Timothy Marlin threatens to sexually assault his ex-girlfriend on Instagram

34-year-old Timothy Marlin was jailed Wednesday afternoon for threatening to rape his ex-girlfriend. Allie Mullins told police that she and Marlin used to be in a relationship and now has a restraining order against him. On July 27th, an unknown account on Instagram reached out to Allie’s sister with explicit photos of Allie. When Mullins was notified, she checked her messages on all social media platforms. She noticed multiple messages from various accounts. The usernames were “Corn Man,” “Bob Digglet,” and “TribCollector.” when Ms. Mullins asked the accounts who they were, they responded, “You do know where I get these pics from.” She asked one more time, and he told her that “Her cuck ex” had sent photos and had been sending them to hundreds of men online. The user confirmed, “Yes, Destery (Marlin’s nickname) sent those pics.”

The next day, Mr. Marlin contacted Ms. Mullins and started threatening that if she didn’t send current explicit photos of herself, he would get her family. When Ms. Mullins refused to send the explicit images, Marlin told her that he would rape and hurt her. She told officers that she was afraid of what he might do to her due to their past domestic history.

Harley King pretends to be maintenance to see ex-girlfriend, violates order of protection

41-year-old Harley King was taken into custody on November 7th for violating the conditions of his order of protection on October 25th. King’s ex-girlfriend, Irma Chacon, advised officers that she was in Hermitage, TN, looking for a new place to stay. She was there for about 15 minutes when she was informed that someone, later identified as King, was claiming to be her husband and knocking on doors pretending to be maintenance. Chacon stated that King did not live there and believed that he had been following her. King approached her and asked to talk, saying that he wanted to get back together, and tried to convince her to leave with him. Chacon was concerned for her safety and called the police.

Nashville songwriter Matt McGinn threatens to kill girlfriend and slit her dog’s throat while kidnapping her

35-year-old Matthew McGinn reportedly lied to his girlfriend of two years, Carly Strickland, about staying in a hotel while she was out of town. She wanted to confront him and asked him to meet her at his multi-million dollar estate, where she was located. He arrived and blocked her car in the driveway. The couple discussed the matter, and Strickland decided to leave. She says McGinn refused to let her leave until she sat down and talked to him more. During the continued discussion, he became irate and called her derogatory names. She gathered her dog and attempted to flee the residence when McGinn reportedly pushed her to the ground and stood in the doorway to block her exit. She says he then grabbed the dog and threatened to strangle it, and told her she needed to “sit the fuck down,” and he wanted her and her dog to die. He is overheard on a recording telling her he would kill her and slit her dog’s throat if she attempted to leave.  A copy of the order of protection is included in the linked story.

McGinn then reportedly removed his shirt and began to wrap it around her shoulders in an apparent attempt to strangle her with the shirt. She was able to call 911, and when she screamed that he would not let her leave, he finally allowed her to exit the residence. He followed her outside, got in his own car to unblock the driveway, and reportedly drove aggressively as if he was going to hit her vehicle with his own. Warrants, including felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and kidnapping, were issued, and McGinn was taken into custody.

Terry Eicher jailed for violating an order of protection; watching victim from empty apartment

32-year-old Terry Eicher has an active order of protection from a woman who called the police on September 29th, 2022. Kaylyn Aznavorian said that she came home to her apartment at Lincoya Bay Dr. that evening and saw Terry in the apartment above hers, looking through the window at her. He does not live there, and there is a video in the order of protection where Terry said that he squats in the apartment above her to harass or intimidate her. Police knocked on the above apartment, 810, after confirming the protection order with the Sheriff’s Department, and there was no contact. Kaylyn told police that she was sure it was Terry in the window and went downtown to swear a warrant out for the order of protection violation. He was arrested for the protection order violation on September 20th.

Michael Chisholm charged with violating order of protection

38-year-old Michael Chisholm was at a residence on Linbar Dr. when he spoke to police on September 1st. He had a verified DCSO order of protection against him from his father filed on August 19th. Michael has no outstanding warrants and was arrested without incident for violating the order of protection.

Devin Orr jailed after violating an order of protection “trying to fix things”

21-year-old Devin Orr was invited by his ex, Ta’nia Mitchell, to her house to “fix things” on August 29th. Police arrived at the residence on Bell Rd after an altercation and found that Ta’nia took out a protection order against Devin earlier in the month, on August 9th. Devin told police that he was served the protection order on August 11th and was contacted by DCSO regarding the specifics of the order. Ta’nia showed officers text messages where she invited him over, where he arrived and violated the protection order.

Megan Hutcherson jailed after violating order of protection

35-year-old Megan Hutcherson was jailed at Brooke Castle Dr. for a protection order violation on August 19th. That evening, Hutcherson was informed to vacate the residence until her court date on August 23rd. Megan told police that she was informed she did receive a phone call from DCSO while packing her things to leave. Megan sent a text message three hours after being notified to have no contact with the victim, violating the order. She was taken into custody and transported to booking.

George McCutcheon jailed after violating an order of protection from girlfriend

63-year-old George McCutcheon knowingly violated an order of protection from his girlfriend, Carol Swimmer, by showing up at her house intoxicated and arguing with her. On July 21st, Carol Swimmer, George’s girlfriend, told police that he was intoxicated at her house when she had an order of protection against him. MNPD confirmed that there was a temporary order of protection at that time before they arrived and spoke with Carol. The two were separated and told police that they were arguing; police reported that George was unsteady on his feet and had slurred speech. They also noted that there was a cut on his eye which he told them while en route to the jail was a result of Carol assaulting him. He told police he knew of the order of protection and refused medical treatment. Carol was not placed into custody due to George’s level of intoxication and his changing his story to the assault, not allowing police to have probable cause.

Randy ‘RJ’ Rudlaff jailed for violating an order of protection

46-year-old Randy Rudlaff was at his shared residence on Stockyard Street Sunday when Metro Nashville Police responded to a domestic incident at the address. As Rudlaff’s information was run through the system, an active order of protection was located, which prevented him from being at the residence until the next court date. He was served with the notice on March 31 and still had not vacated the residence. He was taken into custody and charged with violating an order of protection.

Andrew Rolen calls estranged wife over 60 times; threatening texts and voicemails

27-year-old Andrew Rolen was booked this week on an outstanding warrant from October 2022 for violating an active Order of Protection put in place by his estranged wife. Anna Rolen told police she received a call from a “No Caller ID” number. She answered it and recognized her husband’s voice. He wanted to discuss the divorce she was filing for, but she hung up on him. Anna said that between 4:30 p.m. and 8 p.m., she received about 60 calls from the “No Caller ID” number. The numbers then changed to real numbers, and when she blocked one number, a different number would start spam calls. Anna answered one of the calls to be sure and recognized Andrew’s voice again. He then began leaving voicemails and text messages from three different numbers, discussing their divorce and begging her to answer the phone. She told the police that all the calls and messages were very annoying, and she couldn’t use her phone because it was nonstop. He even went as far as to text her, “I’m driving to your place and violating probation.” When he wasn’t sending full-text messages, he would send one-letter texts that Anna believed were to annoy her. Most of the texts were about the divorce, wanting closure, and wanting to hear her voice.