Tyshecka Carter arrives unannounced and assaults ex-boyfriend who’s with a new woman

Demartin Robinson shares a child with 26-year-old Tyshecka Carter, and the two are no longer in a relationship. He says she showed up at his apartment with the child unannounced for an unplanned visit on November 25th. He was unprepared for a visit and had his current girlfriend at his home. Tyshecka reportedly was upset he had his new girlfriend at his home and became angry and aggressive at the door.

Not wanting to cause a scene his neighbors might see, he let her enter the house, at which time she sat the child down and immediately attached Robinson, tearing his shirt and leaving scratches on his body. She swung at him with a ceramic lamp, causing a laceration on his hand. She also destroyed his television and strangled him. She then drove away, but not before striking his car with her own. She was pulled over by a responding officer for a traffic stop immediately after the assault.

Antioch: Red Lobster employee Devin Cole Smith charged in assault of co-worker at restaurant

27-year-old Devin Cole Smith is charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after he threw items at a co-worker, including a metal pitcher from the kitchen of the restaurant. Smith had just been disciplined at the Antioch restaurant, and afterward, he started an argument with Angela Castillo, with whom he had a “recent conflict,” according to the police report. He became verbally aggressive and followed her behind the bar, where he grabbed a carton of liquid and tossed it at her head. She was able to avoid a direct hit, but the carton busted and soaked her. Unhappy with his initial performance, Smith then grabbed a metal pitcher, which he also threw at Castillo. She also avoided this impact, as the pitcher shattered a nearby wine bottle instead.

Timothy Weems charged with DUI after drinking at the Thirsty Turtle Bar in Nashville

51-year-old Timothy Weems told Metro Nashville Police he consumed “6 to 7 beers” at the Thirsty Turtle bar before driving in the early hours of Friday morning in Antioch. Officers initially made the traffic stop on his vehicle after he was varying between fast and slow speeds and repeatedly crossing over the double-yellow lines. Weems was transported to booking, and charged with DUI.

Jacorey Miller attacks his father from behind with a knife; tired of him “nagging all day”

Police say 20-year-old Jacorey Miller admitted to attacking his father from behind with a kitchen knife, stating his father had been “nagging at him all day and he wanted him to stop.” Miller took a knife from the kitchen, walked to the outside patio where his father was sitting with his wife, and cut him on the back of the neck. Miller is held on a $75,000 bond.

Woman charged with assaulting boyfriend after interrupting his game time with a roommate

44-year-old Anquinta Green was charged with domestic assault and resisting arrest after she kicked her boyfriend in the leg several times when she stood in front of the television because he was playing video games.

Nashville woman threatens to cut daughter’s neck, charged with aggravated assault

54-year-old Beatrice Heger was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after she charged toward her daughter with a knife and threatened to cut her neck while meeting up to get her belongings at a local Mapco.