Noah Clayton loses control of his car while speeding on I-65 South

21-year-old Noah Clayton was booked on the citation of reckless driving on March 19th. On the afternoon of February 24th, officers were dispatched to a motor vehicle crash on I-65 South near mile marker 81.8. When officers arrived, they spoke with Clayton, who told them he was speeding. Officers gathered witness statements and footage of the incident. The footage showed Clayton driving, disregarding the safety of others, before losing control of his car, causing the crash. Officers then cited Clayton for the incident.

Melody Hennigan charged in assault of boyfriend over images on phone

25-year-old Melody Hennigan had an altercation with her boyfriend, Justin Hafner, at their shared apartment in West Nashville on January 24th. Officers were advised that they argued about images that she found on Hafner’s phone, and when she tried to throw it, he grabbed her arms to prevent her. He let her go, and then she threw it, not damaging it, then she grasped her hands around his neck and squeezed lightly. Hennigan stated that she did this out of retaliation because he grabbed her arms. Hafner told them he did not wish to prosecute, but they deemed her the primary aggressor. Hennigan was taken into custody for domestic assault and transported to booking.

Windy Hyer steals neighbor’s mail, asks officers for ride to bus stop

45-year-old Windy Hyer flagged officers down on East Old Hickory Boulevard for a ride to the bus station because it was raining on December 23rd. They gladly offered to take her and opened the patrol car for her to enter. A third party stopped and notified officers that Hyer had the neighbor’s, Carmen Martinez’s, mail in her hand. Officers asked Hyer where the mail was from, and she said she was getting it for a friend and provided a name unrelated to the mail. Officers went to the residence listed on the mail and asked the owner, Martinez if anyone was allowed to take the mail, to which she responded no. Windy Hyer was taken into custody for the theft of mail.

Margaret Slea hits disabled sister multiple times in chest, tells her “be quiet; you are supposed to listen to me!”

63-year-old Margaret Slea was jailed December 22nd, charged with abusing her sister, who is an adult with disabilities that lives at an assisted living facility on Ashland City Highway. Multiple employees and other witnesses reported the abuse to police and cooperated by providing statements. Officers determined that Slea visited her sister on December 21st, and hit her sister multiple times in the chest, and then shook her. The commotion caught the attention of witnesses, who entered the room and observed the assault. Slea shook her sister, telling her, “be quiet; you are supposed to listen to me!” The victim has an intellectual disability and is unable to care for herself, but was able to corroborate the witness reports, and pointed to her head, chest, and leg, when asked where her sister had abused her. Slea denied all accounts, and stated she only put her hand on her sister’s chest. She was taken into custody and charged with Vulnerable Adult Abuse.

Woman charged after husband tells police she hit him in face with hard plastic bottle

23-year-old Alexis Jackson was charged with domestic assault after he told her to exit the vehicle during an argument, and she threw a hard plastic bottle at his face.

Woman stopped for warrants found with needle; bites security when leaving hospital

33-year-old Morgan Hammer was charged with criminal impersonation, assault, and drug paraphernalia after she bit a hospital security guard while MNPD was taking her into custody due to a warrant regarding her failure to be booked in June.

Woman crashes car on Hwy 70; police find marijuana and alprazolam

27-year-old Raven Lockridge was charged with driving under the influence, driving while license revoked, possession of marijuana, and possession of a controlled substance after she told paramedics she used marijuana before she wrecked her car.

Woman found driving stolen car with weed jailed on $10k bond

41-year-old Shakeita Harris was charged with vehicle theft, marijuana possession, drug paraphernalia, and driving on a revoked license after being stopped for not maintaining her lane. The vehicle she was driving had been reported stolen.

Chopper chases teens in a stolen vehicle from Smyrna to Antioch

18-year-old Treshaun Delucia and Quantaz Carter were charged with theft of property, possession of a weapon, and evading arrest when aviation found them in a stolen car that gave chase through Antioch.

Speeding and impaired Antioch woman crashes into SUV and semi; 14-year-old critically injured

27-year-old Crystal Villafuerte was charged with driving on a revoked license, vehicular assault, and financial responsibility violation involving injury when she was speeding down I-24, lost control, and smashed into an SUV and semi. A 14-year-old was thrown from the SUV and sustained critical injuries.