Woman tells man “Come get your hoodie” assaults him, later kicks in his door & assaults him 2nd time in same day

Stephiana Garrett, 18, is charged with assault and felony aggravated burglary after she admitted to punching a man who she told to come get his hoodie from her apartment, and then went to his house, kicked through his door, and assaulted him a second time, later in the day.

Man charged with assaulting child w/NES switch re-arrested day after case dismissed, for new assault.

Just one day after his domestic assault of of a 2-year-old child case was dismissed for failure to prosecute, Laharles Frazier was arrested for a new domestic assault charge, after police say he punched a man in the head and chest multiple times.

Be glad your ex-girlfriend isn’t this crazy. Catlina Snoddy #Arrested

Eric Lange broke up with his troubled girlfriend 3 months ago, and since then she has been calling and texting him, despite being told to stop contact. Late Sunday she went full blown psycho, broke into his home, and waited in his bed. Eric wasn’t home yet, but late Sunday night he received an email from his ex-girlfriend, Catlina Taylor Snoddy, who is currently out on Community Corrections for killing a man. The email stated that she was in his house, waiting for him, in his bed. Eric contacted police,…

Lauren Green Tases Boyfriend when he tries to leave

Lauren Green blocked the door & tased her boyfriend when he tried to leave the residence in an effort to defuse an argument between them. She was arrested for assault. On Tuesday 03/22, MNPD responded to a domestic dispute in the overnight hours between Lauren Green and her boyfriend. Police arrived and interviewed both parties individually. According to the boyfriend, he and Green were in a verbal argument earlier, and he had “had enough” of it, and decided to leave the residence. His girlfriend, Green, blocked the door so he…