Keegan Foster charged in ‘assault’ of bouncer at Honky Tonk Central

26-year-old Keegan Foster says washed-up law enforcement officer turned club bouncer Ryan Burlesci grabbed him and threw him to the ground as he was being escorted out of Honky Tonk Central later Saturday night. Foster says he then threw the bouncer’s hat off his head in retaliation. Burlesci says he was pushed in the chest. Foster was taken into custody and charged with assault, via private prosecution.

Jared Scott: “I’m pretty drunk and probably won’t remember this in the morning”

31-year-old Jared Scott wasn’t ready to leave Honky Tonk Central as they were closing in the early hours of Friday morning and threw his drink on a bouncer who informed him it was closing time. He then attempted to take the bouncer, Mark Johnny Thomas, to the ground as he was being escorted out of the venue. He was cuffed and yelling and screaming when Metro Nashville Police arrived and told them he was ready to go to jail. He continued that he was “pretty drunk” and “probably won’t remember any of this in the morning.” No worries, Jared, we even got you a photo for your scrapbook.

Andrew Birko bucked up on bouncers at Honky Tonk Central

23-year-old Andrew Birko was drunk and disorderly at Honky Tonk Central late Saturday night and eventually began to argue with security staff, getting in their face and their personal space. Multiple people flagged down Metro Nashville Police Officers after Birko refused to leave. He was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Austin Justice was (over) served in downtown Nashville

28-year-old Austin Justice was asked to leave Honky Tonk Central by a bartender late Friday night. When he refused, security became involved at attempted to escort him out of the venue. Not quite ready for his night to be over, Justice pushed the bouncer, Robert Flippen, in the chest and was detained after a brief struggle. Officers arrived at the scene and took Justice into custody. He was charged with public intoxication and assault.

Hunter Bagwell — drunk, disorderly, and armed in a downtown Nashville bar

24-year-old Hunter Bagwell of Waverly was kicked out of Honky Tonk Central on Broadway in downtown Nashville on New Year’s Eve due to his disorderly behavior. After he continued to re-enter the venue, Metro Nashville Police arrived to charge him with criminal trespassing. During a search incident to arrest, a loaded .22 cal revolver was located in his front jacket pocket.

Tourist Daniel Leja puts security manager in headlock during Honky Tonk Central brawl

40-year-old Daniel Leja was in a group of “unruly and intoxicated” patrons at Honky Tonk Central in the early hours of Saturday morning who were fighting and causing a ruckus. Security manager Cameron Moores left his office to assist the staff on the floor, and while directing patrons to leave, he was placed in a headlock by Leja. The other staff took Leja to the ground and detained him until police arrived.

Tourist Sean Sweeney bashes bouncer in head with beer bottle at Honky Tonk Central

34-year-old Sean Sweeney was upset as security at Honky Tonk Central was closing the 2nd floor late early Friday morning, demanding to know where his lost debit card was. The bouncer advised Sweeney should go back downstairs, where the venue management could assist with a lost car. Sweeny refused to leave the now-closed second floor on his own and was being escorted out by security when he grabbed a glass beer bottle from the bar and struck Samuel Gehrts on the head four times. Sweeney is charged with felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Jessica Leatherwood found passed out in bathroom of Honky Tonk Central, says husband left her at the bar

43-year-old Jessica Leatherwood was found passed out in the bathroom of Honky Tonk Central on Broadway in downtown Nashville in the early hours of Sunday morning. As Metro Nashville Police Officers arrived to check on her, she seemed very intoxicated and confused. She says she was at the bar with her husband, and he left her there. When officers attempted to assist her in getting back to her hotel, she became verbally aggressive and was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Julia Fellows deemed too drunk for downtown Nashville

Security from Honky Tonk Central on Broadway in downtown Nashville alerted officers working the Entertainment District to 22-year-old Julia Fellows who had fallen onto the ground as she exited the bar with her mother. Officers called for NFD medics to respond to assist Fellows and assess her injuries, however, she repeatedly kicked at police and medical personnel, refusing any and all assistance. Her mother stated she was unable to control her in her current state of intoxication and also couldn’t take her home in her current state. Due to her extreme level of intoxication, officers transported her to booking and charged her with public intoxication.

Kristin Walker charged after punching woman at Honky Tonk Central in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police responded to a fight at Honky Tonk Central and arrived to find the victim, Samantha Cowan, with a bloody nose. Security Staff witnessed the assault and pointed out 38-year-old Kristin Walker as the person who punched the victim in the face for no apparent reason when walking by her. Officers were in the process of issuing a misdemeanor citation when Walker made it clear she would not sign any citation. She was then taken into custody and charged with assault.