Matthew Winston trespasses at Greyhound Bus Station after being banned

25-year-old Matthew Colby Winston was taken into custody for criminal impersonation and criminal trespassing on April 3rd. Officers were dispatched to the Greyhound Bus Station on Representative John Lewis Way South. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the staff, who said they had kicked Winston out and banned him from the location earlier that night. Staff said Winston had snuck back inside at some point. Officers located him inside the bus station in the waiting area and detained him. Officers confirmed that Greyhound had a trespass waiver on file for Winston. Winston was taken into custody on April 3rd.

Luther Hatten calls Brookridge employee a “N*gger” for not letting him use cell phone

27-year-old Luther Hatten caused a disturbance at Brookridge on the afternoon of March 18th. James Houston Stevenson called the police, advising them that Hatten was trespassing and refusing to leave. Stevenson further explained that Hatten came into the office asking to use a cell phone, which he declined, then asked him to leave. Hatten, however, refused to leave and called him a “N*gger” repeatedly, staying on the premises even after he alerted the authorities. When officers arrived, they located Hatten, who was visibly upset and yelling outside the office, refusing to answer questions. Officers noticed he was highly intoxicated and became angrier as they asked him about the incident. Hatten was taken into custody for criminal trespass, disorderly conduct, and public intoxication. While being transported to booking, Hatten started kicking the window, roof, and door of the patrol car, causing damage to the camera mount, so he was additionally charged with vandalism.

Mark Cowart slips cuffs thanks to lube after pleasuring himself in Vanderbilt University Divinity Library

25-year-old Mark Cowart was booked on February 6th for m*sturbating at the Vanderbilt University Divinity Library. Officers responded to a report of a man on the second floor watching p*rnography on a library computer. Officers then received a second call that he was now actively m*sturbating. When officers arrived, they observed Cowart sitting at a computer watching p*rn, with his sweatpants pulled down and his hands in his boxers, actively m*sturbating. The officer tried to handcuff him, but he was able to slip away due to an unknown substance on both hands. When he was finally arrested, he admitted to m*sturbating inside the library because he was “h*rny.” At least seven people witnessed Cowart m*sturbating inside the library. Officers noted there was an M&M tube located near the computer, which contained a glass pipe and tobacco. He was then transported to the Downtown Detention Center for processing.

Tyler Dixon steals two 24-packs of Bud Light on Christmas Eve

39-year-old Tyler Dixon was caught stealing at the Shell Station on Hermitage Avenue late Christmas Eve. Johnisha Denise Hodges, a Shell Station employee, advised officers that a black male dressed as a woman walked into the store, grabbed two 24-packs of Bud Light, and exited without paying for them. She stated the store has an active trespass file regarding Dixon and is seeking prosecution for trespassing and theft. Officers observed him walking down Almond Street carrying the Bud Light, which he later admitted to stealing. They found a glass pipe in his purse during a subsequent search, and he told them it was used to smoke crack cocaine. Additionally, they were notified about an arrest warrant he has out of Bedford County. Dixon was taken into custody for theft of merchandise, criminal trespass, and possession of unlawful drug paraphernalia on December 25th.

Street Racer Adriel Lopez jailed after fleeing from police at sideshow

The Traffic Division was conducting the Street Racer Initiative on August 12th, and around 8pm at Corporate Place, 150 vehicles and at least 400 individuals were observed conducting illegal activities that occasionally resulted in a pedestrian being struck or damage to the parking lot. Vehicles began to flee before the 19-year-old Adriel Lopez was flagged down and commanded to shut his 2012 white Infiniti G37 off. Officers observed the license plate of the vehicle before Lopez fled. A warrant was issued for his arrest, and he was booked on that warrant this week.

George Levine founding roaming inside restricted areas of Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital

28-year-old George Levine was reportedly roaming around Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital Tuesday afternoon. Vanderbilt Police contacted George, who staff said snuck into the hospital through the back loading dock door. After that, he began entering into restricted areas through stairwells without permission to do so. He ignored staff who attempted to talk to him, causing a disturbance. Eventually, they helped George out of the hospital and to Vanderbilt University Police. He then ignored the police, who arrested him because he had no reason to be on the property.

West Virginian Matthew Blankenship vomits in bathroom at Nickelback show in Nashville; refuses to leave

23-year-old Matthew Blankenship was trespassed from Bridgestone Arena when he refused to leave the Nickelback concert on August 1. MNPD officers arrived at Bridgestone Arena to remove an individual refusing to obey security. Police spoke to security, who said Matthew was vomiting in the bathroom and refusing to leave. Matthew refused any medical help and admitted to police that he had seven or eight shots as well as a flask of Jim Beam.

Andrew Boone deemed too drunk for Kid Rock’s bar in downtown Nashville

30-year-old Andrew Boone was jailed on June 27th after refusing to leave Kid Rock’s bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville. When police arrived, Boone was already detained in handcuffs by security. Security told police that Boone had been escorted out of the bar and returned several times despite being told not to come back. Boone spoke fast and wasn’t making much sense as he told police that he drank at least two beers. Police could smell alcohol coming from his body, saw his eyes were red and watery, and determined him a danger to himself.

Beatrice Heger squats and poops in the middle of Nashville Dollar General store

Police say 57-year-old Beatrice Heger was at the Dollar General on E. Thompson Lane on June 6 when she defecated on the floor in the middle of the store. She then went to exit the store and, once at the door, pulled down her pants, bent over, and spread her cheeks to expose herself once again to everyone in the store. She was gone from the store when police arrived but was located the following day in the parking lot yelling at police. Officers demanded she stops and told her she was under arrest. Heger fled from police on foot, running across Murfreesboro Pike. Once she crossed the intersection, officers lost track of her, and she fled. Later that day, officers located Heger and took her into custody, but not before she punched a citizen in the face in a nearby parking lot.

Tourist Tiffany Densch refuses to leave Honky Tonk Central after being bounced from bar

42-year-old tourist Tiffany Densch was causing a disorderly disturbance at Honky Tonk Central on Broadway in downtown Nashville on May 21 when security asked her to leave the bar. She continued to refuse to leave, even when Metro Nashville Police arrived after being flagged down by venue security. She was given another opportunity by officers and continued to refuse. She was taken into custody and charged with criminal trespass.