Saida Tiul charged in assault of her boyfriend, Justo Rufino Pop Pop

18-year-old Saida Tiul and her boyfriend, Justo Rufino Pop Pop, spoke to police regarding a domestic disturbance at their residence on McLendon Dr on September 8th. Justo told police that he was drunk around 2:30 that morning and attempted to enter his room when Saida became angry at him for drinking. He reported that to make her happy, he offered her a hug. Saida then refused to hug, hit him in the face several times, and scratched him. Justo said that he told Saida to stop, but she continued hitting him. When Saida stopped, she left the room to sit on the couch. He said that a witness, Marc Xcna, met up with him, and he had no further contact with Saida until the police arrived.

Marco told the police he overheard the incident from within his room and heard Justo ask Saida to stop hitting him. He said that he heard Justo tell Saida to get off of him, and then he left the room, so Marco went to check on Justo and saw that he was bleeding heavily from his face. Marco then brought Justo into his room to await the police. Saida said she was trying to sleep when Justo entered the room, drunk, and tried lying down with her. She said that Justo then grabbed her by the hair and began punching her in the face. When her nose began to bleed from the punches, she said that she began to fight back.

Police observed only a scratch on Saida’s bottom lip, which she did not comment on, but reported several scratches throughout Justo’s body as well as swelling to his eye and nose. They also found blood on the bedroom floor that Saida said was Justo’s, and Justo sought medical attention on the scene. Saida was deemed the primary aggressor due to Justo’s severe injuries and Marco’s account of the situation. Justo stated that he did not wish to prosecute, but police prosecuted on his behalf due to the injuries and domestic relationship.

Stephen Callins jailed after threatening ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend

28-year-old Stephen Patrick Callins allegedly harassed his ex-girlfriend, Brooke More, and her new boyfriend. Police spoke to Brooke on May 21st at her apartment at Waterleaf Apartments, who told them that she was receiving multiple calls from Stephen from multiple phone numbers. The texts she showed the police stated that her new boyfriend needed to watch his back when he came down the apartment’s stairs. Also, they said, “He may not breath if he misses,” and told Brooke, “You are just lucky you aren’t in trouble yet.” On May 23rd Brooke came to the Family Safety Center and showed police more text messages that she had received from Stephen. One stated that he would kill her current boyfriend and laugh when she cries afterward. She sent a text asking him to stop texting her, and he responded with, “Coming inside. Like right now. Open the door.”

Trevell James charged after robbery and shoot-out with victim & friend

19-year-old Trevell James was booked this week on outstanding warrants for felony aggravated robbery, drug possession, and theft during two incidents on December 27. Police say he entered a business and asked to use the restroom. He then went to the employee locker room, took the jacket of Adam Peler, which contained the keys to his vehicle, and walked out the front door wearing the jacket. On that same day, Trevel James and Alfred Rodriguez attempted to rob Shandarie Barrett of $2,000, which he had been sent to the bank to get. When he was unable to withdraw the money and returned to his residence, he was pistol-whipped and robbed of his phone and passport.

James and Rodrigues then fled the location, and the victim and his friend, Everald Nelson, pursued them throughout South Nashville. Nelson exchanged gunfire with the suspects in the parking lot of a Waffle House. The two suspects then abandoned their car and fled the scene. Inside the abandoned vehicle, officers found four bags of marijuana, totaling one pound in weight. Warrants were issued for their arrest, and James was booked on those this week.

Oneil Cunningham assaults girlfriend when baby falls off bed

28-year-old Oneil Cunningham is charged with beating the mother of his child after their baby rolled off the bed. He reportedly pulled her hair and punched her in the face and body. She was able to use her phone in self-defense and escape the apartment to call 911. Officers located her under a stairwell when they arrived and documented multiple injuries on her face.