Fresh outta jail, Erica Alcorn threatens to kill two small children and their mother

36-year-old Erica Leigh Alcorn was jailed for the past two years, and when she was recently released, she picked up exactly where she left off. Alcorn says a woman Krist Pegg, owed her $800 when she was incarcerated. While she was in jail, Pegg passed away, and now Alcorn wants Pegg’s daughter, Hailey Stevenson, to pay up. Haily says she was always shielded from her mother’s activities, which sometimes included the selling of drugs, and knew nothing of Alcorn’s claim. Despite multiple requests to stop, Alcorn had continued to make threats to Hailey, such as commenting on her social media, “Girl, just pay me your momma’s debt, or your kids will pay for it, okay?” Another message said, “bullets don’t have eyes, so let’s just hope you nor the boys are near windows,” and finally, on her own page, she posted, “Y’all can laugh now, but when y’all are crying because you have to bury two little boys who’s laughing then?”

Vanderbilt Hospital Chief of Staff Robert Scott Frankenfield jailed after wild night of alcohol-infused threats to wife

48-year-old Dr. Robert Scott Frankenfield, Vanderbilt’s Regional Director of Emergency Medicine, and the Chief of Staff for one of its hospitals, was jailed this week after making obscene and deadly threats to his wife after the company Christmas party for his work. His wife, Jennifer Frankenfield, says they left the party early, and the good doctor demanded they go to the Entertainment District in downtown Nashville. What followed was a wild night of him exiting the vehicle at an intersection and texting her death threats from downtown. He even had someone pick up his child, so she would be the only person home when he eventually arrived back after asking if she had hidden all the guns. We can’t print the explicit texts on social media, so they’re in the story…

Jaylin Sanford charged after making threats to 15-year-old boy via Facetime

18-year-old Jaylin Sanford is charged with harassment after he reportedly made threats to Robyn Henley and her 15-year-old son. Court records allege Sanford Facetimed the teenage boy and threatened to kill him while displaying a Glock 19 with a laser sight on the gun. A day after the first incident, Sanford reportedly Facetimed once again, threatening to shoot up their house. Sanford then continued the threats via texts from multiple numbers, placing the family in fear for their safety.

Marquita Lindsey charged in movie-plot level harassment of ex-boyfriend

36-year-old Marquita Lindsley is charged with the harassment of her ex-boyfriend, Cory Roberts, with whom her three-year relationship recently ended. Roberts told police that he was at his Priest Woods residence when the power was suddenly turned off at 1:30 a.m. Saturday, and when he looked outside, he noticed a maroon GMC Terrain parked near his house, and he assumed Lindsley was around his home as she had been attempting to communicate with him via any means possible. After the electricity was cut off, his phone began to ring, and it was Lindsley’s number, then a blocked number, then a facetime call, all belonging to Lindsley. She called him 33 times in the next hour before the police arrived. Officers located Lindsley as she attempted to flee the scene and charged her with harassment along with two outstanding felony warrants for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. 

Edward Wagner won’t stop contacting his ex-girlfriend; she’s just not that into you.

25-year-old Edward Wagner is charged with harassment after his ex-girlfriend, Gina Eubanks, says he called her at least a dozen times in 72 hours after being told to cease all communication after a breakup. He called from multiple numbers, and as those were blocked, he began to contact her via social media. Many of the messages were derogatory in nature, wishing death upon her, and threatening to damage her property.

Lisa Rae Price jailed for harassment after calling & texting Michael Dean more than 200 times

55-year-old Lisa Rae Price was jailed Monday, charged with harassment. An arrest warrant alleges she called Michael Todd Dean’s cell phone more than 100 times and sent him more than 100 texts after being told to stop contacting him. The harassment occurred between May and September of 2022. Todd states he was annoyed and offended by the calls and texts.

Daniel Hagen jailed after making online threats & false allegations against Musician Alex Angelo

48-year-old Nashville amateur musician Daniel Lee Hagan is charged with two counts of harassment after police say he made false and threatening online posts about a Nashville professional musician Alex Angelo Gutierrez on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. The allegations include accusing the musician of murdering people and that Alex and his mother and father are running an underground pedophilia and child molestation ring within the Nashville music industry. Hagen reportedly threatened to harm in his posts, along with Alex’s father and manager, Alex ‘Bo Matthews’ Gutierrez. [screenshots in story]

Caleb Krantz charged with harassment of (ex) girlfriend; making threats via phone

20-year-old Caleb Krantz was arrested this week on an outstanding warrant charging him with the harassment of Kara Hawkins, who was described as his ex-girlfriend in the July arrest warrant, but who is described as his current girlfriend again currently on social media. The warrant details that on July 15th, Hawkins returned to their shared home on Old Clarksville Pike with a moving truck to pack her things and leave the home. She says she called him before she arrived, and he threatened her, saying, “I’m gonna f*/k you up” if she continued on her way there. She says that due to the previous history of domestic violence with Krantz, this placed her in fear for her safety. A recording of the threat was saved.

TruFit Athletic employee Ifeanyi Duru charged with harassment and stalking after his termination

34-year-old Ifeanyi Duru is charged with stalking and harassment after he couldn’t accept his termination of employment with the TrueFit Athletic Club in Nashville. Duru was terminated on September 29th and afterward continued to call the TruFit gym, current employees, and the Vice President, to who he also sent text messages. His calls and texts consisted of threats, such as “Try me. I’m coming back there to show you. I dare you to try me! let me show you that I’m a man.” He also returned to the property while yelling and cursing at staff but fled before police responded to the call.

Justin Lebron charged in assault of brother & making threats about his genitals and his throat

Wilfredo Lebron, Jr. got into an argument with his brother, 39-year-old Justin Lebron, at the Love’s Truck Stop on Trinity Lane, where their father was also present. Wilfredo says Justin made accusations that Wilfredo had been sexually assaulted in prison and punched and strangled him, with injuries documented by police. A few hours later, Wilfredo was at the Family Safety Center to complete information about the earlier incident. While there, Justin played a recording of a Facetime call where Justin continued to make threats that included cutting off his genitals and shoving them down his throat and further threatened to end Wilfredo’s life via some very explicit methods. Justin was charged with harassment and aggravated assault/strangulation.