Michael Batchelor charged with assault & harassment of child’s mother; threatens to kill her

33-year-old Michael Batchelor is jailed on domestic assault and harassment charges after showing up at the home of his child’s mother Wednesday and threatening her life and to shoot up her apartment. The harassment started that same morning when he advised he was coming to see his child, and Jakytra Johnson told him he wasn’t currently welcome there and he needed to make better arrangements with more advanced planning as he had recently made threats to her.

He showed up later that afternoon after multiple calls and threats to end her life. Multiple witnesses at the residence were able to take video and corroborate the events to the police. One of the videos shows Batchelor making threats on Johnson’s life and attempting to assault her daughter’s boyfriend, Chris Jones.

Malik Mingo booked on multiple warrants; pistol-whipping a woman, harassing a man, #punktypestuff

28-year-old Malik Mingo was is free again on a new $36,000 bond after being booked on three outstanding warrants this week. An October warrant for harassment details a threatening text message sent to Reginald Murphy, in which he stated he would find out where he stays or catch him in that “bs azz Charger” alluding to the victim’s car. A February warrant charged him with the aggravated assault with a deadly weapon of Alexandria Lavender after he pistol-whipped her inside of an apartment, and again inside his vehicle. She also presented to police with multiple bruises and injuries from being beaten. The third warrant, from April 2nd, charges him with another aggravated assault of the same victim after police noticed his car at the gate of an apartment complex in Antioch, and a trail of blood coming from the vehicle and a stroller. Witnesses relayed Mingo dragged her while beating her, which resulted in her requiring stitches.

Star Reedy & John Ed Motley charged after threatening to “let the streets handle” Crystal Hayden

Crystal Hayden says her cousin, 42-year-old John Edward Motley, and his girlfriend, 43-year-old Star Reedy, have been harassing her since November. She provided police with multiple texts, screenshots, call logs, and posts where they posted her address and house on social media, including telling people it was for rent and providing massage services, and giving Hayden’s contact information on multiple versions of the post. Hayden also says she was placed in fear of being assaulted after Star told her the “streets are going to handle you”, and sent assault threats via text messages. Motley also reportedly made threats to have the streets take care of her. Reedy is charged with assault and harassment, and Motley is charged with domestic assault/fear of bodily injury.

Jon Pullon charged with harassment of ex-girlfriend via phone calls and Amazon gifts

Ashley Hamilton says 32-year-old Jonathon ‘Jon’ Pullon has repeatedly called her since January 6th, 2022, when their relationship ended, despite changing her phone number. In addition to phone calls, he sends unwanted gifts to her address via Amazon delivery that would only have meaning to her. Those have started more recently, causing her to be fearful of escalation as he knows where she lives and works. Pullon is charged with harassment and free on a $1,500 bond.

Tashina Gray charged with harassment of ex-lover — still calling, texting, & threatening a year later

Darrell Jones says his ex-girlfriend, 28-year-old Tashina Gray, won’t leave him alone. Gray was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant charging her with harassment. Jones says despite their relationship ending an entire year ago she has continued to call and text his phone repeatedly. On the date he finally contacted police, there were over 100 calls and messages received just that day. Some of the messages made threats toward his life, some of them stated she was going to have to “put someone six feet under”. It was also found she had put him and his license plate on social media, stating he was a rapist.

Darius Woods charged with “harassment” of stepfather while protecting siblings

25-year-old Darius Woods was booked this week on an outstanding warrant charging him with harassment of his stepfather, Cedric Johnson, in 2020. The stepfather says Darius sent him a text message stating “I’m aware of how my little brother and sister are being treated by you and your wife. This is not a threat but a promise that the next time I hear they have been mentally, emotionally, or physically abused then I’ll be the one to save them. This is not up for discussion, it’s simply a message that I hope you read carefully and understand”. Cedric Johnson states he was placed in fear of being harmed.

Tranika Smith caught on video orchestrating murder of her husband — $5K bond

41-year-old Tranika Smith was arrested this weekend on an outstanding warrant from January, charging her with harassment. An arrest warrant details a video that was watched by officers which shows Tranika, who is currently going through a divorce, having a conversation with a friend of her husband, and talking about having her husband killed. She states he has three relatives that she believes would be willing to murder her husband. She also states she believes she would never be charged because no one could ever prove that she orchestrated the murder. Police retained a copy of the video in evidence.

Woman charged in assault & harassment of ex-girlfriend — Stasha Waters arrested

Metro Police say 21-year-old Stasha Waters was arguing with her ex-girlfriend, Johna Foxx, were arguing inside a vehicle when Waters reportedly pushed her hands onto Foxx’s face then punched her in the mouth before grabbing her by the hair and also punching the back of her head. Foxx says Waters then drive up and down her street several times after the fight ended and Facetimed her to show her a handgun, stating “I have something for you”.

Man charged after pleasuring himself in front of his wife’s sister — Spencer Giordano arrested

Jenessa Akin says her brother-in-law, 29-year-old Spencer Giordano, began to pleasure himself under a blanket in the living room of her mother’s home in West Nashville, where she was also sitting. She said this isn’t the first time this has happened, and the last time it happened his wife was asleep in the same room. She says before it began he sent her Snapchat messages stating her “graffiti tag” should be “bad girl” or “naughty girl”. During the exhibition, he also raised the blanket to display his offerings and asked why she didn’t put something else in her mouth, since she didn’t have any nicotine. He reportedly admitted to the incident to his wife and her mother.

Man threatens to “blow up the whole apartments” after girlfriend breaks up with him — Billy Dean Woodard

30-year-old Billy Dean Woodard is charged with harassment after sending his ex-girlfriend threats, including one that stated he would “blow up the whole apartments because if I can’t have you nobody will”, and another saying he would continue to terrorize until he couldn’t terrorize her anymore, as long as she refused to be with him. Woodard is free on a $2,500 bond. Woodard recently had the same ex-girlfriend’s family charged with assault after he says they attacked him as he exited a bathroom at the residence.