Man found guilty of public indecency after neighbor photographs him naked in the front yard

43-year-old Leon Allen was found guilty of public indecency after his neighbor photographed him lying nude in his front yard next to broken kitchen cabinets.

Lebanon woman charged when boyfriend says she bit his thigh after begging him not to leave

31-year-old Janeane Furness was charged with domestic assault after her boyfriend told police she grabbed his legs during an altercation and begged him not to leave, then bit his thigh when he tried to get away.

Man told officers “I guess I’ll catch an assault charge” when they tried to stop him; per report

34-year-old Gregory Knalls was charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and vandalism after he was found trying to break into vehicles, refused to listen to officers when they told him to stop, and kicked the window of a patrol vehicle.

Father charged with child abuse after girls say he hit one with a belt, attempted to smother another

38-year-old Robert Eskew was charged with two counts of child abuse when a woman called police after their 13-year-old daughters told her he had hit one girl with a belt and dragged the other by her hair before attempting to smother her.

Man threatens to kill girlfriend and her children as her father listens on phone line

feat Frazier, Trevarius

27-year-old Trevarius Frazier was charged with domestic assault after he pushed his girlfriend, called her a “bitch”, then threatened to kill her and her children.

Intoxicated man throws ex on ground; ex was worried he was going to call crack dealer

feat Wilkinson, Landon

22-year-old Landon Wilkinson was charged with domestic assault after he attempted to leave a party while intoxicated and threw his girlfriend to the ground when she tried to stop him.

Intoxicated man found in apartment he no longer resides at; charged with burglary

28-year-old Juan Ramos-Castro was charged with burglary after he went bar-hopping, drunkenly entered a woman’s apartment, kicked her back door in, and claimed he thought it was his home.

Man reportedly fires single shot at his mother’s boyfriend; charged with 3 counts of assault

31-year-old Christopher Nease was charged with three counts of aggravated assault after he reportedly fired a bullet at his mother’s boyfriend and their two neighbors.

Sisters fight after one accidentally locks the other’s child in car

27-year-old Destini Rains was charged with domestic assault after telling police she had a physical altercation with her sister for locking her child in the car, putting the sister in fear for her life.

Former missing teen admits to “beating” her child’s father because of their relationship situation

20-year-old Jade Mullen was charged with aggravated assault after she admitted to striking the father of her child with a metal flashlight multiple times in the face because of their relationship troubles.