Didem Toker charged in domestic assault of her husband

35-year-old Didem Toker was jailed early Sunday morning when her husband reported that she assaulted him on Charlotte Pike. Liam Rooney Shane told police that he and his wife got into an argument over a comment that was made during a phone call with family members. Both parties stated that Toker slapped him for the comment that was made. Police observed scratches on the inside of his bottom lip that he claimed were from the assault.

DUI: Justin Record flips car after leaving bar; police find white powdery substance

After 34-year-old Justin William Record crashed his vehicle on Charlotte Pike at 2 a.m. Wednesday, and overturned his car into a small group of trees, he told police he had been rear-ended by another car that caused him to flip his vehicle. His girlfriend, who was traveling in a vehicle behind him, states Justing “just went off the road.” He admitted to consuming two shots and two to three beers at Copa Cabana Bar & Grill, a bar directly across the street, just before driving. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and, once at booking, was found to have two small baggies with traces amounts of a white powdery substance. Deputies also located a twenty dollar bill with the same white powdery substance.

Nicole Presta charged after pulling knife on boyfriend & making threats

Richard Keymon says he returned to their apartment late Tuesday to find his 34-year-old girlfriend, Nicole Presta, in a closet with a gun to her head. After disarming her and giving the firearm to her roommates, Amanda Isenhaur and Zachary Dubois, he says she then armed herself with a butcher knife from the kitchen and threatened to stab Keymon, stating, “I’m gonna stab you, I’m gonna stab me.” She was also disarmed of the butcher knife. The gun and knife were collected as evidence, and Presta was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Christopher Helmke charged after placing victim in “MMA chokehold” during argument

27-year-old Christopher Helmke was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail in the early hours of Sunday morning after Carrie Albohn says he strangled her during a domestic disturbance. A witness to the incident, Thomas Albohn, confirmed the couple was in a “heated argument” that became physical when Helmke placed his arm around her neck in what he described as a “MMA choke hold.” The victim’s airway was restricted, at which point the witness stepped in to intervene.

Daniel Simpson hid in bathroom of Bellevue Planet Fitness for two hours, police say

25-year-old Daniel Bennett Simpson is charged with criminal trespass after police say he spent two hours hiding in the men’s restroom of the Bellevue Planet Fitness. He had previously been banned and trespassed from the location, and despite claiming to have a membership, it was determined he did not. He was removed from the restroom at 2:03 a.m. and taken into custody.

James Blake Milliken vandalizes his girlfriend’s car when confronted about his drinking

Olivia Corneto says she drove her boyfriend, 23-year-old James Blake Milliken, to his Bellevue apartment from a bar downtown on August 1st, just before 2 a.m. She confronted him about his frequent volume of alcohol consumption, and the two argued. She had enough and began to leave his residence when he followed her and tried to get back inside her vehicle. She says he kicked and punched the doors while yelling and cursing at her. Three doors on the vehicle sustained damage, including dents. Officers documented smears and footprints all over the vehicle and viewed a video of a portion of the incident as Milliken fled when he realized he was being recorded. A warrant was issued for his arrest, and he was booked on the felony vandalism charge this week.

Los Angeles man deemed too drunk for downtown Nashville — Michael Anderer arrested

48-year-old Michael Anderer was jailed in Nashville early Saturday morning after being kicked out of the Nashville Underground on Broadway in downtown Nashville. Venue security says he caused a disturbance inside and refused to leave the property. Metro Nashville police arrived on scene and took him into custody due to his extreme level of intoxication and inability to care for himself.