Jacky Whaley indicted on two counts of aggravated sexual battery of a minor

A Davidson County Grand Jury has indicted 30-year-old Jacky Earl Whaley on two counts of aggravated sexual battery on a child under 13. An indictment alleges that on two occasions in 2019 and 2020, Whaley engaged in unlawful sexual contact with a child born in 2015. He is free on a $50,000 bond, via Grumpy’s Bail Bonds.

Michael Mackezyk refuses to leave downtown bar after he’s cut off from alcohol

25-year-old Michael Mackezyk was asked to leave Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa on Broadway in downtown Nashville multiple times Sunday night but refused to do so. He was upset as the bar staff informed him he would no longer be served alcoholic beverages due to his level of intoxication. He reportedly became argumentative and combative with staff. Responding officers attempted to offer him assistance to make his way home to Antioch; however, he was uncooperative. He was charged with criminal trespassing and public intoxication.

Fitness Trainer Dominic Lambert refuses to stop contacting woman who isn’t interested in him

23-year-old Dominic Eugene Lambert is charged with violating an order of protection and is free after posting a $2,000 bond. Court records show he met Morgan Anne Heath-Powers at Vanderbilt University, where they became friends, and he eventually showed a romantic interest in her, which wasn’t mutual. She told him to cease all contact, and he continued, even after being served with an order of protection, making further contact illegal. Details in the story…

Steve Griffith caught doing burnouts downtown & charged with accessory to a homicide warrant

53-year-old Steven Griffith was driving a black Cadillac Escalade as he attempted a burnout on 12th Ave South near Demonbreun. As officers observed, Griffith then fled down Demonbreun at a high rate of speed, squealing tires and then doing a burnout on the wet road. Officers conducted a traffic stop on Griffith and his two passengers. Griffith told them he was just trying to make his Escalade “crackle.”

At the time of his arrest, it was discovered that Steven Griffith had an outstanding felony warrant charging him with being an accessory after the fact in the vehicular homicide case of Austin Rose Griffith, who is now serving a six-year prison sentence for the death of former Tennessee Titans Cheerleader Patrick Holz. She was driving the vehicle when it crashed.

David Tabora pushes pregnant sister in smelly situation

19-year-old David Tabora is charged with the domestic assault of his pregnant sister, Melissa Tabora, after a rancid situation ended in him pushing her. Melissa says she is currently pregnant and extremely sensitive to smells. She also says her brother David hasn’t been showering regularly. When he entered the kitchen, she covered her nose to avoid getting nauseous. This offended David, who began a verbal argument. Their mother attempted to diffuse the situation, and David began to argue with her. When Melissa began recording with her cell phone, she says David attempted to grab her phone and pushed her one time before retreating to his room.

Elijah Young jailed after drunk and disorderly disturbance at Kid Rock’s Bar

32-year-old Elijah Young was at Kid Rock’s Bar in downtown Nashville Friday night, where he became drunk and disorderly, causing a disturbance to bar operations and other patrons. He got into a physical struggle with security and was detained until police arrived to take him into custody.

DUI: Cindy Matlock Brown blows 0.234% BAC after East Nashville crash with injuries

61-year-old Cindy Matlock Brown rear-ended another vehicle on Gallatin Pike late Sunday evening, sending that driver to the hospital with injuries. Brown admitted to having “2 glasses of wine” while at a friend’s home in Donelson, and she was trying to make it back to her home near Belmont but got lost on the way home. She appeared not to know where she was, was unsteady on her feet, and was generally visibly intoxicated. She blew a 0.234% BAC on a breathalyzer, which is nearly three times the legal limit to drive in Tennessee.

Daniel Mahncke found stumbling and bumbling in downtown Nashville

25-year-old Daniel Mahncke was found stumbling and bumping into people near Honky Tonk Central on Broadway in downtown Nashville late Saturday night. Nearby officers found him to be intoxicated and unable to care for himself. He was offered a trip to the hospital to sober up, but he refused all medical treatment. He was then transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

DUI: Parker Chittenden charged after driving wrong way on Murfreesboro Pike overnight

Police say 27-year-old Parker Chittenden was driving on the wrong side of Murfreesboro Pike, which is divided by a grassy median, in the early hours of Monday morning. A traffic stop was conducted, and it was immediately apparent to officers that Chittenden was heavily intoxicated. He initially admitted to consuming “two drinks” but later amended it to “four drinks” prior to driving. Police say he was both talkative and crying during their interaction. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was charged with DUI. He later blew a 0.112% BAC on a breathalyzer.

Andrew McSkimming punches Uber driver in both heads

25-year-old Andrew McSkimming is charged with the assault of his Uber driver, Abdelshahid Bishwy Bahgatayyad, after he punched him in the face and then punched him in the balls. The victim says they had arrived at the dropoff location, and McSkimming was extremely intoxicated and when he was asked to get out of the Uber, McSkimming punched the driver in the face.

Both parties then exited the vehicle as McSmimming began to hit the vehicle with his fists. McSkimming then punched the victim in the groin with his fist. Officers were issuing Andrew McSkimming a state citation for assault when he became combative with officers and continued his threatening behavior. They placed him into custody and transported him to booking.