Ashlyn Engelbert sends over 500 texts to ex-boyfriend in one day, tells him “I’ll smash your car windows!”

31-year-old Ashlyn Engelbert was caught harassing her ex-boyfriend, Jason Demarcus, at Blackwood Drive on February 4th. Demarcus provided law enforcement with texts he had received in the prior 24 hours. He had received over 500 text messages. The messages ranged from pictures of Engelbert to multiple references about sleeping with Demarcus. The messages also included threats such as “I’ll smash your car windows!” Ashlyn Engelbert was taken into custody and charged with harassment.

Regina Harville jailed after nurse finds 12 grams of meth in her private region at Skyline Hospital

53-year-old Regina Harville was caught with crystal meth at Skyline Hospital on February 4th. Skyline Security was alerted that a nurse found a large amount of Crystal Meth on one of her patients. Harville was receiving care for injuries sustained in a vehicle accident out of county. While caring for Harville, the nurse noticed a clear plastic bag sticking out of Harville’s private area. The nurse then pulled the bag out of Harville’s private region and found what looked to be a large amount of Crystal Meth inside. When officers were handed the drugs, they weighed the bag and found that Harville’s bag contained 12 grams of Crystal Meth. Regina Harville was taken into custody and charged with possession or casual exchange.

Emily Mosteller drunkenly refuses to leave Hard Rock Cafe for over 3 hours

45-year-old Emily Mosteller was found trespassing at the Hard Rock Cafe on Broadway on January 2nd. Mosteller was asked to leave multiple times after refusing to leave and pay her tab. The manager did not want to press charges for theft of services but did wish to prosecute for criminal trespassing. Mosteller was at the bar for over 3 hours. Emily Mosteller was taken into custody for criminal trespassing.

19-year-old Christorfer Lucas punches pregnant girlfriend multiple times in face during argument

19-year-old Christorfer Lucas was involved in a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Tomesha Fennessee, at the Overlook Ridge Apartments on December 20th. The situation began with an argument between the couple. During the argument, Christorfer got into Tomesha’s face. When she told him to back up, Christorfer punched her in the head and the face multiple times. Tomesha tried to fight back, prompting Christorfer to knock her to the ground and continue to hit her in the head. Tomesha attempted to get out her phone and call the police, but Christorfer took her phone and left the apartment. Soon after, Tomesha walked to the front of the apartment complex. Christorfer pulled up next to her, he then threw her phone out of the car window and left. Upon contact with law enforcement, Tomesha produced a voice message of Christorfer saying that Tomesha “explained herself” after they “got into it.” Christorfer further stated that he was not afraid to go to jail. Tomesha was sent to the Centennial Hospital for medical evaluation due to her being nine weeks pregnant. Christorfer Lucas was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault and interfering with an emergency call on January 2nd.

Luis Chavarria drunkenly tries to fight security at Plaza Mariachi

34-year-old Luis Chavarria was seen in an altercation with security at Plaza Mariachi on December 30th. Upon arrival, officers made contact with security, who had detained Chavarria. Security advised officers that Chavarria was intoxicated, refused to leave the property, and attempted to assault one of them. The security guard did not wish to prosecute. When officers tried to obtain Chavarria’s information, he was uncooperative but handed over his passport after a short holdout. Luis Chavarria was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Steven Tigue throws drink at girlfriend after she prevents him from drunk driving

39-year-old Steven Tigue was involved in a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Neacie Keeling, on January 1st. The situation began with an argument over Tigue wanting to drive while he was intoxicated. Keeling took his keys to prevent him from driving, which upset Tigue. Tigue retaliated by grabbing her neck and then throwing a drink at her. Witnesses on the scene corroborated that the assault happened. When officers approached Tigue, he admitted that there was a verbal altercation but denied that anything physical had occurred. Tigue was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

Charlie Masingo assaults woman after friend pours drink on her during altercation

21-year-old Charlie Masingo was involved in an altercation at Merchants Restaurant on December 31st with her friend Savannah Mcclellan. When officers arrived at the location, they found Masingo detained and inebriated. Officers learned that Savannah Mcclellan had poured a drink on the victim and that Masingo assaulted the victim afterwards. While speaking with the victim of the altercation, officers observed lacerations on her face stemming from the fight. Officers also located a witness who confirmed that Masingo was involved in the altercation. Masingo was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication and assault.

Savannah Mcclellan pours drink on woman during altercation

20-year-old Savannah Mcclellan was involved in an altercation at Merchants Restaurant on December 31st with her friend Charlie Masingo. When officers came into contact with the victim, she told them that Mcclellan poured a drink on her, and then Masingo assaulted her afterward. Mcclellan admitted to pouring a drink on the victim. A witness also came forward and said that she observed Mcclellan pour the drink on the victim. Mcclellan was taken into custody and charged with assault.

Mary Mcgowan drives into her son with her vehicle

72-year-old Mary Mcgowan was involved in an altercation with her son, Larry Mcgowan, at a residence on Haywood Lane on December 30th. The situation began when Mary arrived at a property that Larry was renting out to another family. Mary then started an argument with him regarding family issues while he was standing next to her car window. While the argument ensued, Larry stepped away because he received a phone call. Mary, infuriated, drove into Larry with the driver-side mirror of her car, causing a small scrape on his leg. Officers spoke to one of the residents of the house, Maria Espinoza, who stated that she witnessed Mary hit her son with her vehicle. She also advised that Larry wasn’t close to the vehicle when he got hit, so it seemed intentional. Mary Mcgowan was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Bryan Anderson drunkenly assaults girlfriend during argument about how drunk he was

28-year-old Bryan Anderson was involved in a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Rebecca Campbell, at Franklin Pike in the early hours of December 21st. The conflict started with an argument between the couple about Anderson’s intoxication level. The argument escalated when Anderson punched and kicked her, causing visible injuries. Campbell refused medical attention and provided no insight into the incident. She also did not want to prosecute him. Anderson was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.