After 100’s of calls, ex-girlfriend scratches ‘my heart cannot take this damage’ onto his front door

22-year-old Morgan Jenkins was booked into a Nashville jail at 2:04 a.m. Sunday morning on warrants charging her with vandalism and harassment from a 2018 incident during which police say she called her ex-boyfriend more than 151 times in a single day, then scratched “my heart cannot take this damage” into his front door.

Nashville Night Court ruckus: “Hoe, I will kill you!”

Metro Police responded to a domestic disturbance disturbance at Nashville’s temporary Night Court location Saturday morning. Upon arrival they found the victim and her ex-girlfriend, Onneka Crutcher causing a commotion. The victim reports a threat of “Hoe, I will kill you” made by Crutcher.

Is THP Trooper Will Matsunaga retaliating against his neighbor after she reported him for harassment?

Below is a video of Tennessee High Patrol Trooper Will Matsunaga moving his vehicle. The video appears to show Trooper Matsunaga, who is parked beside his neighbor, move his vehicle, and re-park it in such a way that would make it nearly impossible for his neighbor to get into their vehicle at all, or without causing damage to his vehicle. This happened on Friday, 04/27. That’s important – because the day before, on Thursday, his neighbor had filed an official complaint against THP Trooper Matsunaga as he would not leave…

Margenia Armstrong: You can’t just slash his tires. #Arrested

Margenia Armstrong probably wasn’t enjoying 04/20 the way she intended, because just after midnight on Friday morning, she was booked into jail. As it turns out, slashing the tires of your baby daddy wasn’t the smartest idea she ever had. Especially when she’s mad about him not giving her money, as now he has tires to pay to repair. On Thursday night, Margenia L Armstrong was dropping off her child at the father’s house (her ex-boyfriend), when the topic of child support came up. According to court documents, Margenia became…

From Tinder to Terror: Dacota Echols Arrested

Dacota Colby Echols, 30, was arrested Saturday night after he met a female on Tinder less than a month ago, went on 2 dates, and refused to take no for an answer. Earlier in the week, on Wednesday, he thought she “owed him time” and threatened to assault her and her friends, if she wouldn’t meet up to see him. She went to the police instead, and a warrant was issued for his arrest. The victim met Dacota Echols on Tinder the weekend of March 17th, and they went on…