DUI: Evan Thornton tells officers he was too drunk to drive after vomiting on himself

29-year-old Evan Thornton passed out in his vehicle at Precision Plumbing Co. on June 6th. Witnesses stated that they found him unresponsive at the location and woke him up by knocking on the window. Upon arrival, officers spoke with Thornton, who said he was tired and pulled over to get some rest. During their interaction, he started belching and vomiting, so they prompted him with sobriety tests, which he consented to and performed poorly before not being able to complete them. Thornton admitted to taking his prescription anxiety medication, Mirtazapine, and drinking Bacardi and three margaritas the night before. When officers asked him if he was too intoxicated to drive, he responded, “Yeah, I was.” After being informed of implied consent, he agreed to provide them with a blood sample. During a subsequent search of his vehicle, officers discovered an empty Hennessy and Bacardi bottle and 35 hand-pressed red and green tablets in a plastic baggie. Thornton was taken then into custody for driving under the influence.

Oluwanifemi Fadero forces roommate onto second-story balcony during argument over cleaning

23-year-old Oluwanifemi Albert Fadero had a dispute with his roommate, Philip Olapade, at their shared Dr DB Todd Jr Boulevard residence on the morning of February 8th. Olapade reported that he and Fadero argued over cleaning the apartment. Fadero then grabbed and forced Olapade out of the apartment onto the second-story balcony, nearly causing him to fall. During this time, Olapade’s phone fell out of his hand and hit the ground, damaging it. Then, Olapade left to get the police. Officers spoke with Fadero when they arrived, and he confirmed Olapade’s statements, admitting to forcing him out of the house in anger. Olapade did not wish to prosecute for the incident. Due to his admission, Fadero was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Troinesha Henderson says boyfriend, Famous Kass, brought another woman home… told her to leave

20-year-old Troinesha Henderson says her boyfriend, Nashville rapper Famous Kass (aka Jaylin Patton), brought another girl to their home late Thursday night and told Troinesha she needed to leave. She stayed downstairs after Jaylin went upstairs with the unnamed female. Troinesha was packing her belongings the following morning when she began arguing with Jaylin as he came downstairs to get food. She says she was holding a machete “for self-defense” purposes and began swinging it at Jaylin, leaving some cuts and scratches on him. Jaylin took the blade from her and stored it atop the kitchen cabinets, and placed her outside of the front door, along with all of her belongings, before locking the door. Troinesha called 911, but was also determined to be the primary aggressor and was taken to jail. 

Man throws shoe on Broadway after drinking at Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row— Brian Best

Metro Police say 26-year-old Brian Best tossed his friend’s shoe into a crowd of people walking on Broadway in downtown Nashville after he had been drinking at Honky Tonk Central. He initially came to the attention of police after fighting with another person over an Uber ride, but the other person left the area when police arrived. Brian continued to shout and curse at police, and refused attempts to calm the situation. His girlfriend, Amberly Comeau confirmed he was intoxicated to police.