Ephraim Ngandu dances in the middle of Bell Road for YouTube video

22-year-old Ephraim Ngandu danced in the middle of the roadway as traffic sped around him on Bell Road in the early hours of June 5th. Officers observed this and approached him before escorting him to the sidewalk. Officers noticed he had a black motorcycle helmet on his head, so they asked him about the black motorcycle without a license plate, which he claimed. Ngandu told officers he was not doing anything wrong and was making a YouTube video. Officers later discovered that his bike was not registered and advised him that it would be towed, so they tried to work with him by offering him a courtesy ride and letting him call his family and friends to pick him up, but he could not find anyone. Throughout their interaction, he lied about numerous things, including where he lived, how long he had been in Nashville, etc.  Since he could not find a place to go, Ngandu was taken into custody for disorderly conduct.

Tyshecka Carter runs over man’s girlfriend after argument

27-year-old Tyshecka Carter ran over Amaree Rogers near a Chimneytop Drive residence on May 5th. Rogers advised officers that Carter was driving around, arguing with Rogers’s boyfriend. Carter then swerved into Rogers, hitting her with her car, throwing her backward and onto the ground. Carter then drove over her body, fracturing Roger’s hip before leaving. Rogers stated that she believed Carter intentionally struck her since she was on the side of the road when she steered into her. When police arrived, paramedics were attending to Rogers, who was in the middle of the street next to a puddle of blood. Officers could not locate Carter at the time. Carter was later taken into custody for aggravated assault on May 8th.

DUI: Lathan Flores drives erratically after drinking “a glass and a half of wine”

21-year-old Lathan Flores was observed erratically pulling into the TA Travel Center parking lot in the early morning of May 7th. Security at the location advised officers that he approached Flores, where he exited his vehicle and was told to stay out of it while he called the police. When officers arrived, security pointed Flores out and told them he had seen open alcohol containers in his car.

Officers spoke with Flores, who smelled strongly of alcohol and showed signs of impairment as he admitted to drinking a “glass and a half of wine” after driving recklessly through the parking lot because he was upset about his relationship. Officers noticed a glass of wine in his center console and an open box of wine in the vehicle. He consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and, after being read implied consent, agreed to provide a blood sample.

Flores’ passenger was sober and told officers that he told him to bring the box of wine from the back of the vehicle to the front, during which he noticed it was not full. He stated that he did not witness him drink before driving. Flores was transported to Nashville General Hospital and then was taken into custody for driving under the influence and an open container violation.

Leah Everett rips girlfriend’s hair out, steals her car during argument about driving

26-year-old Leah Everett was involved in a domestic altercation with her girlfriend, Feleecia Morland, at Old Franklin Road on April 7th. When officers arrived, they contacted Morland, who had a chunk of hair missing from the left side of her head. Morland stated while she and Everett were driving down Murfreesboro Pike, Everett became agitated with her driving. This led to a brief argument that escalated to Everett hitting Morland and pulling out her hair. Everett then took off her shoes and began hitting Morland with them. They arrived at their apartment complex shortly after, so Morland parked the car and swiftly exited. Morland approached a man she saw walking his dog and asked him to call 911. While Morland was walking away, Everett switched to the driver’s seat and drove away with Morland’s vehicle. Morland stated that she did not wish to press charges, but officers deemed it necessary due to her injuries and statement. Officers found the stolen car and followed it into the AMC parking lot on Bell Road. Once Everett exited the vehicle, she was quickly detained. Everett stated that nothing happened and that she didn’t know why officers had followed her. Leah Everett was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault and motor theft.

Collin Thomas charged with violating order of protection

Cathryn Thomas called police on January 1, stating her husband, 48-year-old Collin Thomas, was in their home and in violation of an order of protection. Officers arrived and verified he was served with the order on Christmas Day. After he was initially served, he moved out and stayed with Cathryn’s mother, but she let him return home on December 27, and he did. She says she revoked that permission on December 29 and demanded he leaves, which he reportedly refused.

Florida man charged with assault of ex-wife inside Nashville hotel — Bradley Olsen

Metro Nashville Police responded to the Hampton Inn at Opryland on August 27th after someone called to report a man actively assaulting who was believed to be his wife and strangling her. When officers arrived, 56-year-old Bradley Keith Olsen had already fled the scene. The victim, Sacha Ross, stated she was in town looking at houses in order to move from Florida to Tennessee and had invited her ex-husband, Olsen, over for the weekend to see if things could be rekindled between them. It wasn’t long before that question was answered as an argument started in the bathroom over who would take her dog out. She says he assaulted her multiple time and then beat her with an iPad as she moved to the bed. Eventually, she says he pushed her against a wall and lifted her up by her neck, causing her problems breathing. Officers spoke with Olson via the phone, and he refused to return to the hotel and stated he might just keep her dog. He was eventually booked into custody on September 3rd.