Jasmine Caruthers sprays mace inside home with two babies present

22-year-old Jasmine Caruthers was taken into custody on April 14th when officers were dispatched to a Walsh Street residence, where they observed three broken windows with mace sprayed inside two of them. After they knocked on the door to announce their presence, Donte Wilson, Cierra Wood, and two infants less than a year old came outside with shirts covering their faces. Officers noticed the children had extremely runny noses and red faces. Wilson stated that Caruthers had thrown rocks at the windows and sprayed mace inside their home. He added that he and Wood grabbed the kids and hid in a room away from the broken windows until Caruthers left. Officers were advised that Wilson and Caruthers share a child, who was inside the residence during the incident.

Diamond McNeal threatens boyfriend with knife, attempts to run him over

20-year-old Diamond McNeal and her sister had an altercation with her boyfriend, Joseph Glenn, at his residence on February 14th, 2022. Glenn stated that McNeal arrived to get her bag, holding a knife and bottle of perfume. McNeal began pointing the knife at him, which Glenn said made him feel threatened. Glenn said she kept it pointed at him while she grabbed her bag, and then he told her that he had to call his sister as an excuse to try to leave the residence. When Glenn ran out of the house, McNeal, still holding the knife, and her sister chased after him. Glenn stated that McNeal got into her sister’s car and sped down the street, attempting to hit him with the car. Glenn ran away and called the police. McNeal was taken into custody for aggravated assault on March 21st.

DUI: MMA Fighter Matt Carey falls asleep after causing crash on I-24 East

23-year-old MMA Fighter Matthew Carey was involved in a two-vehicle crash on I-24 East in the early hours of March 6th. Medical personnel were on the scene, taking the involved parties to the ambulance for evaluation as detectives arrived. Officers observed Carey walking unsteadily and were told by the other driver that he was asleep after the collision. Medics also advised officers that Carey had been drinking. When questioned about it, Carey admitted to having drinks nearly three hours before the accident. Carey was transported to Skyline Medical Center for further evaluation and treatment. While there, officers Mirandized Carey, and he admitted to drinking at a work event. Officers discovered that Carey’s license had been suspended and informed him about implied consent. Carey then agreed to provide a blood sample. Carey was taken into custody for driving with a suspended license and driving under the influence.

Alabama Tourist Freddie Kirby assaults girlfriend after she compliments singer at Whiskey River Saloon

25-year-old Alabama Tourist Freddie Fernando Kirby had a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Adorien Jashea Covington, in downtown Nashville on February 15th. On February 16th, Covington spoke with officers when they arrived, telling them that she and Kirby went to a Predators game the day before and then went to Whiskey River Saloon shortly after. Covington stated she commented on the band singer’s attractiveness, which upset Kirby. This sparked an argument outside the bar, which turned physical when Kirby pushed her to the ground. Then, when they were on their way home in an Uber, Kirby was hitting her repeatedly, leaving visible injuries, so Covington exited the Uber and walked home. Covington said that she woke up around 5 a.m. to Kirby hitting her again. Covington suffered from a busted lip, a swollen eye, a laceration on her left shin, and bloodstains on her clothes. Detectives then spoke with Kirby, who told them he and Covington argued in downtown Nashville. Kirby stated the argument turned into a physical scuffle when she hit him, causing a minor laceration to his cheek. Kirby told officers that the injuries Covington suffered were in self-defense. Kirby was deemed the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Louise Kapaya punches ex-boyfriend in the mouth

19-year-old Louise Kapaya assaulted her ex-boyfriend after an argument turned violent at Vantage Way on December 3rd. Upon arrival, officers spoke with Demetrius Curry, who stated that the argument escalated when Kapaya punched him in the mouth. Officers observed cuts and bruises on Demetrius’ mouth. Kapaya fled the scene before the police arrived but was picked up on December 6th.

Rachael Hall grabs man by biceps, pushes him into a chair

37-year-old Rachael Hall was charged with domestic assault when her roommate stepped between her and another person arguing and she shoved the victim, Andrew Jones, into a chair. On July 22nd MNPD arrived at Ridge Hill Dr. and spoke with Rachael, Andrew, and another person about a domestic disturbance. All three described the same scene of Rachael arguing with the other person, Andrew tried to step in the middle, but Rachael grabbed him by the biceps and pushed him into a chair.

Ethan Wallace strikes girlfriend in mouth, threatens to kill her on 911 tape

Police say 33-year-old Donald Ethan Wallace struck his girlfriend, Ashley Folds, in the mouth while on I-24 E Saturday night and left her on the side of the interstate, where police rescued her and took her to a safe location. She explained he struck her in the mouth and smacked the phone from her hand as she called 911. Officers observed an injury to her lip. A playback of the 911 recording reveals Wallace saying, “I am going to snap your f*/king neck,” and “I am going to f*/king kill you.” Officers located Wallace shortly after, when he called from his home to tell his side of the story, which was that she smacked him first. Due to the overall circumstances, injuries, 911 recording, and history of his prior domestic history, Ethan was determined to be the primary aggressor and was taken into custody.

John J. Stone, 22, arrested with his father for a fight inside Kid Rock’s Bar in downtown Nashville

22-year-old John J. Stone and his father were both involved in an altercation inside Kid Rock’s Bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville Saturday night. As they were being escorted outside, the son was shouting at security and grabbed a woman’s phone while being taken into custody for disorderly conduct.

Tourist Jillian O’Donnell charged with assault of boyfriend, says he cheated during Nashville trip

23-year-old Jillian O’Donnell told police that her boyfriend, Ryan Drysdale, cheated on her during their trip to Nashville, which caused them to get into a physical altercation. She admits to slapping him on his right ear, causing a laceration injury, which was documented by police. O’Donnell, who is from the United Kingdon, was given a $100 bond.

Florida Man Rasheed Knight shoves cop while interfering with an investigation downtown

Metro Nashville Police were responding to a fight at Ole Red on Broadway in downtown Nashville and had detained one of the involved parties. Suddenly, 34-year-old Rasheed Knight walked and inserted himself into the situation and attempted to pull the involved party away from police and out of the venue. Officers explained they had to collect some information from the other party, and Knight then shoved Officer Butler with both hands while swearing and shouting. Knight was quickly taken into custody and transported to booking.