Caleb Krantz charged with harassment of (ex) girlfriend; making threats via phone

20-year-old Caleb Krantz was arrested this week on an outstanding warrant charging him with the harassment of Kara Hawkins, who was described as his ex-girlfriend in the July arrest warrant, but who is described as his current girlfriend again currently on social media. The warrant details that on July 15th, Hawkins returned to their shared home on Old Clarksville Pike with a moving truck to pack her things and leave the home. She says she called him before she arrived, and he threatened her, saying, “I’m gonna f*/k you up” if she continued on her way there. She says that due to the previous history of domestic violence with Krantz, this placed her in fear for her safety. A recording of the threat was saved.

TruFit Athletic employee Ifeanyi Duru charged with harassment and stalking after his termination

34-year-old Ifeanyi Duru is charged with stalking and harassment after he couldn’t accept his termination of employment with the TrueFit Athletic Club in Nashville. Duru was terminated on September 29th and afterward continued to call the TruFit gym, current employees, and the Vice President, to who he also sent text messages. His calls and texts consisted of threats, such as “Try me. I’m coming back there to show you. I dare you to try me! let me show you that I’m a man.” He also returned to the property while yelling and cursing at staff but fled before police responded to the call.

Justin Lebron charged in assault of brother & making threats about his genitals and his throat

Wilfredo Lebron, Jr. got into an argument with his brother, 39-year-old Justin Lebron, at the Love’s Truck Stop on Trinity Lane, where their father was also present. Wilfredo says Justin made accusations that Wilfredo had been sexually assaulted in prison and punched and strangled him, with injuries documented by police. A few hours later, Wilfredo was at the Family Safety Center to complete information about the earlier incident. While there, Justin played a recording of a Facetime call where Justin continued to make threats that included cutting off his genitals and shoving them down his throat and further threatened to end Wilfredo’s life via some very explicit methods. Justin was charged with harassment and aggravated assault/strangulation.

Clarksville won’t investigate touching/sexual harassment complaints on Roxy’s Ryan Bowie; he will continue working with the city’s landmark theatre

In the time since a half-dozen complaints have been received about Roxy Theater Director Ryan Bowie, alleging inappropriate touching, assault, sexual harassment, stalking, and inappropriate relationships with actors under his employ, two members of the Roxy’s Board of Directors have now resigned in protest as its own executive committee cleared Bowie of any wrongdoing, despite making changes including an HR director position and an “intimacy choreographer.”

Bowie’s name is closely associated with the Roxy Theatre, the City of Clarksville, and the Children’s Theatre programs; however, the city, led by Mayor Joe Pitts, says they can’t investigate the allegations because he’s not actually a city employee and isn’t bound to any ethics rules the city may have in place.

Emails obtained by Clarksville Today show the Roxy Board determined that “any of the allegations made against Mr. Bowie do not rise to the level of liability from a legal standpoint,” so they would no longer investigate the matter, either.

Citizens have been clear, whether there is a legal liability or not, where there’s smoke, there is likely fire, and this many complaints didn’t happen overnight or from single incidents. Citizens, actors, and even the APSU Threatre program professors have all made it clear — The Roxy can’t continue on its current path with the city and the children’s theatre program with Ryan Bowie at the helm, and if we’re waiting on a “legal liability,” the damage will have already been done to the Roxy & the City of Clarksville. Bowie is an agenda item on Thursday’s City Council Meeting at 4:30 p.m. [more documents inside full story…]

Keyera Majors jailed over facebook threats to Shontia Dillard

22-year-old Keyera Rochell Majors was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant charging her with harassment. Shontia Dillard says she received messages from Majors that stated, “OML it’s up!! behind mine I’ll lay yours!!” When she responded “Laywho!!”, Majors responded “You!!,” followed by very specific threats to the life and welfare of Dillard. She is free on a $1,000 bond.

Jez Castillo jailed for harassment of ex-girlfriend, attempting to break into her home

Metro Nashville Police responded to a home on 11th Ave N. on Monday after Rachel Elrod called to report her ex-boyfriend, 31-year-old Jezreel Castillo, was attempting to gain entry to her home. Castillo was able to make entry into the attached garage but was unable to make entry into the living area as the interior door lock was engaged. Elrod says Castillo then began to text and call her repeatedly — 15 times within 30 minutes in a threatening and harassing manner, leaving her in fear for her life. He fled prior to police arriving but was booked on the charges a few hours later.

Actors say Clarksville’s Roxy Theatre Director Ryan Bowie harassed, stalked, touched without consent

An actor at the Roxy Regional Theatre in Clarksville says he and a dozen others have been victims of harassment and inappropriate conduct by Director Ryan Bowie for at least the past year, with some complaints going back much further. In January, after several actors detailed formal complaints, the theatre’s Board of Directors & the Executive Committee admitted “mistakes have been made” and determined that Bowie, along with other staff, would enroll in “extensive HR training,” and someone on-site would be trained as an “Intimacy Choreographer.” Additionally, an HR Director would be appointed. Now that the city is directly involved with the theatre and its liability, the actors, and some city council members, are still concerned about ongoing issues at the downtown Clarksville landmark and are calling for action — they want Bowie removed as the Executive Director, weary of several lawsuit threats involving his actions.

Imani Fleming charged in harassment of Eirneshia Carter; challenged her to fight via text

Eirneshia Carter went before a night court magistrate and swore out an affidavit of harassment against 24-year-old Imani Fleming on March 16th. She stated that she repeatedly told Fleming not to contact her, and twice within six weeks, she texted her and called her another two times. One of those texts challenged Carter to a fight. Fleming was booked on the outstanding warrant on Tuesday and is charged with harassment/causing emotional distress.

Nicholas Vitale charged after threatening texts: “U took my heart I take your family”

Metro Nashville Police say 40-year-old Nicholas Vitale has been sending threats to his newly ex-girlfriend, Kimberly Mezouar, after she told him she was ending the relationship and could not be with him anymore. He reportedly was staying around her apartment complex while sending text messages such as “U took my heart I take your family” and then telling her he wanted to put a board in front of her face with a nail and hammer it in. He continued to send photos of her children.

Brigid Ochshorn still harassing ex-boyfriend, nearly 2 years after breakup

Nathan Vasquez says despite ending his relationship with 39-year-old Brigid Ochshorn in November of 2020, nearly two years later she is still harassing him, and it’s only getting worse. Detectives determined her actions are malicious and purposefully convey threats to the victim, and are causing legitimate emotional distress and fear. Despite all known accounts and numbers being blocked on all known services, she continues to leave voice messages, text messages, and has contacted his friends, family, and employer on multiple occasions, even contacting his manager on LinkedIn with known false sexual and physical allegations about him.