Mark Tucker threatens to kill brother, believes he was cut out of the family will

56-year-old Mark Tucker was taken into custody for harassment on June 10th. Michael Tucker, Mark’s brother, told officers that Mark had called and texted him, threatening to kill him, which Michael’s wife, Terry Tucker, witnessed. Michael stated that the issues between him and Mark stem from Mark’s belief that he had been cut out of the family will, which includes over $1 million worth of property. Officers reviewed the texts from Mark, which clearly stated he owns multiple guns and would kill Michael. Michael informed officers that he believed his brother’s threats to be legitimate, causing him to fear for his life. Mark Tucker was later detained for the occurrence.

DUI: Bruce Huehner stumbles into 7-Eleven after drinking bottle of wine to buy beer, attempts to drive home

72-year-old Bruce Huehner was seen trying to enter his car while intoxicated at the 7-Eleven on Nolensville Pike on May 21st. Officers spoke with the sales associate at the mentioned location when they arrived. The associate told them that Huehner came inside stumbling and purchased two beer cans. She informed officers that since Huehner appeared intoxicated, she took the beers from him. Another witness to the situation stated that they noticed Huehner couldn’t keep himself up, so they followed him outside. The witness told officers that they were worried for Huehner’s safety, so they blocked his car so he couldn’t leave. Officers made contact and noticed a strong odor of alcohol as they approached Huehner, who was displaying multiple signs of intoxication. After being asked about how much alcohol he had to drink, Huehner told officers that he had drank a whole bottle of wine. Huehner was asked if he wanted to perform sobriety tests, but he declined. Bruce Huehner also refused to provide any samples for his alcohol level, so he was taken into custody and charged with driving under the influence and implied consent.

Leah Everett rips girlfriend’s hair out, steals her car during argument about driving

26-year-old Leah Everett was involved in a domestic altercation with her girlfriend, Feleecia Morland, at Old Franklin Road on April 7th. When officers arrived, they contacted Morland, who had a chunk of hair missing from the left side of her head. Morland stated while she and Everett were driving down Murfreesboro Pike, Everett became agitated with her driving. This led to a brief argument that escalated to Everett hitting Morland and pulling out her hair. Everett then took off her shoes and began hitting Morland with them. They arrived at their apartment complex shortly after, so Morland parked the car and swiftly exited. Morland approached a man she saw walking his dog and asked him to call 911. While Morland was walking away, Everett switched to the driver’s seat and drove away with Morland’s vehicle. Morland stated that she did not wish to press charges, but officers deemed it necessary due to her injuries and statement. Officers found the stolen car and followed it into the AMC parking lot on Bell Road. Once Everett exited the vehicle, she was quickly detained. Everett stated that nothing happened and that she didn’t know why officers had followed her. Leah Everett was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault and motor theft.

DUI: Taylor Brame jailed after driving suspiciously around neighborhood

40-year-old Taylor Renai Brame drove suspiciously around the neighborhood near Santeelah Way and Calderwood around 10:27 p.m. on March 22nd. When officers arrived, they were flagged down by the complainant, adding that the black SUV had been following him and that he had seen multiple juveniles flee from it. The caller then drove officers to where he had last seen the truck, where officers observed it driving slowly on Stecoah Court and Calderwood Drive. Also, four juveniles were walking in the street near the SUV, so detectives activated their sirens to conduct a traffic stop, which was when they returned to the SUV. When officers approached the driver’s side, they noticed Brame showing multiple signs of impairment and asked her where she had just come from. Brame told them she had just left a sporting event with the juveniles. After this, officers asked Brame to step out of the vehicle, and once she exited, officers noticed she reeked of alcohol. Brame then refused to answer if she would take sobriety tests. Brame consented to a blood draw after being explained implied consent and was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

Luis Gonzalez throws wife into wall multiple times during argument

25-year-old Luis Angel Gonzalez Parada had a domestic incident with his wife, Katerin Alexandra Gonzalez Castanon, at their Colo Trail residence on the afternoon of February 26th. Josselin Gonzalez, Luis’s sister, alerted the authorities, advising them that Mr. Gonzalez was being abusive toward Katerin and refused to let her leave their home. When the officers arrived, they discovered Josselin was no longer on the scene. Officers knocked on the door, but nobody answered; this was when they noticed Luis’ mother in a parked car outside the residence. She informed officers that Luis and Katerin were in the house, aware that police had been called. So Luis’ mother went to notify the couple and invited detectives inside, advising that they were in the back bedroom.  Officers observed the bedroom door to be broken and asked to speak with Luis and Katerin separately, which they agreed to. Katerin told officers via language line interpreter that at around 2 p.m., she and Luis argued on the balcony of the house, and when she attempted to go inside, he pushed her to the ground. Katerin demonstrated what Luis did by using a stuffed animal and forcing it to the floor. Katerin said they went to the bedroom to continue their conversation after Luis pushed her. She did not have any visible injuries and refused medical treatment.

Luis spoke with detectives, telling them he had been going through a rough time and that he and Katerin argued on the balcony. Luis said that Katerin tripped and fell while trying to reenter their home. Luis denied the altercation ever becoming physical. Officers called Josselin, who advised them that when the couple argued on the balcony, she heard what she believed to be Katerin falling. Josselin then witnessed Luis throw Katerin against the wall four times while screaming at her. When the couple entered, Josselin saw Luis push Katerin against the wall again. Josselin said she was afraid, so she left and called her mom, telling her to call the police. After speaking to Josselin, officers went to talk to Katerin again, who confirmed that Luis pushed her on the balcony. Katerin added that Luis also locked her in the bedroom until his mother forced it open to free her. Before officers were able to question Luis again, he admitted to throwing Katerin onto the floor. Gonzalez was taken into custody for domestic assault and false imprisonment.

DUI: Vernon Lewis says he smoked “one blunt” prior to driving and crashing

22-year-old Vernon Lewis was jailed on March 31st after crashing into another vehicle while reportedly high on marijuana. Lewis failed to yield to oncoming traffic before turning left at a green light and struck a vehicle. When police approached, they smelled marijuana and asked Lewis if he had anything to drink or smoke that night, and he told them he had “one blunt” prior to the crash. He declined sobriety tests and was transported to booking. The other driver of the vehicle suffered minor injuries.

Melodie Lowe charged after waving a gun around from her stoop toward elderly lady

46-year-old Melodie Lowe was booked this week on an outstanding summons, charging her with aggravated assault. In June of 2022, a grandmother says she was holding her infant grandchild as she was loading the infant’s belongings into a vehicle when Melodie Lowe suddenly approached the vehicle while being confrontational. Lowe was screaming profanities at the grandmother for reasons unclear. Lowe then reportedly returned to her townhome and stood on her stoop, waving a gun around while yelling at the woman once again.

Avaunt Savannah charged with robbing girlfriend of rent money at gunpoint

21-year-old Avaunt Montez Savannah and an accomplice were reportedly in the apartment of his girlfriend, Jessica Stephens, on December 31. Avaunt’s friend and his girlfriend were arguing back and forth and swapping insults. As Jessica opened the door for all three of them to leave the apartment, she says the friend grabbed her purse and demanded her money. She says Avaunt and his friend both then pulled handguns and pointed them at her and took her rent money ($1380), her cell phone, and her car keys from her purse. The friend stated he was “about to smoke” the victim while acting like he was about to pistol whip her. The two ordered her to go into her bedroom and stay there for twenty minutes while they fled. Arrest warrants were issued, and Montez was booked into custody this week.

Tyshecka Carter arrives unannounced and assaults ex-boyfriend who’s with a new woman

Demartin Robinson shares a child with 26-year-old Tyshecka Carter, and the two are no longer in a relationship. He says she showed up at his apartment with the child unannounced for an unplanned visit on November 25th. He was unprepared for a visit and had his current girlfriend at his home. Tyshecka reportedly was upset he had his new girlfriend at his home and became angry and aggressive at the door.

Not wanting to cause a scene his neighbors might see, he let her enter the house, at which time she sat the child down and immediately attached Robinson, tearing his shirt and leaving scratches on his body. She swung at him with a ceramic lamp, causing a laceration on his hand. She also destroyed his television and strangled him. She then drove away, but not before striking his car with her own. She was pulled over by a responding officer for a traffic stop immediately after the assault.

Antioch: Red Lobster employee Devin Cole Smith charged in assault of co-worker at restaurant

27-year-old Devin Cole Smith is charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after he threw items at a co-worker, including a metal pitcher from the kitchen of the restaurant. Smith had just been disciplined at the Antioch restaurant, and afterward, he started an argument with Angela Castillo, with whom he had a “recent conflict,” according to the police report. He became verbally aggressive and followed her behind the bar, where he grabbed a carton of liquid and tossed it at her head. She was able to avoid a direct hit, but the carton busted and soaked her. Unhappy with his initial performance, Smith then grabbed a metal pitcher, which he also threw at Castillo. She also avoided this impact, as the pitcher shattered a nearby wine bottle instead.