Matthew Winston trespasses at Greyhound Bus Station after being banned

25-year-old Matthew Colby Winston was taken into custody for criminal impersonation and criminal trespassing on April 3rd. Officers were dispatched to the Greyhound Bus Station on Representative John Lewis Way South. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the staff, who said they had kicked Winston out and banned him from the location earlier that night. Staff said Winston had snuck back inside at some point. Officers located him inside the bus station in the waiting area and detained him. Officers confirmed that Greyhound had a trespass waiver on file for Winston. Winston was taken into custody on April 3rd.

Employee Jon Quest Parker assaults Greyhound Passenger who records his rudeness

A Greyhound bus passenger was upset about a delay in Nashville on July 23rd and was asking staff about being compensated for the delay. 27-year-old employee Jon Quest Parker demanded she step aside and that she would not be getting back on the bus. As she began to record the interaction with her cell phone, Parker became upset and told her she was not allowed to videotape inside the facility as it was against policy. When she refused to stop, Parker called the police, and while waiting for officers to arrive, he walked past the victim in what is described as a “clearly irritated” manner and struck her in the right forearm, purposefully knocking the phone from her hand. He was cited for assault and was booked on that citation this week.