Tourist Clarissa Nava charged with slapping boyfriend on Broadway in downtown Nashville

43-year-old tourist Clarissa Nava was bar-hopping on Broadway in downtown Nashville with her boyfriend, Ricardo Reyes, and the couple had been drinking most of the day. When they got to Jason Aldean’s bar she reportedly confronted him about speaking with other women and using his phone. She grabbed him by the collar, pulling his sweater, causing it to rip. As he attempted to walk away, he says she slapped him across the face four times. Despite her insistence that she never touched him, the assault was witnessed by an officer working the area.

Intoxicated man jumps into stranger’s car downtown, gets tased twice — Baldemar Rivera

21-year-old Baldemar Rivera faces multiple charges after a wild scene in downtown Nashville late Friday night. Police initially responded to what they believed to be an attempted carjacking. The victims stated a young male jumped into the passenger side of her vehicle. Believing she was about to be carjacked, she fled the vehicle and took the keys with her. A male from the vehicle then tased the young man, identified as Rivera, to extract him from the vehicle. Rivera then came back toward the male in an aggressive manner and was tased a second time, causing him to flee the scene. He was spotted nearby and taken into custody. During the incident, a 3rd victim came forward stating Rivera had kicked a dent in his vehicle. Rivera was charged with public intoxication, vandalism, and assault. He is free on a $5,000 bond.