Officer struggles to take Marine Nathanial Hoffman into custody after he’s flipped off

25-year-old Nathanial Hoffman was standing in the middle of Broadway just after 2 a.m. Saturday as officers were re-opening the roadway to vehicular traffic. Officer Dean Ferrari advised Hoffman to return to the sidewalk three times, each of which he refused. The officer noted that Hoffman was visibly intoxicated and was slightly unsteady on his feet. Hoffman then looked at the officer, who had his passenger side window down, extended his middle finger, and screamed, “fuck you!” The officer exited his patrol car and attempted to assist Hoffman to the sidewalk. He was then given the opportunity to go home or be placed under arrest for public intoxication. He once again told the officer to go fuck himself and stated he could “do whatever the fuck I want.”

The officer then decided to place Hoffman into custody, but Hoffman had other plans. As the officer attempted to gain control of Hoffman’s hands, Hoffman simply grabbed his wrist and pushed him away, then shoved him away again. The officer then admits he was unable to control him as long as he was on his feet, so he wrapped his arms around him to take him to the ground. He fell on top of Hoffman, who continued to push the officer away from him “as if he had grappling experience,” according to the report. Eventually, the officer “fully mounted” Hoffman and held his wrist to the concrete until backup officers arrived. Once multiple officers restrained Hoffman, he pulled away, causing all of them to fall to the ground, where he was held and hobbled after an extensive struggle. He reportedly damaged the patrol car as he was being forced into it.

Zeki’Ah Foster assaults woman over parking spot dispute

21-year-old Zeki’Ah Foster was cited for assault on August 29th for an incident regarding a parking spot at The Retreat at Dry Creek Farms apartment complex. Angela Davis told police that Zeki’Ah assaulted her over the parking spot. Police documented scratch marks on Angela’s chest and nose. She was booked on the assault charge on September 19th.

Stephen Sterling punches tourist on Broadway in downtown Nashville

46-year-old Stephen Sterling reportedly followed Jeremy Potter out of Ripley’s Bar on Broadway on July 15th. Stephen and Jeremy were reportedly arguing and then walked in front of the Ernest Tubb Record Shop. At this time, Stephen came up behind Jeremy and hit him in the right side of the face. Stephen was booked on the assault charge on September 19th.

Derrick Grace charged with pepper-spraying another man on Church Street

38-year-old Derrick Grace reportedly pepper sprayed another man outside of the post office on Church St. on August 30th. The other man, Quintin, told police he recognized Derrick from the gym, and he approached him to speak to him. After they spoke, Quintin said that Derrick got into his vehicle and reversed back to him. He said that Derrick called him back over, and he leaned on Derrick’s car. That is when Derrick pepper sprayed him, despite him dodging. Derrick told police that Quintin said, “He had that good on him,” then raised his eyebrows. When he acted like he did not hear him, he got into his vehicle, drove back over to Quintin, and rolled down his passenger vehicle. Derrick told police there were no threats and only wanted to speak with him. After talking, he said that is when he pepper sprayed Quintin and called the police. Quintin told police he wished to prosecute, and that is when Derrick was cited for assault. He was later booked on the assault charge on September 19th.

Zacchaeus Lee charged with punching roommate during argument

21-year-old Zacchaeus Lee was jailed Tuesday morning after reportedly assaulting his roommate on Shorewind Bay. Officers spoke with Brian Russell, who stated that Lee forced himself into his room, and the two began arguing. The argument moved to the living room and escalated when Lee punched Brian in the face, causing visible bodily injury to his left cheek. A witness on the scene stated he saw both parties fighting through a camera located inside the house.

Ivey Runion charged with slapping man in downtown Nashville

21-year-old Ivey Runion was hurried to sit her drunk friend down outside of Music City Showcase on Broadway on August 12th. A man told police that Ivey asked him to move so she could sit her drunk friend down. She reportedly then slapped him in the face when he refused to let her sit. Ivey was issued a citation for assault and was later booked on the charge.

Timothy Davis charged in assault of woman who was attempting to “get information from him”

56-year-old Timothy Davis was cited for reportedly assaulting a woman on Thompson Lane on August 16th. She told the police that she was trying to get information from Timothy. Timothy then, she continued, decided to hit her in the head several times. Police observed no injuries to the woman, but she said she wished to prosecute. Timothy was booked on the assault citation on September 5th.

Shantonia Gwin says he can talk to Black women however he wants

41-year-old Shantonia Gwin reportedly made sexually inappropriate comments and threats toward Southwest Airlines staff on September 1st after 10 p.m. Police arrived, and Shantonia was not present but was found a short distance away. They identified Shantonia by his Kentucky Driver’s license, and Shantonia told them that he lost his bag at Southwest and wished to retrieve it. Police escorted Shantonia to Southwest baggage, where they met Timothy Kiernon, who said he wanted to press charges against Shantonia for assault. Timothy told police that Shantonia came to baggage service visibly intoxicated and cussed at the employees. Also, he said, “He can talk to the b*/ches any way he wants because they are black.” He left and returned several times to the baggage service, threatening to physically harm Timothy. Police arrested Shantonia for assault against Timothy via his reports and willingness to prosecute.

Thomas Baker attacks bouncer from behind at Twelve Thirty Club

49-year-old Thomas Robert Baker was jailed late Friday night after attacking a bouncer at the Twelve Thirty Club in downtown Nashville. Joshua Bakcer was being detained after an altercation with bouncers at the venue. As Joshua was taken to the ground, Thomas attacked the security guard in the back of his head with his fists four times. The security guard suffered injuries to his head, eye, and hands.

Joshua Baker battles bouncer at Twelve Thirty Club in downtown Nashville

42-year-old Joshua Baker was at The Twelve Thirty Club in downtown Nashville Friday night when he attempted to leave the venue while carrying an alcoholic beverage. Bouncer Daniel Holm advised the drink could not be carried into the street and was ignored by Baker. As Holm took the drink from Baker, Baker swung and struck the bouncer in the face, and Holm returned the punches. After a barrage of punches between the two men, both fell to the ground, and Holm got on top of Baker to restrain him, while bystander Thomas Baker punched him in the back of the head four additional times. Joshua Baker was taken into custody, along with another person who attempted to intervene, leaving the bouncer with bruising to the back of his head, an abrasion to his left eye, and scapes on his knuckles. Security retained video of the assault.