Tourist Jillian O’Donnell charged with assault of boyfriend, says he cheated during Nashville trip

23-year-old Jillian O’Donnell told police that her boyfriend, Ryan Drysdale, cheated on her during their trip to Nashville, which caused them to get into a physical altercation. She admits to slapping him on his right ear, causing a laceration injury, which was documented by police. O’Donnell, who is from the United Kingdon, was given a $100 bond.

Florida Man Rasheed Knight shoves cop while interfering with an investigation downtown

Metro Nashville Police were responding to a fight at Ole Red on Broadway in downtown Nashville and had detained one of the involved parties. Suddenly, 34-year-old Rasheed Knight walked and inserted himself into the situation and attempted to pull the involved party away from police and out of the venue. Officers explained they had to collect some information from the other party, and Knight then shoved Officer Butler with both hands while swearing and shouting. Knight was quickly taken into custody and transported to booking.

Priest Covington jailed after threatening to kill his mother and her new boyfriend

22-year-old Priest Covington reportedly became upset when he disapproved of his mother, Lanika Jernigan’s, new boyfriend. He made threats to murder the new boyfriend if she introduced him to his little brother and further made threats to kill his mother, placing her in fear for her life. As officers took Covington into custody, he stated he “should have hit that b***h,” referring to his mother, and ranted about more assaults when he gets out of jail. Once at booking, deputies say he attempted to bring an oxycodone pill into the jail.

Robert Strieter kicked out of multiple downtown Nashville bars Thursday night

Metro Nashville Police working the Entertainment District Initiative Thursday night in downtown Nashville responded to the Mellow Mushroom on Broadway to find 33-year-old Robert Lee Strieter heavily intoxicated and unable to care for himself. Officers say he had been kicked out of several downtown bars throughout the night and was a danger and annoyance to himself and others. Strieter was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

When Ariyanna Holt realized her boyfriend had two girlfriends, she hit the other one with her car

22-year-old Ariayanna Holt is charged with getting into her vehicle and purposefully and intentionally driving into the vehicle of Kassidy Benthal, which was occupied by Benthal and her friend, in an attempt to harm Benthal. The incident occurred in the early hours of Friday morning in downtown Nashville after Holt reportedly realized that her boyfriend had two girlfriends.

Kelexis Batson spits on boyfriend, slaps him, vandalizes his tires — upset over messages to another woman

19-year-old Kelexis Batson is charged with domestic assault with bodily injury. She admitted to slapping her boyfriend, Robert McWilliams, after seeing messages between him and another woman. In addition to the slaps, she spat on him and vandalized the tires on his vehicle.

Too late for tears: Allen Stevens charged with punching his girlfriend in her face, she punched him back

33-year-old Allen Stevens is now charged with the domestic assault of his girlfriend, leaving her bleeding from the mouth after he punched her – and she returned the punch, also causing him to bleed. The couple got into an argument at a downtown convenience store, which caught the attention of employees and police. Stevens is held on a $1,000 bond and additional warrants out of Knox county and appears red-faced and teary-eyed in his mugshot.