Pamela Semple blows 0.159% BAC after driving on wrong side of road

61-year-old Pamela Semple was driving an Infiniti sedan on the wrong side of McGavock Pike early Saturday morning. MNPD officers observed Pamela attempt to correct her driving by crossing over the concrete median barrier. They attempted to conduct a traffic stop, but she was slow to do so and needed to be informed through a loudspeaker to do so. Pamela was visibly intoxicated and admitted to having four vodka mixed drinks at the Music City Bar & Grill around 6 p.m. She performed poorly on sobriety tests. After she agreed to provide a breath sample, she blew a .159% BAC.

Joseph Martinez jailed after attempting to fight people in downtown Nashville

21-year-old Joseph Martinez was arrested outside Jason Aldean’s bar early Saturday morning for fighting. Police reported Joseph tried to punch a random individual after identifying him with his license. He was searched and placed into the patrol vehicle to be transported to booking.

Clarksville Firefighter Garrett Skeens jailed after fighting in downtown Nashville

30-year-old Clarksville Fire Department Engineer Garrett Skeens was fighting another person outside Honky Tonk Central Sunday night in downtown Nashville, according to police. The two told police that they did not wish to prosecute each other. However, police saw Garrett fighting again outside Jason Aldean’s bar a short time later. When police spoke to Garrett, they described him as visibly intoxicated. Officers then placed him into custody for public intoxication and disorderly conduct. According to Clarksville Fire Rescue, he is an engineer four with years of service.

Heather Miller found boyfriend in bed with another woman when returning from hospital

Officers responded to a call regarding a domestic disturbance on September 23rd at Stones River Cove. Scott Tilley told officers that 44-year-old Heather Miller became angry towards him, grabbed a knife, and threatened to kill him. Tilley then stated he grabbed Miller’s arm to rid her hand of the knife before she began striking him in the chest and shoulders. She returned to rip his shirt before he walked away. Miller told Officers that she found Tilley in bed with another woman when she got home from the hospital. She approached Tilley to grab his shirt and ripped it. Miller told authorities he grabbed her arm, causing it to bruise, and pulled her into the room, slapping her in the face before he left. Officers observed a bruise on Miller’s arm, determined Miller as the primary aggressor, and took her into custody.

Joshua Jackson assaults employer, steals equipment from front porch in pay dispute

19-year-old Joshua Jackson disagreed with his former employer regarding money after termination. His former employer, Jonathan McKinney, met Joshua at Bank of America and paid him and others in cash, but Josh thought it was not the full amount owed. He and another defendant, Jordon Holts, got into Jonathan’s face, threatening to take his wallet and phone in the bank’s parking lot. Jordon reportedly punched him, and Joshua slapped his sunglasses off of his head.

The bank manager came outside to tell them they were on camera and needed to leave. After leaving the bank, they went to Jonathan’s house and grabbed gas hedge trimmers as well as multiple Dewalt rechargeable batteries and chargers off his porch. His mother confronted Jordon for stealing the items from her porch, and another defendant, Derick Jones, pulled out a handgun and then pointed it at her. Jonathan’s mother told police that she thought Dedrick would shoot her, so she dove back into the residence. He returned to his residence to see the defendants trying to leave, so he kept them from leaving by blocking their vehicle with his.

At this time, Jordon and Joshua started kicking Jonathan’s vehicle and throwing rocks at it, so Jonathan moved his vehicle to let them out. After they left his residence, they took the stolen property to Cash America Pawn on Gallatin Pike, and Jordon sold the times. There is camera footage showing the incident at Bank of America as well as Jordon at Cash America Pawn. Warrants have been issued for the other involved parties.

Nakia Stevenson charged with DUI after found down a steep embankment inside vehicle

48-year-old Nakia Stevenson was inside a vehicle in a steep embankment around the intersection of Campbell Rd and Greycroft Ave early Friday morning. An off-duty officer saw the vehicle and found Nakia inside the vehicle, which smelled like marijuana. In the driver’s floorboard was an empty tequila bottle. Police and EMS stated that they smelled alcohol on Nakia’s breath and noted other signs of intoxication. Nakia covered her mouth while speaking at points and performed poorly on sobriety tests. When police searched her vehicle, they found two more empty tequila bottles in her glove box.

Tyeisha Harris indicted on theft of gift cards from Target

18-year-old Tyeisha Harris was indicted by the July Davidson County Grand Jury for property theft. Between January 11th and 25th, she knowingly stole gift cards from Target. The amount stolen is between $2,500 to $10,000. A judicial commissioner set her bond at $2,500.

Oliver Mya jailed on child pornography charges

40-year-old Oliver Mya was observed through his “Zaw Moe” Facebook profile by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC.) They reported four CyberTips to the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) multiple times from June 25th, 2022, to September 12th, 2022. The report showed where that profile sent videos of child sexual abuse via Facebook Messenger. The IP address for the profile was from a computer located at Ocala Circle in Nashville. On September 25, Detective Harriman and Adkins arrived at the residence on Ocala Cir and knocked on the door. Oliver answered and told police that the “Zaw Moe” Facebook profile was his, but he was locked out. He said the email attached to the profile used to be his. When he was shown stills of the child sexual abuse videos, he said that he believed that the children in the videos would be “5 or 6 years old.” He admitted to receiving the videos and distributing them to other Facebook accounts. He is free on a $75,000 bond.

Patricia McAllister, 72, threatens ADA who prosecuted her daughter

72-year-old Patricia Mcallister called the Office of the District Attorney, 20th Judicial District, to speak with a sworn Assistant District Attorney General Lauren Hogan. Hogan prosecuted Patricia’s daughter on a case of aggravated assault. She spoke to the secretary in the office, Katie Garapic, and said, “You play with guns, you get shot.” Also, she said, “This is what karma does when you mess with people’s families.” Patricia continued by stating that she does “not live far from Nashville, I’m not threatening. I’m promising. People can snap at any time. God Forbid whoever’s in my way when I snap.”

Eunice Martinez denied boarding after consuming alcohol and Xanax at Nashville Airport

35-year-old Eunice Martinez was denied access to a flight at Nashville International Airport due to her level of intoxication on September 24th. After Eunice was identified by police, she had visible signs of intoxication. She told police that she consumed alcohol and a Xanax due to her fear of flying. Police arrested Eunice for public intoxication.