Stanley Overfield harrasses apartment manager about breaking his lease

27-year-old Stanley Eugene Overfield was booked on a citation for harassment . On February 26th, Keosha Antionette Churchwell, the apartment manager at the South 5th Street apartments, called the police, stating that Overfield was upset about being unable to get out of his lease and came up there four times to make complaints about the building’s conditions. She told him to communicate through email and to stop coming up to the office and harassing her. Churchwell said when she went outside to the callbox, Overfield confronted her about not talking with him, which made her uncomfortable about walking past him. Christopher Woolford, a witness, came over and escorted her back inside. Overfield was then cited for the incident on April 15th.

Paul Melton throws dog, slams wife in door multiple times after she turns off computer monitor

33-year-old Paul Melton was taken into custody for domestic assault and harassment on March 26th. On February 22nd, Brittany Melton, Paul’s wife, called the police. When officers arrived at their previously shared Maplecrest Drive residence, she advised them that on February 18th, around 3 p.m., Paul started playing video games and drinking vodka. She explained to officers how it was hard to sleep later that night with him being loud and pounding on the table. Later that night, around 1:20 a.m.- 1:30 a.m., Brittany confronted Paul about the noise, sparking an argument. During the argument, Brittany turned off Paul’s computer monitor, which angered him. Then, Paul grabbed her right wrist and pushed her hand into the right side of her face, causing redness. After this, Brittany asked Paul if he realized what he had done. In response, Paul threw their dog out of the way and repeatedly slammed the door while she was in the doorway. Brittany said that he pulled her up by her wrist and pushed her into another room, where she was thrown across the bed. Brittany provided photos showing bruising on her right foot, right knee, right leg, and stomach regions that were consistent with being closed in a door.

Brittany then stated she started receiving hundreds of phone calls, text messages, social media messages, and emails from him from midday February 19th through February 22nd. She explained that Paul told her she would “see a stalking man” due to her obtaining an order of protection. In the messages, Paul threatened to harm himself if Brittany were ever to divorce him. Brittany said she informed him to leave her alone numerous times and even changed her number due to emotional distress. Still, Paul managed to find her new number and continued to try to communicate with her. Police verified the order of protection, but it had not been served at the time.

Jason Curtis violates order of protection by calling woman 20 times threatening to kill her

35-year-old Jason Curtis violated his order of protection on March 17th. Jennifer Rae Rudolph called the police, and when they arrived at her Tampa Drive apartment, she advised them of the temporary order of protection she got on March 17th against Curtis. Rudolph stated that she received the call from DCSO early March 18th saying Curtis had been notified of the temporary order of protection. Rudolph then stated she started getting calls from random, unknown numbers and Facebook messages a few minutes before DCSO called her, so she answered one of them believing it was law enforcement. When Rudolph picked up the call, Curtis answered and threatened to kill her for getting an order of protection. She added that he called about 20 times and messaged her via Facebook repeatedly, stating he did not care about going to prison, that there would be hell to pay if she ever set foot in Shelbyville, and that she should be r*ped. During this, Curtis sent an edited nude photograph of her, threatening to post it online. Curtis also tagged Rudolph in a social media post, calling her a whore. Detectives confirmed the order of protection and issued a warrant for his arrest. Curtis was taken into custody for two counts of harassment and an order of protection violation on March 20th.

Tristen Tigart threatens to kill wife, go on “Rampage” with AR-15

25-year-old Tristen Michael Tigart was taken into custody for harassment on March 18th. On March 5th, around 8:45 a.m., McKenzie Tigart alerted the authorities, advising that her husband, Mr.Tigart, threatened to kill her. McKenzie told officers that they had been separated for about a month and that Tristen stayed at their Clarksville home while she went to live with her mother in Cumberland City. Then, McKenzie said that while she was working at Dillard Dental Services, she had a “disturbing” phone call with Tristen. During this, he told her that he was going to go on a “Rampage and kill McKenzie and others before killing himself.” McKenzie stated that he referenced an AR-15 rifle and several others that he had access to. She added that Tristen is retired from the Army. McKenzie said she wished to prosecute for the assault and would like to seek an order of protection at the Davidson Family Safety Center. Officer Driskell from the Clarksville Police Department did a welfare check on Tristen at around 8:30 a.m., where he denied making suicidal and homicidal comments. Tigart was taken into custody for harassment on March 18th.

Franklin Alvarez harasses ex-girlfriend for not paying his rent

33-year-old Franklin Alvarez was caught harassing his ex-girlfriend, Elsa Lopez, on March 7th. Lopez informed law enforcement that when she declined to pay Alvarez’s rent, Alvarez threatened her son. When Lopez blocked Alvarez, he called her from another number, so Lopez’s friend answered for her. Lopez’s friend told Alvarez that this was her number and told him not to call it anymore. Alvarez proceeded to call ten times and sent text messages pretending to be her apartment officer. Lopez told officers that his constant attempts at communication put her in fear for her safety. Alvarez was taken into custody on March 10th and charged with Harassment.

Nashville Rapper “Sixstreet Mac” booked after repeatedly harassing ex-wife, threatens her with gun – Mack Hall

34-year-old Nashville Rapper “Sixstreet Mac” Mack Hall was booked on February 26th when police responded to night court for a domestic report. Jacinda Hall advised officers that her ex-husband, Mack Hall, had been giving her issues for the past three years. Jacinda filed for divorce three years ago; however, Hall refused to sign the paperwork until recently. According to Jacinda, over the last three years, she has tried to cut communication with Hall, but he has consistently harassed her through text messages and phone calls after she told him not to. Jacinda blocked Hall’s phone number on three separate occasions, but he has continued to harass her from different numbers. Officers were able to verify the calls made by Hall. On February 25th, Hall called Jacinda while she was at work, and she answered to advise him to stop calling her. Hall replied, “I know where you are; I’ll be right there.” Hall then showed up at Jacinda’s job looking for her. Jacinda’s coworkers advised that this is not the first time he has come to the location looking for Jacinda. Hall followed Jacinda as she took an Uber home. Hall followed Jacinda to her front door and tried to get inside. Jacinda shut the door on him and advised that he was not allowed in. While shutting the door, Hall stuck his foot in the opening to block it from fully closing. Jacinda grabbed her phone and told Hall she would call the police. Hall then knocked the phone out of her hand. Hall pulled out a gun and pressed the barrel against Jacinda’s back. Jacinda was able to grab her phone and hold down the SOS button to call the police, which prompted Hall to flee the scene. Mack was taken into custody and charged with harassment on February 26th.

Justin Simon strangles girlfriend over cheating accusations, tells her “You’re going to sleep you f*cking wh*re!”

37-year-old Justin Everett Simon had a domestic incident with his girlfriend, Bria Lewis, at their apartment at The Edison at Riverwood on Dodson Chapel Road in the early hours of February 11th. Officers arrived and observed Lewis with multiple injuries to her face, next to her vehicle when she stated an unknown male attacked her. Lewis was transported to the hospital for medical treatment. Once Lewis was at the hospital, officers received another call for service regarding Lewis not telling the whole truth. Lewis advised that her current boyfriend, Simon, was the one who assaulted her. Lewis told officers that when she and Simon returned home from a hookah bar, he started accusing her of cheating on him. Lewis said when they got to the apartment complex, he forced her out of the vehicle, causing her to fall to the ground. Simon continued to yell at her about the alleged infidelity while they waited for the elevator. When they got inside their apartment, the argument continued when he began to call her racial slurs, berating her. Simon then pushed her to the ground and stepped on her stomach. Lewis told him that she was not cheating on him, and Simon became upset, shoving her face onto the floor and punching her several times. Simon continued his assault by placing her in a chokehold to strangle her. While doing so, Simon told her, “You’re going to sleep you f*cking wh*re!” Lewis said this was when she grabbed his genitals, scratched, and kicked him in the throat, causing him to flee the scene. Lewis’ left eye was swollen shut, and her face was bruised with minor cuts. Simon was taken into custody for domestic assault, strangulation, and harassment threats.

Joshua Miramontes threatens to kill landlord’s family during confrontation over unpaid rent

21-year-old Joshua Miramontes threatened Reynoldo Osejo Maradiaga, his landlord, over the phone on May 5th, 2023. Maradiaga advised that he had rented a room to Miramontes for over a month, and he had recently stopped paying rent. Maradiaga confronted him about this, and Miramontes responded with threats. Miramontes claimed he had a firearm and would kill everyone in the house. Maradiaga said he did not see a firearm, but he did take his comments seriously and was concerned for his family’s safety. Miramontes was taken into custody for harassment on February 7th.

Ashlyn Engelbert sends over 500 texts to ex-boyfriend in one day, tells him “I’ll smash your car windows!”

31-year-old Ashlyn Engelbert was caught harassing her ex-boyfriend, Jason Demarcus, at Blackwood Drive on February 4th. Demarcus provided law enforcement with texts he had received in the prior 24 hours. He had received over 500 text messages. The messages ranged from pictures of Engelbert to multiple references about sleeping with Demarcus. The messages also included threats such as “I’ll smash your car windows!” Ashlyn Engelbert was taken into custody and charged with harassment.

Aliyah Davis booked for harassment after calling ex-girlfriend 32 times in less than 3 hours

25-year-old Aliyah Davis called her ex-girlfriend, Janiah Davis, 32 times between 2:30 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. on February 3rd. Officers were dispatched to Janiah’s residence on Lombardia Lane. Officers noticed Aliyah to be intoxicated as Janiah advised them that after the phone calls, Aliyah showed up at her residence. Aliyah then knocked on the door and began ringing the doorbell. Janiah told police she knew it was Aliyah because of her ring camera and received a no-caller ID phone call, later identified as Aliyah. Then, Janiah told her to leave and asked, “What the fuck are you doing here?” Janiah showed the officers her call log, telling them she was annoyed because it was early in the morning and because of the repetitiveness of her actions. Aliyah Davis was taken into custody for harassment.