Officers take man into custody 4 years after ex-wife reports harassment

55-year-old John Ward was charged with harassment when officers executed a warrant in regard to harassment charges reported by his ex-wife in October of 2016.

Man assaults two women including the mother of his child over the course of several months

27-year-old Tremaine Stem was charged with assault, burglary, vandalism, theft, and harassment after he assaulted two women and damaged property owned by his child’s mother.

Man walking dog threatens to rape neighbor’s daughter and kill his wife

51-year-old Michael Putnam was charged with two counts of harassment after making vile remarks towards a man, woman, and their children in their own yard.

Woman threatens to kill ex-friend’s unborn baby over ex-boyfriend

29-year-old Robin Wynn was charged with harassment, two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and two counts of vandalism after she reportedly had been harassing Kennia Perkins since November of 2019, busted out her rearview mirror, and then hit her in the head with a tire iron.

Hermitage man charged for harassing his boss after he gets fired

57-year-old Labronze Floyd was charged with harassment when he threatened his supervisor’s life after she fired him.

Nashville master barber strikes child’s mother in the face during custody exchange

25-year-old Demarkus Drumwright was charged with domestic assault when he struck the mother of his child for attacking him. They have joint custody of their child and a year prior he harassed her by calling her 61 times in two days.

Elderly couple repeatedly terrified by photogenic doorbell ringer

52-year-old Samuel Sims was charged with harassment after repeatedly traveling to an elderly couple’s residence and verbally assaulting them. He has been told to not come to their residence and has left them in fear due to his mental condition.

Ex-girlfriend violates order of protection while working at Kroger

21-year-old Zakiya Cooper was charged with criminal contempt after violating an order of protection twice by being contracted to work at the same location as her ex-girlfriend’s place of employment. The two parties filed orders of protection against one another after a May incident involving threats and harassment.

Madison woman threatens to shoot up ex-girlfriend in phone calls

28-year-old Shontel Jenkins was charged with harassment of her ex-girlfriend, Zakiya Cooper, after allegedly threatening to shoot her and her apartment. Cooper claims that the threats made her feel “distressed, intimidated and frightened.”

Man gets caught routinely stealing the same car when girlfriend describes keys to police

22-year-old Joshua South was charged with joyriding, harassment, and theft of services after he was caught using his victim’s vehicle without consent with a spare set of keys. His girlfriend gave police a description of car keys that matched the vehicle in question.