Lisa Hayes threatens Google Fiber workers with AK-47 & pepper spray

Nashville Police say 58-year-old Lisa Hayes threatened the contractors installing Google Fiber in her neighborhood with pepper spray and an AK-47 if they didn’t leave her property. Paul Carter was a member of the team which directed traffic and attempted to determine the problem as the contractors did not speak English. Hayes was waving a large can of pepper spray around while demanding they get off of her property (which seemed to be the right-of-way) and yelled that if they didn’t leave her property, she was going to return with her AK-47 while gesturing to her house window which overlooked the job site. Officers arrived at the and Hayes wasn’t so quick to come outside with them present. She would only speak through her window and refused to cooperate with any requests without a warrant. She was taken into custody and charged with assault.

Kaya Crawford jumps from moving SUV to assault woman outside 3000 Bar in Nashville

24-year-old Kaya Crawford is charged with the assault of Timesha Douglas at 300 Bar Nashville during an incident on December 20. Police say the two parties were having a verbal disagreement on the sidewalk as they approached the disturbance. Crawford initially got into a white SUV, and Douglas walked along the sidewalk. As both continued on Demonbreun, Crawford jumped from the moving SUV and began to beat Douglas on the sidewalk. Sgt. Reese once again intervened between the two, and Crawford refused to listen to commands and pulled away to continue assaulting Douglas. She refused to cooperate when she was being placed under arrest and was charged with assault, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.

Mark Northrup bounced from Honky Tonk Central after making woman uncomfortable

32-year-old Mark Northrup was reportedly making a woman uncomfortable at Honky Tonk Central on Broadway in downtown Nashville early Sunday morning. She alerted a security guard, who asked Northrup to leave the bar. The bouncer, Mark Thomas, says Northrup chest-bumped him before he escorted him to the door. Near the exit, Northup fell to the floor and grabbed the bouncer’s leg. Police were nearby and observed Northrup to be heavily intoxicated. He was charged with assault and public intoxication.

Dustin Duley charged after pulling another man’s hair, punching him in the face

25-year-old Dustin William Duley was jailed last week after Michael Page says he yanked on his hair so hard it “cracked his neck” while they two were in a vehicle in Goodlettsville. Upon returning to the Autumn Chase apartments, Page says Dustin punched him in the face.

Jamonica Lillard attacks Taco Bell manager with bear spray

20-year-old Jamonica Lillard attacked the manager of a Madison Taco Bell, Skylar Kistner Dison, with bear mace on November 10th. She initially came to the restaurant to confront one of the employees, but the manager met her at the front counter and told her to leave multiple times. Lillard refused to leave and unleashed multiple streams of the bear spray, indirectly hitting other employees with the side spray and mist. She fled the scene, and Nashville fire treated employees for the exposure. Lillard was booked on the outstanding assault warrant this week.

Nicole Marpaung bites bouncer & assaults him with a bottle at Brooklyn Bowl Nashville

21-year-old Nicole Marpaung was reportedly instructed by security staff at Brooklyn Bown Nashville to leave four times on November 26th. Marpaung eventually left the venue but returned a short time later and aggressively approached the bouncer and “got in his face,” according to an arrest report. She then retrieved a small bottle and repeatedly struck him in the chest until he was able to get on top of her and take her to the ground to stop the attack. Shen then bit his arm. Officers observed security video, which confirmed the incident, and issued Nicole Marpaung a citation, charging her with assault. She was booked on that citation this week. #ShesABiter

Jamilrah Sanford attacks her baby daddy and his new girlfriend with a Slushie; drags her by the hair

26-year-old Jamilrah Sanford is free on a $3,000 bond after she was jailed for attacking the father of her child, Nicholas Turner, and his new girlfriend, Keri bell, and then throwing a Sluhie on them when she was done with the assault. The incident, which happened in late November at the Urban Air park, began when she approached Nicholas while he was visiting with their son at the location. Jamilrah was reportedly upset that his new girlfriend was present and attempted to punch her in the face. Nicholas reportedly stepped in between his past and future and took the punch. Jamilrah then reportedly followed them as they walked to the front door and grabbed his girlfriend by her hair, and dragged her. Immediately after the assault, Jamilrah approached the couple again and threw a full Slushie on both victims.

Victoria Anderson tosses drink in woman’s face, sends her to surgery after attack at Sonny’s Bar

Abigail Wate Ayala says she was at Sonny’s Bar on December 12th with her ex-boyfriend when 27-year-old Victoria ‘Toria’ Marie Anderson suddenly appeared at the bar and tossed a drink onto her before exiting the building. As Abigail and her ex were leaving the bar an hour later, Toria Anderson was still outside waiting for them. Toria shoved Abigail from behind, causing her to sustain serious injuries, including a torn UCL and fractures to her elbow, requiring surgery. Toria also took Abigail’s cell phone from her and deleted the video that she had recorded of the altercation, then smashed the phone onto the ground. Officers obtained security footage of the attacks and took out warrants for Anderson, including one for felony aggravated assault, and she was taken into custody this week.

‘The Nashville Cowboy’ Colby Barrett booked on yet another assault charge

The “The Nashville Cowboy,” AKA 47-year-old Benjamin ‘Colby’ Barrett, with who tourists had a longstanding #FindTheCowboy game when he was the doorman at Layla’s in downtown Nashville, has been charged with the assault of Dallas Webb. Barrett was booked on the state citation this week for the incident that occurred in mid-October on Demonbreun Street. Police say Barrett and Webb were in a verbal altercation that turned physical when Barrett assaulted Webb. Webb then punched Barrett back in self-defense. Previously, Colby was charged with the felony aggravated assault of a woman. Since leaving Layla’s, Colby has attempted to start a tour company where he will escort tourists around town to various bars, called ‘The Cowboy Cruze’

Jacob Terry kicks in neighbor’s door & assaults him over trash can dispute

22-year-old Jacob Terry was at his mother’s home in Nashville, where he has been in a drawn-out battle with her neighbor over the placement of trash cans. The neighbor, Qiang Liu, moved the trashcans over a bit as they were directly in front of one of his windows. Late that night, Jacob kicked in the victim’s door and placed both of his fists under the victim’s chin, and threatened to beat him while yelling never to touch their trash cans again. The neighbor stated he wanted to handle this peacefully when Jacob knocked his glasses off his face. As Jacob was fleeing the home, he pushed the door into the victim, leaving him with an injury. A warrant was issued for Jacob’s arrest, and he was booked on that outstanding warrant for assault this week.