Man found hiding under bed taken into custody for outstanding domestic assault warrant

27-year-old Quyane Johnson was charged with domestic assault, vandalism, evading arrest, and contempt after he punched his ex-girlfriend in the mouth as she was trying to move out then attempted to evade police by hiding under a bed when officers were serving his warrant.

Man charged after jumping on wall of a bridge, stumbling into traffic during DUI stop

23-year-old Tristan French was charged with public intoxication after he was found to be the passenger of a vehicle involved in a DUI arrest and officers found him to be argumentative after he jumped on top of the wall of a bridge and then stumbled into traffic.

Man charged for choking girlfriend and grabbing nurse’s breast

23-year-old Emmanuel Castillo-Rodriguez was charged with aggravated assault by strangulation and assault of a healthcare provider after he put his girlfriend in a chokehold from behind while he was drunk and assaulted a nurse attempting to help restrain him at the hospital, per the affidavit.

Nashville teen busted with nearly $3000 cash and 42 grams of marijuana in his pants

18-year-old Kenneth Dyer was charged with possession of marijuana with intent after police pulled over the vehicle he was riding in and searched his person to find over $2800 cash in bundles and over 42 grams of marijuana in separate bags in his pants.

Woman shatters father’s window and cuts girlfriend with box cutters in separate incidents

29-year-old Lacey Stone was charged with vandalism and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after she shattered a window at her father’s house and cut her girlfriend with a pair of box cutters.

Woman chokes man with cell phone cord; tells police she is being attacked

33-year-old Tiara Bradley was charged with domestic assault after she called police stating she was being attacked, but an investigation revealed she was actually the attacker.

Woman hits husband with hairbrush over canceled Amazon order; charged with domestic assault

37-year-old Kimberly Lampley was charged with domestic assault after she struck her husband in the face and continued the attack by hitting him with a hairbrush, per the affidavit.

Man charged with assault for pushing girlfriend into door

32-year-old Matthew Hoggatt was charged with domestic assault after he pushed his girlfriend into a door during an argument, per the affidavit.

Old Hickory man violates restraining order and threatens to kill ex-girlfriend

47-year-old Mark Williams was charged with harassment, vandalism, and violating an order of protection after he continued to contact his ex-girlfriend and threatened to kill her, per report.

Woman threatens ex-boyfriend, shows up to his job, and continues to violate order of protection

21-year-old Timiesha Jones was charged with two counts of violating an order of protection when she continued to contact her ex-boyfriend after a restraining order was obtained and created Facebook posts stating that he was molesting a 7-year-old girl.