Zachary Webb punches girlfriend in mouth after being woken from sleep

28-year-old Zachary Webb had a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Kaitlyn Dash, and roommate, Emma Lovette, at their Percy Warner Boulevard residence in the early hours of May 13th. Webb spoke with officers, telling them that he came from work and went straight to bed, which was when Dash told him to get out of bed. After he refused, she punched him in the mouth, so he pushed her. Dash screamed for Lovette to help her, and he pushed her when she entered the room. Deputies spoke with Dash, who stated that she went to “discuss some issues” with Webb, during which he became argumentative and punched her, causing her bottom lip to bleed. Lovette confirmed coming to help after Dash screamed for her and added she did not remember how she got the knot on her forehead. Webb was deemed the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for two counts of domestic assault.

Ja’Toni Clay strikes family member multiple times during altercation over car ride

20-year-old Ja’Toni Clay had a domestic dispute with Tony Clay at The Arbours of Hermitage Apartment complex on May 9th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Tony, who stated he drove to Ja’Toni’s workplace to pick her up, during which a verbal altercation ensued. This caused Tony to leave and return to his apartment. Tony said when he arrived, Ja’Toni had already found transportation to where he was and started striking him multiple times, leaving visible marks on his arm. Then, officers spoke with Ja’Toni, who told them that Tony attempted to drive away with her leg still in the car, which angered her. Ja’Toni called an Uber and returned to The Arbours of Hermitage to wait for him to show up. She said when he arrived, she started hitting him until her boyfriend intervened. Ja’Toni Clay was deemed the primary aggressor and was then taken into custody for domestic assault and not having a driver’s license.

Liam Bailey tells ex-girlfriend “watching the life run out of your eyes will be the best feeling ever”

24-year-old Liam Bailey was taken into custody this week for aggravated stalking, order of protection violation, and aggravated assault. On April 15th, Mackenzie Snyder called the police and advised them that she and Bailey had been broken up for a year and a half. On April 14th, at the 7-Eleven on White Bridge Pike Road, Bailey followed Mackenzie from her home, pulled up next to her, and parked. When she tried to get out, he slid between their cars, pushed her door against her leg, smacked her, and punched her in the nose as she tried to get to her phone. During the struggle, she started hitting her horn, distracting him long enough for her to shut and lock her car door. Bailey began talking to her through her window, telling her to open the door, hitting and headbutting the window, causing him to have a bloody nose.

Mackenzie kept honking her horn until the cashier from the 7-Eleven came outside and told them to leave, during which she explained the situation and was allowed to stay until her roommate arrived to escort her home. Snyder said that once she returned home, she had 200 text messages from Bailey, stating, “I will fucking murder you,” “Just wait, you’re going to die tomorrow,” “Slapping you in the face was the best feeling ever,” “I can’t wait till I’m beating the fuck out of you tomorrow, “Can’t wait to fucking kill you,” “Watching the life run out of your eyes will be the best feeling ever,” “I have a gun, and I will kill every single one of you,” “Tomorrow is the day I shine,” “I’m going to kill so many of your family members. I can’t wait.” “Tomorrow is the last day you ever fucking live hahahah,” “Literally going to kill you and your entire family with my bare hands,” “You will die,” “Oh, so with Dakota instead? I will remember that when I am beating the fuck out of you tomorrow,” and “Can’t wait to kill you.”

Then he sent her a photo of himself with blood running down his nose, wearing the same shirt he wore at 7-Eleven, which officers had footage of. When officers spoke to Snyder, they noticed her vehicle had blood smears on the driver’s side window and door. They saw an active order of protection against him, valid until May 15th, 2024. Bailey was previously arrested for a COR violation on May 30th, 2023, and had three reports from April 7th, 2023, through June 11th, 2023, with him as the suspect. A warrant was issued for his arrest on April

Brock Wall kicked in face by wife with “extensive martial arts training” during argument over divorce

38-year-old Brock Wall was involved in a domestic altercation with his wife, Jessica Wall, at their Thunderbird Drive residence on April 8th. Upon contact with Jessica, officers observed that there was blood on the side of her head and blood splattered on her clothes. Jessica stated that she and Brock were drinking and got into an argument. The topic of divorce came up, and Brock got upset. Brock then got up and grabbed Jessica by the throat. Jessica stated she has “extensive martial arts training,” so she defended herself by kicking him in the face. When officers met with Brock, he had a bloody rag and a frozen bag of peas on the floor where he was lying. Brock would not give officers any clear statements and stated that his wife’s side of the story was only 95% correct. Brock was transported to Nashville General Hospital, where it was revealed that he had two bite marks on his left shoulder as well as scratch marks. Brock Wall was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault on April 9th.

Nashville Realtor Auston Snyder strangles boyfriend for flushing pills down toilet

28-year-old Nashville realtor Auston Bradley Snyder with Destination Finders International had a domestic incident with his boyfriend, James Kevin Kortz, and his grandma, Marilyn Malone, at their Hillmeade Drive residence in the early hours of April 2nd. Officers arrived at the location and spoke with Kortz, who advised that Malone lived with him and his fiance. He added that Snyder had a history of prescription pill abuse and mental illness.

Snyder became angry when he got home and discovered Kortz had flushed all his unprescribed pills down the toilet and had thrown away his marijuana, which sparked an argument that got so heated they ended up locking him out on the balcony for two hours. When they released him, he went to his bedroom to pack a bag, where Kortz asked him to give him his engagement ring back since they were now broken up. Snyder then attacked Kortz, placing both hands around his throat and forcing him to the bed and then onto the floor.

Malone said she started hitting him to get him off Kortz, but he pushed her away. Kortz explained that he had to fight back and that the altercation ended when he hit him on the head with a clock. Snyder left the scene after pushing Kortz into a lamp. Kortz had multiple scratches and bruises on his arms, chest, and face. Snyder was taken into custody for aggravated and domestic assault.

18-year-old Angelique Ross booked for underage alcohol consumption

18-year-old Angelique Ross was being disorderly at 43rd Avenue North late February 19th. Officers arrived and noticed a strong odor of alcohol when they spoke with Ross, who had a shot glass in her pocket as she admitted to drinking. Ross was taken into custody for underage alcohol consumption on February 20th.

Courtney Rowe flips car after hitting guardrail with child in car, tells police “None of this is real.”

27-year-old Courtney Rowe was jailed on February 5th after crashing on I-40 with her four-year-old child in the backseat. Dickson County Sheriff’s deputies stated Rowe was speeding, and they attempted to pursue her but eventually had to break off due to safety concerns. While Rowe was in the ambulance, she stated that she sped away when police activated their blue lights and hit a guardrail, which caused her vehicle to flip. Officers observed her exhibiting “odd” behaviors, such as stating, “None of this is real,” “None of this matters,” and that the officers “Didn’t need to be afraid.” Rowe advised that she had not taken drugs or alcohol. She was taken into custody for reckless driving and aggravated child endangerment.

Channing Doughtry attempts to assault fiancé during drunk argument

32-year-old Channing Doughtry had a domestic incident with his fiancé, Allison Brooke Hardin, at their apartment on Cabot Drive in the early hours of January 28th. Doughtry called 911, stating Hardin kicked him several times and that he was leaving the scene. When officers arrived, he was not there, and his phone went straight to voicemail when dispatch attempted to call back, so they spoke with Hardin, who was crying, shaken up as she answered the door. She told officers that a day prior, Doughtry said he wished he could “choke” her while walking toward her with his hands in a strangle-like gesture. Then, she said that tonight they had been drinking. During an argument, Doughtry began to yell and curse at her, causing her to fear for her safety. Hardin said that Doughtry approached her while she was on her bed, so she put her back on the headboard, telling him to leave. When he got closer, she kicked him in the chest area three times, causing a scrape on her right shin. Then, she said Doughtry left the apartment, saying he would call the police and get her arrested. Officers deemed Doughtry as the primary aggressor, and he was taken into custody for domestic assault on February 4th.

Jacob Underwood assaults wife during dispute over finances

33-year-old Jacob Christopher Underwood had a domestic dispute with his wife, Cam-Ranh Chandler, at their residence on Rolling Fork Court in the later hours of January 28th. Officers spoke with Chandler, who advised that she and Underwood had argued over finances. She provided footage showing Underwood sitting on the bed, bickering with her before walking toward her, cursing and yelling. Underwood then knocked the phone out of her hand. Chandler told officers she thought Underwood would hurt her when he walked towards her. Officers then spoke with Underwood, and he initially denied the video before stating there was one but also mentioned that she tried to slap him before she started recording. Underwood was deemed the primary aggressor and was detained for the incident. On the way to booking, he admitted to hitting the phone out of her hand, saying he did not believe that constituted assault. Underwood also told officers that Chandler had a history in California of assault against him. Underwood was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Tahlyah Small assaults roommate during dispute over living arrangements

20-year-old Tahlyah Small got into a domestic dispute with her roommate, Micah Mickens, on Charlotte Pike in the early hours of Tuesday. They advised officers that they argued over personal belongings and living arrangements. Mickens stated she struck him in the face. Small admitted to hitting him but did not give any additional details. She was taken into custody for domestic assault.