Taven Romesser slaps his girlfriend after she throws his phone

24-year-old Taven Romesser told police that he and his girlfriend got into an argument downtown when they showed up at his residence on Lebanon Pike early Monday morning. He said that while downtown, he gave his girlfriend, Margret Gates, his phone by accident, and she attempted to throw his phone. He said in response, he slapped her in the face, and police noticed a bruise on her cheek. Margret told police that she never hit him and did not wish for him to be arrested. Taven said that when they got home, they argued more, and he left the apartment to sleep in his car. Margret followed him outside, he said, putting her hand on the car door so he could not close it. At this time, he closed the door on her fingers. They said there were no ill intentions between them, and Taven said he knew the neighbors called the police due to their arguing.

Terry Eicher jailed for violating an order of protection; watching victim from empty apartment

32-year-old Terry Eicher has an active order of protection from a woman who called the police on September 29th, 2022. Kaylyn Aznavorian said that she came home to her apartment at Lincoya Bay Dr. that evening and saw Terry in the apartment above hers, looking through the window at her. He does not live there, and there is a video in the order of protection where Terry said that he squats in the apartment above her to harass or intimidate her. Police knocked on the above apartment, 810, after confirming the protection order with the Sheriff’s Department, and there was no contact. Kaylyn told police that she was sure it was Terry in the window and went downtown to swear a warrant out for the order of protection violation. He was arrested for the protection order violation on September 20th.

David Reeves calls 14-year-old son ‘soft’ and slaps him across the face

43-year-old David Reeves’ sons told police, who showed up to the Grandstaff Apartments in response to a domestic assault call, that he picked them up from school, and they believed that he was intoxicated on September 18th. The boys said they argued with David about learning to drive until they arrived at the apartment. Once there, they said David “squared up” with the older brother, who did not wish to fight his father. He said that he sat down on the couch and ignored him. The younger son, 14 years old, told police that David called him “soft” and slapped him across the face. Police spoke to the boys’ mother, who corroborated their story. She said that she saw the slap and stepped between them to mitigate the issue, which placed them in fear of David. Police reported no physical sign of the slap, but they said it was hours before they responded to the call due to the volume of calls of service. David was not present when the police arrived, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Jeremiah Nakley charged after fleeing the scene of an accident

19-year-old Jeremiah Nakely was cited for admittedly leaving the scene of an accident on Murfreesboro Pike. Police found Jeremiah on foot and ran his license through their system to find it was suspended. Jeremiah was reportedly driving a 2008 Nissan Altima that failed to yield for an emergency vehicle running lights and sirens, causing the collision from which he fled. He was booked for the related charges on September 19th.

Floyd Davis charged with drug possession for a gram of marijuana during traffic stop

28-year-old Floyd Davis was pulled over on 24th Ave for a traffic violation on August 19th, where the officer found his license to be suspended. He agreed to let police search his vehicle after they claimed to have smelled marijuana in the vehicle. Floyd told police that he does smoke weed but had not that day. Inside the vehicle, police found a rolled joint with what Floyd said had maybe a gram of marijuana. He told police he did not remember it was there and was cited for possessing the controlled substance. He was booked on the charge of drug possession on September 19th.

Azim Haji charged after going 100 mph in a 55 mph zone on I-24E

24-year-old Azim Haji sped between two vehicles in his BMW 335I on I24 East on September 1st. A stationary speed enforcement officer observed Azim doing 100 mph in a 55 mph zone. He was cited for reckless driving because he put himself, his passenger, and other motorists at risk of severe injury or death. He was booked for the charge on September 19th.

Mitzie Riley knocks man off motorcycle with her car in road rage incident

53-year-old Mitzie Riley was jailed on Thursday evening after police say she purposely rear-ended a motorcycle at a red light on Old Hickory Boulevard. Matthew Morrow was not injured but had visible damage to his motorcycle. Officers made contact with two third-party witnesses on the scene who stated Morrow and Riley were in a road rage incident. It seemed Riley was upset with the motorcycle weaving through traffic and purposely used her vehicle as a weapon to knock Morrow off his motorcycle.

Jennifer Powell purged from Play Dance Bar after drunken wallet theft

38-year-old Jennifer Powell had a dispute at Play Dance Bar on Church Street about a wallet, which caused security to get involved early Friday morning. Security staff stated that after a wallet went missing, Jennifer was confronted and gave the wallet back to the unknown individual, who then left. When they told Jennifer and her party to leave the venue, Jennifer began fighting security. They stated they did not wish to prosecute but wanted Jennifer off the property. Police gave her the opportunity to leave with her friends, but she refused to take it. Also, she had no phone or wallet to get a hotel or a ride. Due to her signs of visible intoxication, police placed her in custody for public intoxication and transported her to booking.

Daniel Jones jailed for public intoxication after fight with his father

22-year-old Daniel Jones was on the sidewalk when police arrived in response to a fight involving him and his father. Daniel was unsteady on his feet, had slurred speech, and smelled of alcohol, but his father was not present on the scene. He told police he was staying at his mother’s somewhere in Hendersonville but could not remember the exact location or how to get there. Also, he told them that he did not know his mother’s or stepfather’s phone numbers to get him there. Police asked if he wanted to go to the hospital or stay in a shelter; he refused. However, he said that he did not mind being arrested. He was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Musician Eric Rich charged with DUI after crash; had a “couple of drinks”

31-year-old Eric Thomas Rich was driving a vehicle involved in a car accident near the intersection of Lake Chateau Dr. and S New Hope Rd on September 21st. Police made contact with Eric, who reportedly reeked of alcohol and refused to move when asked for his information. When he decided to grab the information, police noticed he was unsteady and needed the car for support. He was flustered as he unsuccessfully looked for his registration and admitted to drinking a couple of drinks but could not say where or when through slurred speech. Police asked him to perform sobriety tests, but he refused nor wanted to do anything that would take him to court. They then asked him to turn around and put his hands behind his back, and he almost fell into the car. Police obtained a warrant for his blood since he refused, but he asked questions while the blood was drawn. The officers told him he could request additional testing, but he said his hospital is in Georgia, so he would not be impaired when they made it, admitting to the intoxication.