Nashville man tells police “Ahhh no, you’re gonna have to kill me… I’m not going to jail”

43-year-old Thomas Gatewood was charged with resisting arrest and assaulting an officer after he was found violating a temporary order of protection and when they attempted to detain him, he said “Ahhh no, you’re gonna have to kill me. I’m not going to jail” and swung his arms hitting an officer in the eye.

Self-professed gang member charged with order of protection violation, again

21-year-old Bawan Kokoyi was charged with order of protection violation for at least the third time since March 2018 when he threatened his 9-year-old sibling saying “I’m going to kill you.” Batwan is a self-professed gang member.

Florida Marine jailed after being found with glass pipe leaving estranged wife’s home

34-year-old Brian Dewitt was charged with two counts of violating an order of protection, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia when his wife told officers he ran her off the road in April and he was found with what resembled a crack pipe at her apartment again May 8th.

Nashville woman charged for the third time within a month in connection to assault on ex-boyfriend

31-year-old Antoinette Rucker was charged with violating an order of protection when her ex-boyfriend reported to police that upon her release, she immediately started texting him.

Man charged for posting nude photo of ex-girlfriend on social media

Metro Police say Michael Hague published a post on Facebook which contained his ex girlfriend’s face beside an image of her naked from the rear, and added text containing her name, address, where she worked, and the additional text of: “She sucks good d–k”.