Year-long search comes to close: Man who tried to steal over $5,000 from employer found

47-year-old Darin Humphrey was charged with theft of property when he was entrusted by his employer to pick up and drop off cars with the last run being from Florida to Nashville. He ran off with company cash, tools, and checks instead.

‘Florida’ man opens accounts at Regions Bank using fake identification

46-year-old Craig Crawford was charged with criminal simulation when he attempted to open two Regions Bank accounts using false identification, per report.

The Engine Magician: Disappearing Act!

**UPDATED: SEPTEMBER 2016** While¬† at the first of the year we gave a happy send-off to David, we’ve since been informed of his reported hostility toward the LGBT Community from multiple customers, and must now state that we no longer endorse David DeDominicis, or the ‘Engine Magician’, now located in Florida. His multiple negative reviews, and the number of individuals that have contacted us about his alleged interactions, and right wing political views, have caused us to change our opinion to one that you can probably find better service elsewhere,…