DUI: Sean Hrbal blows .215% BAC after crashing near Old Hickory Boulevard

49-year-old Sean Hrbal drove off the roadway and wrecked his vehicle near Old Hickory Boulevard and St. Regis Court on the night of February 16th. Officers arrived and spoke with Hrbal, who advised someone had cut him off on Old Hickory Boulevard, causing him to crash. Hrbal then admitted to drinking a shot of Vodka before leaving work. Officers transported him to the Grace Community Church parking lot to conduct sobriety tests, where he performed poorly and agreed to provide a breath sample, which resulted in a 0.215% BAC.  Hrbal was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

Cheyenne Smith caught driving stolen U-Haul truck

20-year-old Cheyenne Smith was jailed on February 17th for driving a stolen U-Haul truck. While police patrolled the Marathon gas station on Trinity Lane, they ran the plates of a U-Haul truck, which came back stolen. Officers then watched as Cheyenne entered the driver’s seat of the U-Haul. After a traffic stop, it was discovered that Cheyenne didn’t have a valid driver’s license and was not responsible for renting the vehicle. Officers attempted to locate the individual who rented the vehicle but were unsuccessful. Cheyenne was taken into custody for theft and driving without a license.

Jackson Frazier chases man with knife during parking dispute

30-year-old Jackson Frazier was jailed on February 17th when he pulled out a knife over a parking dispute. Gabrielle Hydorn told police that she heard yelling outside of her home on Lebanon Pike. When she walked outside, she saw Frazier chasing her husband, Kevin Hydorn, with a knife until he was able to get away. Frazier told police that he and Kevin got into an argument about a parking situation when suddenly Kevin came up to his vehicle and opened the driver’s side door. Frazier felt threatened and pulled a knife on Kevin. When Kevin backed off, Frazier continued to chase him around his car until he ran off. Kevin told officers that he approached Frazier’s car to speak with him, and that’s when Frazier pulled the knife out and began chasing him.

Luz Becerra-Quezada jailed after sexually assaulting 13-year-old girl

28-year-old Luz Angel Becerra-Quezada was taken into custody for sexual battery on February 19th. Officers were dispatched to Winston Drive and spoke with the 13-year-old Juvenile Victim/JV’s parents. Her parents advised officers that Becerra-Quezada admitted to going to JV’s room and told them he was sorry for what he did. Detectives talked to JV, who stated she was asleep when she felt someone come into her room and sit on her bed. She said that she felt a hand touch her leg, going up toward her private area. Before the hand could reach her private area, she turned on the flashlight from her cell phone and saw that it was Becerra-Quezada, causing him to stop and leave the room. JV’s parents told officers there was a camera in the house and footage showed Becerra-Quezada deactivating it at 3:20 in the morning. Luz Becerra-Quezada was taken into custody and charged with sexual battery on February 19th.

Canadian Tourist Seeley Sheldon found drunk, unable to care for herself at Walk of Fame Park

23-year-old Seeley Sheldon stumbled as she walked around 4th Avenue South and Demonbreun Street near Walk of Fame Park on the morning of February 19th. Officers were alerted about an impaired person, later identified as Sheldon, needing assistance and noticed a strong alcoholic odor coming from her breath when they spoke with her. Sheldon gave officers her Canadian driver’s license, advising she was visiting Nashville and staying with a friend. Officers asked if anyone could pick Sheldon up and take her to her friend’s house, but she did not have her phone. Sheldon was deemed unable to care for herself and was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Andrea Romero punches husband in face at Jason Aldean’s Rooftop Bar

40-year-old Andrea Melissa Romero had a domestic dispute with her husband, Arturo David Soto, at Jason Aldean’s Rooftop Bar on the night of February 18th. Soto flagged officers down, advising them that he and Romero had an altercation, so officers separated the two to gather information. Soto stated they were leaving the bar when an argument sparked, so he went next door and returned as she was walking down the stairs. Then, Romero punched him on the left side of his face. Romero spoke with officers, telling them there was an argument, but nothing physical occurred. Officers reviewed the camera footage, and it correlated with Soto’s statement. Romero was taken into custody for domestic assault.

19-year-old Jason Patterson threatens to assault ex-girlfriend in front of her apartment

19-year-old Jason Patterson had an altercation with his ex-girlfriend, Julianna Hobbs, in front of her Harper Ridge Place apartment on the afternoon of December 31st, 2023. Hobbs advised officers that she was with both witnesses, Ryder Hayes Peele and Joseph Herrell, when they believed Patterson was following them. They were in front of their residence when Patterson came from the apartment entrance when Hobbs told him to leave because she believed he was banned from the complex. Then, Patterson threatened to fight her before he left, causing her to be in fear of injury due to previous domestic incidents with Patterson. Hobbs showed officers a picture of him in front of her apartment, and they deemed him the primary aggressor. Patterson was taken into custody for domestic assault on February 18th.

DUI: Victoria Walker tells police she doesn’t recall crashing car, lies about picking up friend

30-year-old Victoria Walker was jailed on February 18th after crashing at Harding Place. Walker told officers that she was on her way home to Lebanon from a friend’s house in Hermitage. Officers explained to Walker that the crash happened in Antioch outside the normal path taken from Hermitage to Lebanon. Walker then stated that she had taken a friend home but when officers asked for the friend’s name, she didn’t know it. Walker stated she left her friend’s house at 2 am on February 18th. However, the crash occurred 6 hours later at 8:15 am, and Walker was unable to account for the 6-hour time gap. Walker stated she didn’t recall the crash and was asked to consent to sobriety tests. Walker performed poorly and was taken into custody.

Birthday Boy Jeremy Waddell headbutts fiancé during argument at Renaissance Nashville Hotel

52-year-old Birthday boy Jeremy Waddell had a domestic incident with his fiancé, Alice Speicher, at the Renaissance Nashville Hotel in the early hours of his birthday, February 18th. Officers arrived, located Speicher, and were approached by security, who advised them that Waddell was in his room cleaning up blood. Waddell stated he and Speicher had an argument, where he headbutted her in the elevator. Waddell also said that Speicher hit him but was unsure if she hit him before or after the headbutt. After they spoke with Speicher, they deemed Waddell as the primary aggressor, and he was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Zane Oxley booked after drunkenly refusing to leave Martin’s Bar-B-Que

 36-year-old Zane Oxley was booked on February 18th for being disorderly at Martin’s Bar-B-Que on 4th Avenue. When officers arrived, they observed a group of individuals on the ground and separated them. Officers then ordered the group to leave the area. Oxley was ordered to leave several times by police. Oxley’s friend tried to pull him away to leave, but Oxley refused and became hostile toward officers. Officers ordered Oxley to leave once again, but he refused and clenched his fists as he approached the officers. Oxley was unsteady on his feet and smelled of alcohol. Oxley was given multiple opportunities to walk away but continued to ignore police. Zane Oxley was taken into custody for public intoxication.