Cody Theriot deemed too drunk for Nashville International Airport

30-year-old Cody Theriot was jailed on February 6th after arguing with a bartender at the Ole Red restaurant at the Nashville Airport. Theriot told officers he was upset with the bartender for cutting him off. Theriot was told to go to his gate and wait for his flight. Less than 2 hours later, police received a call that Theriot was arguing with a different bartender who refused to serve him. When officers made contact with Theriot the second time, they noticed he was much more intoxicated. He had bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, and was unable to follow basic instructions. Police determined him to be a public annoyance and took him into custody.

Katherine Price too drunk for downtown Nashville #Arrested #PublicIntoxication

21-year-old Katherine Price was escorted out of the Ole Red bar in downtown Nashville late Saturday night by staff and Metro Nashville Police, after the venue decided she was too drunk to remain in the bar. As her friends attempted to walk her back to where they were staying, she refused and repeatedly attempted to go back inside the bar. She was offered medical transport to be evaluated and avoid jail, but she also refused that option. After a final time of refusing to let her friends get her home safely, Price was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Florida Man Rasheed Knight shoves cop while interfering with an investigation downtown

Metro Nashville Police were responding to a fight at Ole Red on Broadway in downtown Nashville and had detained one of the involved parties. Suddenly, 34-year-old Rasheed Knight walked and inserted himself into the situation and attempted to pull the involved party away from police and out of the venue. Officers explained they had to collect some information from the other party, and Knight then shoved Officer Butler with both hands while swearing and shouting. Knight was quickly taken into custody and transported to booking.

Connor Schultz — deemed too drunk for Music City

Metro Nashville Police Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative in downtown Nashville Sunday encountered 22-year-old Connor Schultz outside of 300 Broadway after he was asked to leave a bar by security. Officers say he was entirely too intoxicated to care for himself in public, and transported him to booking, charging him with public intoxication.