West Virginian Matthew Blankenship vomits in bathroom at Nickelback show in Nashville; refuses to leave

23-year-old Matthew Blankenship was trespassed from Bridgestone Arena when he refused to leave the Nickelback concert on August 1. MNPD officers arrived at Bridgestone Arena to remove an individual refusing to obey security. Police spoke to security, who said Matthew was vomiting in the bathroom and refusing to leave. Matthew refused any medical help and admitted to police that he had seven or eight shots as well as a flask of Jim Beam.

Andrew Boone deemed too drunk for Kid Rock’s bar in downtown Nashville

30-year-old Andrew Boone was jailed on June 27th after refusing to leave Kid Rock’s bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville. When police arrived, Boone was already detained in handcuffs by security. Security told police that Boone had been escorted out of the bar and returned several times despite being told not to come back. Boone spoke fast and wasn’t making much sense as he told police that he drank at least two beers. Police could smell alcohol coming from his body, saw his eyes were red and watery, and determined him a danger to himself.

Beatrice Heger squats and poops in the middle of Nashville Dollar General store

Police say 57-year-old Beatrice Heger was at the Dollar General on E. Thompson Lane on June 6 when she defecated on the floor in the middle of the store. She then went to exit the store and, once at the door, pulled down her pants, bent over, and spread her cheeks to expose herself once again to everyone in the store. She was gone from the store when police arrived but was located the following day in the parking lot yelling at police. Officers demanded she stops and told her she was under arrest. Heger fled from police on foot, running across Murfreesboro Pike. Once she crossed the intersection, officers lost track of her, and she fled. Later that day, officers located Heger and took her into custody, but not before she punched a citizen in the face in a nearby parking lot.

Tourist Tiffany Densch refuses to leave Honky Tonk Central after being bounced from bar

42-year-old tourist Tiffany Densch was causing a disorderly disturbance at Honky Tonk Central on Broadway in downtown Nashville on May 21 when security asked her to leave the bar. She continued to refuse to leave, even when Metro Nashville Police arrived after being flagged down by venue security. She was given another opportunity by officers and continued to refuse. She was taken into custody and charged with criminal trespass.

Kevin Denton jailed; charged with aggravated criminal trespass into ex-girlfriend’s apartment complex

55-year-old Kevin Denton was jailed Tuesday on an outstanding warrant from February, charging him with aggravated trespass. Denton is the millionaire ‘other half’ of the troubled relationship with Monica Harasim, who we covered earlier in the month as she violated an order of protection. Denton’s aggravated trespassing charge stems from a February incident after he took a vehicle he reportedly gifted her during the relationship. Their relationship ended on Valentine’s Day, and the following day emails were exchanged in which he acknowledged he was no longer welcome at Monica’s apartment complex.

On February 28, Denton is observed on video surveillance entering the apartment using a key fob of unknown origin to enter the complex, going up an elevator, and getting off on the victim’s floor. Later video shows him exiting the parking garage and driving a vehicle he gifted her during the relationship. As the vehicle was titled in both of their names, Dentong was only charged with aggravated trespass for gaining access to the victim’s apartment without permission. Monica says she is in fear of how he obtained a key fob that allowed him access.

It took five MNPD Entertainment District officers to arrest Jessica Barnhill outside Jason Aldean’s bar

Metro Nashville Police say it took five of their Entertainment District Unt Officers to place 23-year-old Jessica Barnhill into the back of a patrol car after she was kicked out of Jason Aldean’s bar early Sunday morning. She continued to attempt to re-enter the bar and was causing a disturbance to other patrons, which is why police initially became involved.

Tyler McDuffie booted from Kid Rock’s Bar in downtown Nashville

23-year-old Tyler McDuffie was kicked out of Kid Rocks’s bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville just before 1 a.m. Saturday after assaulting security staff. After being trespassed from the venue, McDuffie returned while extremely intoxicated. Nearby officers took him into custody and charged him with criminal trespass.

Ning Wang continues to show up at ex-wife’s home, refuses to leave

54-year-old Ning Wang is charged with aggravated criminal trespass after police say he showed up at the back door of his ex-wife’s residence on Tyne Blvd and refused to leave on November 2nd. He continued to knock on the back door, demanding to be let in, despite having not lived there in quite some time. Officers responded to similar incidents several times this year, the most recent in October, and Wang understood he was not allowed to be on the property but continued to return.

Brad Price attempts to trade a $20 bill for his freedom from Metro Nashville Police

39-year-old Brad Price and his friend Cody Stout, who were both visiting from Ohio, were kicked out of a Broadway bar Saturday evening and returned later in the night, attempting to re-enter the bar while causing a disturbance with staff. Security alerted police, who attempted to place Price into custody for trespassing. He initially walked away from officers and then attempted to place a $20 bill in the pocket of the arresting officer in an attempt to walk away from the situation. During a search incident to arrest, a white powdery substance believed to be cocaine was located in a baggie in Price’s pocket.

Rikaia Jackson arrested after refusing to pay for room or leave the property of a Nashville Hotel

Metro Nashville Police were dispatched to the Millennium Maxwell House Hotel in North Nashville Tuesday after 22-year-old Rikaia Jackson refused to pay for her room. The manager informed her she would be trespassed if she did not leave the property or pay for her room, and police say she declined both options. She was given multiple opportunities to gather her belonging and leave and was eventually taken into custody and charged with criminal trespass when she remained on the property without paying.