Florida man John Burgett indicted on identity theft and harassment charges

The July Grand Jury indicted 57-year-old John Burgett for two counts of identity theft, trafficking, and harassment. Detectives say John knowingly used Tracy D. McMurtry’s identity without permission on August 25th, 2022. He also intended to give out personal identifying information without the consent of Tracy D. McMurtry. From August 3rd to 15th, John knowingly communicated with Tracy McMurtry in a manner that would annoy, offend, alarm, or frighten. He was placed into custody for the charges on August 18th.

Elizabeth Bennet shows up to have sex with ex-lover; charged with harassment

61-year-old told police she got drunk Friday and went to the home of her ex-boyfriend, Harris Stephens, with the intention of having sex. She said when she arrived, she knocked on the door a few times and claimed Stephens eventually opened the door and struck her in the face, so she called police to report the incident. A short investigation revealed he had ended their relationship nearly two weeks prior, and the senior lady had taped several notes to his door and slid some into his home under the door. She repeatedly called and left voicemails, despite blocking her numbers continuously. Officers determined there was no assault and that Elizabeth was actually harassing her ex-lover. She was taken into custody and transported to booking. 

Rodrequa Spikner breaks into husband’s home, smears Mircale Whip on walls to spell out “H-O-E”

Police say 32-year-old Rodrequa Spikner destroyed her ex-husband’s bedroom by treating out a window air conditioner, covering the room with broken eggs, covering the walls with mustard, and using Miracle Whip to spell out “HOE” on his wall. Officers responded to the incident on June 30 and made contact with Johnathan Spiker. He showed the forced entry into his home shortly after he had left to run errands. She had also cut the wires to the internet. Further investigation revealed multiple items missing from the house, including a PS 5, a MacBook, and his ring doorbell. She reportedly called him later and stated, “I did it, and I’ll do it again!” The couple had been separated for eight months. A warrant was issued for her arrest, and she was booked into jail this week.

Stephen Callins jailed after threatening ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend

28-year-old Stephen Patrick Callins allegedly harassed his ex-girlfriend, Brooke More, and her new boyfriend. Police spoke to Brooke on May 21st at her apartment at Waterleaf Apartments, who told them that she was receiving multiple calls from Stephen from multiple phone numbers. The texts she showed the police stated that her new boyfriend needed to watch his back when he came down the apartment’s stairs. Also, they said, “He may not breath if he misses,” and told Brooke, “You are just lucky you aren’t in trouble yet.” On May 23rd Brooke came to the Family Safety Center and showed police more text messages that she had received from Stephen. One stated that he would kill her current boyfriend and laugh when she cries afterward. She sent a text asking him to stop texting her, and he responded with, “Coming inside. Like right now. Open the door.”

Kevin Brown indicted on rape and harassment charges

29-year-old Kevin Brown of Mississippi, on July 21st, bonded out of jail on an $85,000 bond after being indicted for two counts of rape and one count of harassment. It is alleged that the two counts of rape were committed on June 29th of 2022, and the harassment was on the same day and October 11th of 2022. The indictment was filed with the Davidson County Criminal Court Clerk on May 31st, 2023, and he was booked on July 14th.

Cameron Harris charged with harassment and vandalism after relationship ends

28-year-old Cameron Harris was booked on July 13th after police arrived at Hobson Pike for a domestic disturbance and spoke to the witness, Harris’s recent ex. She said that Harris became upset after she decided to end things with him that day and he arrived at the victim and witness’ residence. He demanded to come inside and called his ex, the witness on the phone, telling her that if the victim did not answer him something would happen to the victim. Whilst inside the ex-girlfriend, the victim heard a loud bang along the door and received a text from Harris saying he would kick in the door. It was noted that there was some damage to the door, valued at $500, with paint missing.

Shacoyit Horton charged in harassment of baby daddy’s new baby mama

35-year-old Shacoyit Horton was jailed Tuesday on an outstanding warrant charging her with harassment. She and the victim, Marquinta Johnson, have children with a common father. Marquinta produced text messages from Horton that stated she would send her daughter over to “dog walk your fat ass.” Horton then posted on Facebook that she was “flip her ass,” and that she was “not afraid of doing time.” Please say in a prior incident, Horton drove her vehicle into another vehicle that Johnson was riding in and then drove up onto the curb to chase her as she ran.

Michael Skwiat charged with stalking girlfriend during breakup

48-year-old Michael Skwiat was jailed Thursday on an outstanding warrant charging him with the harassment of his girlfriend, Tatiana Walton. She told police she had been trying to end the relationship with Michael for the past month and has told her to cease contact multiple times. She eventually hired a lawyer to assist her, and he refused to leave her alone. He called her over fifty times consecutively in one day, and the issues have continued since early May. He has also reportedly called her parents and her attorney, making false claims and attempting to disrupt civil processes regarding property. The victim told police that Michael previously stated that neither of them should be alive if they can’t be together.

Kedaisha Brown charged with harassment of her mother; sending threatening texts

21-year-old Kedaisha Brown was booked this week for trying to intimidate her mother after an argument on April 12th. Jowanna Staten flagged down police on April 13th and told them about the incident that took place the day before. According to Staten, the argument was about Brown’s Child, which Staten has custody of. While they were arguing, Brown’s father spoke with Staten over the phone, which only prolonged the incident. Once the phone call was over, Staten received text messages from Brown. Staten told her daughter that she was scared and to leave her alone, to which she replied, “You need to be scared b*#ch” and “…and I said that.”

VIDEO: Zoe Tepner jailed after harassing ex-lover

23-year-old Zoe Grace Tepner, a locally known bottle girl and OnlyFans entrepreneur, was jailed Monday on an outstanding warrant charging her with harassment. The relationship between Tepner and Kyle Kark ended, and he had repeatedly told her he doesn’t want any contact with her, and he is also now seeking an order of protection. Since he advised her to stop communication, Tepner has repeatedly contacted him via hundreds of text messages. In the messages, she states he is a horrible person and should unalive himself or “go crawl in his mother’s grave.” In addition to harassing Kark, Tempter was captured on video (in story below) showing up at his friend’s house in the early morning hours and causing a disturbance at his residence, threatening to “ruin him in court.”