Shana Lyons deemed too drunk for Nashville International Airport

35-year-old Shana Leigh Lyons was refused boarding at Gate C22 at Nashville International Airport on March 20th. When officers arrived, they noticed she was crying by the gate desk, visibly upset, as airline employees pointed her out. Lyons reeked of alcohol as officers asked for her identification, which she struggled to find, rummaging through her purse and grabbing a wallet that did not have it. Lyons then located her ID and gave it to the officers, so they went to run her information through their system. During this, the airline employees got Lyons rebooked for the next day, attempted to book a hotel for her, and then called her husband. Officers were given the number for the hotel and tried to get Lyons to call to ask if they had any vacancies. Lyons did not follow the instructions, and officers determined she could not care for herself. Officers grabbed Lyon’s things, detained her, and escorted her to the patrol car. They notified Lyon’s husband of the situation and told him she would call him once she was released. Lyons was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Florida man Andrew Holland charged in assault of wife in Nashville Dream Hotel

36-year-old Andrew Holland was jailed this week while in town with his wife, Anna Maria Burgos. The Florida couple was staying at the Dream Hotel in downtown Nashville, where just before 5 a.m. Saturday, police responded to a domestic disturbance call. The two had an argument while out at dinner, which continued as they returned to the hotel room. She says that Andrew suddenly pushed her, shoved her to the ground, struck her in the face, and struck her with a pillow. As she further detailed the assault, she said he pressed his fingers on her eyes and strangled her for a period of time. Officers documented multiple injuries on the victim and took Andrew into custody.

Florida teen Walt Scarborough caught underage drinking w/fake ID outside of Kid Rock’s bar

19-year-old Walt Scarborough was drinking an alcoholic beverage on the sidewalk in front of Kid Rock’s Bar in downtown Nashville in the early hours of Sunday morning. When officers approached and informed he he could only drink inside, Scarborough became confrontational and “stepped up” to officers.” They verified his ID was fake, and he was actually only 19-years-old, as he was carrying his actual ID on him, too. He was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Florida man Ashland Storr confesses to murder while at Metro General Hospital

Metro Nashville Police responded to General Hospital on February 15 after 26-year-old Ashland Storr confessed to a murder. When police arrived, he explained he had committed a murder a week ago in an unknown location. A records check revealed an outstanding homicide warrant out of Florida. His confession was recorded on camera, and he was taken into custody, awaiting extradition to Florida.

Florida teen Riley Dismukes charged after Broadway brawl in downtown Nashville

19-year-old Riley Dismukes of Florida was taken into custody in the early hours of Saturday morning along with his co-defendant, Ellis Frimet. Both teens, from Florida, were observed attacking another individual on Broadway in downtown Nashville. When asked to disperse and stop fighting, Dismukes refused all commands from officers and continued in the disorderly conduct.

DUI: Nicholas Giallombardo hits man with car, says “the crackhead walked in front of me”

36-year-old Florida Man Nicholas Giallombardo left Hooters just after 9 p.m. on November 22nd and hit a man which his vehicle as he approached a nearby stop sign. Police arrived to find the victim on the ground yelling at the driver. Giallombardo told police, “the crackhead walked out in front of me!” Officers noted that two of Giallombardo’s tires were on the pavement, while the other two were located off the pavement and into a drainage ditch. Officers report he was visibly intoxicated and smelled of alcohol. Giallombardo admitted to drinking two shots and “some beers” within the hour prior to driving. He was taken into custody and charged with DUI.

Emily Heller attempts to use her telephone number as ID to get into Jason Aldean’s bar

Police say 21-year-old Barstool Athlete Emily Heller of Long Island was extremely intoxicated when they encountered her attempting to enter Jason Aldean’s bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville. She was attempting to use her phone number as her identification, according to officers. The Florida Gators Lacrosse player was not with any friends that officers could locate to care for her. She had slurred speech and was having trouble standing. She was taken into custody for public intoxication and transported to booking. She stated she was attempting to use her phone number as identification as she had left her driver’s license inside the bar.

Florida Man Rasheed Knight shoves cop while interfering with an investigation downtown

Metro Nashville Police were responding to a fight at Ole Red on Broadway in downtown Nashville and had detained one of the involved parties. Suddenly, 34-year-old Rasheed Knight walked and inserted himself into the situation and attempted to pull the involved party away from police and out of the venue. Officers explained they had to collect some information from the other party, and Knight then shoved Officer Butler with both hands while swearing and shouting. Knight was quickly taken into custody and transported to booking.

Florida man charged with assault of ex-wife inside Nashville hotel — Bradley Olsen

Metro Nashville Police responded to the Hampton Inn at Opryland on August 27th after someone called to report a man actively assaulting who was believed to be his wife and strangling her. When officers arrived, 56-year-old Bradley Keith Olsen had already fled the scene. The victim, Sacha Ross, stated she was in town looking at houses in order to move from Florida to Tennessee and had invited her ex-husband, Olsen, over for the weekend to see if things could be rekindled between them. It wasn’t long before that question was answered as an argument started in the bathroom over who would take her dog out. She says he assaulted her multiple time and then beat her with an iPad as she moved to the bed. Eventually, she says he pushed her against a wall and lifted her up by her neck, causing her problems breathing. Officers spoke with Olson via the phone, and he refused to return to the hotel and stated he might just keep her dog. He was eventually booked into custody on September 3rd.

Drunk Florida Man Shawn Daniels assaults juvenile on Broadway in downtown Nashville

46-year-old Shawn Daniels stumbled out of a bar and onto the curb of Broadway in downtown Nashville Friday night and braced himself against a vehicle on the street. Inside the car was two individuals, one of them a 16-year-old male. They yelled for the man to get off the vehicle, and words were exchanged, which resulted in Daniels reaching through the window, striking the juvenile in the face, and pulling him by the shirt. As the two individuals in the car were exiting to confront the man, Metro Nashville Police Officers observed and intervened, placing Daniels under arrest. He admitted to being intoxicated during the assault.