out his alcohol

41-year-old Jason Kromjong had a domestic altercation with his mother, Angel Picone, and his daughter, Ashley Morgan, at their Maxwell apartment on Bell Road late April 23rd. When officers arrived, they spoke with Morgan and Picone, who advised that Kromjong was irate and inebriated. Morgan told them that after she realized how intoxicated he was, she started pouring out his alcohol for his safety. This prompted Kromjong to run after her with a closed fist, putting her in fear of bodily injury. Picone corroborated Morgan’s statements, adding that she got between them to protect Morgan. Then, she stated that Kromjong struck her in the side of her head and her stomach. Kromjong was taken into custody for two counts of domestic assault on April 24th.

Fawwas Alghandi assaults boyfriend, threatens him with knife

26-year-old Fawwaz Alghandi had a domestic incident with his boyfriend, Johnny Lee Jenkins, on April 23rd. When officers arrived, they spoke with Jenkins, who stated Alghandi had woken him up, jumping on him while he was lying down. He said after he pushed and punched him to get him to stop, Alghandi became angry and pinned him to the bed. Jenkins said he wrestled Alghandi off and started to pack his belongings. Then, as he started walking out the door, Alghandi tried to grab a vape from his hands, so he pushed him away. Jenkins stated that Alghandi returned, holding a knife with a sheath covering, and started swinging it at him, hitting him on the right side of his temple with the knife handle.

When officers spoke with Alghandi, he told them that he and Jenkins had a verbal altercation, which escalated when Jenkins got aggressive and started punching and kicking him in the head. He admitted to hitting him with the bottom end of the knife. The landlord, a witness, told officers that she heard the commotion and saw Alghandi jumping on Jenkins. Alghandi was deemed the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for aggravated assault.

BUI: Marlon Ly caught drinking while operating pontoon boat on Percy Priest Lake

21-year-old Marlon Ly was taken into custody for boating under the influence and reckless boating on April 23rd. Officers observed Ly driving a pontoon boat on Percy Priest Lake with two individuals on the front railing of the vessel and two others on the second level. Once officers initiated a stop, they noticed Ly had one of his passengers take the wheel. When officers pulled up to the pontoon, they saw multiple empty alcoholic beverages and spoke with Ly, who showed numerous signs of impairment. Ly admitted to consuming alcohol, so they had him put on a life jacket and step onto their vessel. He told them he switched drivers because he felt that he had too much alcohol to be driving the boat. Ly consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and then was detained for the incident.

Charles Netherton steals packages off a man’s front porch with ex-girlfriend #PorchPirate

35-year-old Charles Netherton and Lauren Goble stole Anthony Gertz’s packages from his front porch at his Oakland Street residence on April 8th. Gertz told officers that he had roughly five packages delivered to his house. He said that at 5:01 p.m., a male, later identified as Netherton, approached and knocked on his front door twice. After Gertz ignored the knock, Netherton returned with Goble and took all the packages, valuing $1,020. He then provided officers with surveillance from the front porch. During their investigation, they discovered two Facebook profiles selling Gertz’s items. One belonged to Netherton, and Goble owned the other. Netherton was taken into custody for theft of mail on April 22nd.