Kathleen Bailey assaults husband of 13 years, tells police she “slapped him around”

72-year-old Kathleen Bailey had a domestic dispute with her husband of 13 years, James Mosely, at Scott Valley Drive on December 23rd. Mosely called the police, advising them that he and Bailey had a verbal argument that turned physical. Bailey could be heard yelling in the background as he called the police a second time to give an update on their situation. Officers arrived and spoke with both parties separately. They observed visible swelling on Mosely’s left leg, but he refused medical attention. He stated he was unsure how he received the injury but informed them that Bailey struck him repeatedly and that he was willing to prosecute. Bailey told them that she grabbed him by the shirt and that after he allegedly hit her, she “slapped him around.” Due to her admission and his visible injuries, she was taken into custody for domestic assault.  

Pamela Semple blows 0.159% BAC after driving on wrong side of road

61-year-old Pamela Semple was driving an Infiniti sedan on the wrong side of McGavock Pike early Saturday morning. MNPD officers observed Pamela attempt to correct her driving by crossing over the concrete median barrier. They attempted to conduct a traffic stop, but she was slow to do so and needed to be informed through a loudspeaker to do so. Pamela was visibly intoxicated and admitted to having four vodka mixed drinks at the Music City Bar & Grill around 6 p.m. She performed poorly on sobriety tests. After she agreed to provide a breath sample, she blew a .159% BAC.