David Herrera-Andino shoots man in face during altercation, leaves him in critical condition

21-year-old David Herrera-Andino was taken into custody on April 11th for an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon that had occurred at a Preserve Circle residence on March 24th. Andino had shot and hit Brillian Amilcar Mercado-Nunez in the face. Andino then fled the scene by having Karla Dayanne Hernandez-Reyes pick him up. Officers on the scene rendered medical aid until paramedics arrived and transported Nunez to Vanderbilt Medical Center, where he was in critical condition. Detectives identified Andino as the shooter via several individuals who were inside the residence during the shooting, and he has since admitted to firing the handgun and shooting Nunez in the face.

Melvin Lang strangles wife during argument, threatens to kill her

52-year-old Melvin Lang was involved in a domestic altercation with his wife of 12 years, Julia Lang, at their residence on 1st Avenue North on April 5th. Julia stated that Melvin choked her before he left and informed officers that Melvin left her on Broadway the previous night, so they had an argument about it today. Julia advised that one second, she was standing up, and then another, she was on the ground, mounted by Melvin before he began strangling her. Julia stated that the strangulation lasted around one minute, so she thought that her husband was going to kill her. Melvin proceeded to tell Julia, “he didn’t care, and he would her.” Julia fought Melvin off by scratching and biting him while crying frantically. Melvin was then taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault.

18-year-old Karla Hernandez-Reyes jailed after being getaway driver for shooter

18-year-old Karla Dayana Hernandez-Reyes was taken into custody for the facilitation of aggravated assault on April 11th. On March 24th, around 6:33 a.m., the police received a call regarding a shooting at a Preserve Circle residence. When officers arrived, they located Brillian Amilcar Mercado-Nunez with a gunshot wound to his face, so they rendered aid until medics showed up to transport him to Vanderbilt Medical Center. Detectives were advised of the incident and investigated, during which they observed a large amount of blood on the couch and living room floor. They spoke with multiple people who were inside during the shooting and identified Hernandez-Reyes as the individual who drove the shooter to and from the scene, helping him escape.

David Sharp strangles girlfriend because she wants to see her daughter

49-year-old David Sharp was involved in a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Candice Briggs, at Aaronwood Drive on April 8th. Officers arrived and made contact with Briggs inside the house, hugging a chair and crying. Candice was asked what happened but would continue to lie on the ground and cry. Candice eventually spoke to officers and told them that an issue had been going on for a few days and that she had called before. However, this address has not contacted law enforcement in the last 48 hours. Candice explained that an argument started when she told Sharp she wanted to see her daughter. When the couple got back home, they consumed some alcoholic beverages. During the argument, Sharp slammed Candice’s head on the ground. Candice also told officers that Sharp strangled her, which made her blackout. A medic on the scene observed Briggs’s injuries and saw redness around Candice’s neck and chest, a long scratch on her neck, as well as broken nails on her fingers. Sharp told officers that there was a verbal argument, but the only time that he put his hands on her was when he helped her from the car because she was intoxicated. David Sharp was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault and aggravated assault.

DUI: extremely intoxicated Harrison Massey punches girlfriend in face

25-year-old Harrison Massey had a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Liberty Clark, in their apartment at The Guthrie North Gulch on April 9th. Upon arrival, officers spoke with Clark, who advised that Massey was extremely intoxicated and was arguing with her, during which he grabbed a butcher knife and ran into the bathroom where she was. She said he laughed, put the knife down, punched her in the face, and chased her outside to the courtyard of the apartment complex. Witnesses heard her screaming and crying and went to help her. During this, Massey left the area. Clark then told them that he was suicidal, an alcoholic, and threatened to shoot her in the face. While officers were interviewing Clark, Massey called, so she answered and put the call on speaker for them to hear. During the call, he started crying hysterically and kept repeating, “I am sorry.” He then stated, “Just shoot me in the fucking face.”

Officers pleaded with Massey to come downstairs and unarmed and speak with them. Massey agreed but got into his vehicle and drove toward the entrance of the apartment complex, where he swerved twice and almost hit another vehicle. When Massey exited his vehicle, officers could smell the odor of alcohol emitting from his body and observed a liquor bottle in the back seat along with a gun under the driver’s seat.

Taylor Wackrow chases boyfriend with knife after argument at dinner, tells police it was “self-defense”

29-year-old Taylor Rose Wackrow had a domestic altercation with her boyfriend, Robert Todd Gant, at their Towne Nashville Apartment on Garfield Street late April 6th. Gant alerted the authorities, and they were dispatched to Rosa Parks Boulevard. Upon arrival, officers noticed his shirt had been shredded and that he had a visible two-inch scratch on his left elbow. Gant refused medical attention, advised officers that he and Wackrow were at dinner, and argued over the check. Once they got back to their apartment, their argument continued. Gant stated that Wackrow was recording him, which upset him, so he grabbed her phone and entered the kitchen. While in the kitchen, he said she grabbed a large steak knife and started swinging it at him and chasing him around, shredding his shirt. Gant added that he was afraid for his life as he ran away from Wackrow. Officers then went to their apartment and spoke to Wackrow, who corroborated his statement, adding she grabbed the knife in “self-defense.” However, Wackrow could not explain how she was defending herself while she was chasing him. Wackrow then showed officers the knife she used to cut Gant’s shirt. Wackrow was taken into custody for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Nashville Realtor Auston Snyder strangles boyfriend for flushing pills down toilet

28-year-old Nashville realtor Auston Bradley Snyder with Destination Finders International had a domestic incident with his boyfriend, James Kevin Kortz, and his grandma, Marilyn Malone, at their Hillmeade Drive residence in the early hours of April 2nd. Officers arrived at the location and spoke with Kortz, who advised that Malone lived with him and his fiance. He added that Snyder had a history of prescription pill abuse and mental illness.

Snyder became angry when he got home and discovered Kortz had flushed all his unprescribed pills down the toilet and had thrown away his marijuana, which sparked an argument that got so heated they ended up locking him out on the balcony for two hours. When they released him, he went to his bedroom to pack a bag, where Kortz asked him to give him his engagement ring back since they were now broken up. Snyder then attacked Kortz, placing both hands around his throat and forcing him to the bed and then onto the floor.

Malone said she started hitting him to get him off Kortz, but he pushed her away. Kortz explained that he had to fight back and that the altercation ended when he hit him on the head with a clock. Snyder left the scene after pushing Kortz into a lamp. Kortz had multiple scratches and bruises on his arms, chest, and face. Snyder was taken into custody for aggravated and domestic assault.

Local DJ Deer Emerson drunkenly assaults multiple people with rocks at Night We Met nightclub

33-year-old local DJ Deer Emerson was involved in a domestic altercation with her girlfriend, Beronica Crosby, at the Night We Met nightclub on 12th Avenue North on March 31st. When officers arrived at the location, they came into contact with Emerson, who was blatantly intoxicated and holding a rock in each hand. Witnesses at the scene state that Emerson was aggressive and tried to hit people with rocks. Emerson attempted to run away from officers but fell after a short distance. One of the witnesses, Walter Blackman, informed officers that he saw Emerson punch Crosby in the head while they were in front of the bar.

A security guard, Victor Hatcher, told officers he received a call regarding the altercation. Hatcher stated that he observed Emerson attempting to hit Crosby after getting aggressive with her in the parking lot. Before Emerson could land the hit, Hatcher held her down. Emerson retaliated by kicking Hatcher multiple times and attempting to strike him with a rock. During the scuffle, Emerson bit Hatcher on the arm. Officers contacted Crosby, who did not want to answer any questions. Crosby also appeared intoxicated and ended up leaving the scene before the investigation was over. Crosby didn’t have any visible injuries, but she seemed to have been in a physical altercation. Emerson was taken into custody, where she was actively resistant and refused to get into the police car. During a search of her person, a small baggie of suspected powder cocaine was found in her pocket. Deer Emerson was then transported and charged with assault of an officer, domestic assault, possession or causal exchange, public intoxication, resisting arrest, and two counts of aggravated assault.

Christopher Grace drunkenly strangles, spits on intimate partner during argument about Airbnb

46-year-old Christopher Grace was involved in a domestic altercation with his intimate partner, Christal McDowell, at their Village 21 Airbnb on March 31st. When officers arrived at the mentioned location, they contacted McDowell, who stated that she and Grace had argued about their bedroom in the Airbnb. At some point during the argument, Grace pushed McDowell onto the bed and proceeded to mount and strangle her. While strangling McDowell, Grace got close to her face and spat on her. McDowell bit Grace’s lip to protect herself, causing him to disengage.

While speaking to McDowell, officers observed visible bruises on her legs, redness on her chest, and blood on her lip. The officers then spoke with McDowell’s 18-year-old son, who witnessed the incident. He stated that he heard loud arguing, causing him to enter their bedroom. When he entered, he observed Grace strangling his mother and said that he could hear a gurgling sound coming from her. During the investigation, officers found blood on the bed pillow as well as the sheets. When officers questioned Grace, he said that he and McDowell got into an argument that resulted in him being on top of her. Grace stated that he never assaulted or strangled McDowell. Grace, while speaking to officers, appeared to be intoxicated. Christopher Grace was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

Patient goes wild at Centennial Hospital: Kristian Overton puts doctor in “chokehold”

21-year-old Kristian Overton had an altercation with a doctor in the emergency room, Daniel James Morris, at Centennial Hospital in the early hours of March 30th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Morris, who stated that Overton was admitted for a medical-related incident and was highly intoxicated. While Morris was treating Overton, he was uncooperative, ignoring orders to remain in bed. Shortly after, Overton told hospital staff he needed to use the restroom, or he would go all over the room. Hospital staff assisted Overton to the bathroom, during which he became verbally combative. Overton began threatening staff and “squirming” on the ground. Morris and other staff members then tried helping Overton back to his bed. Overton started to fight with staff, prompting them to carry him to his room. During the scuffle, Morris stated that Overton placed his arm around his neck, trying to “choke” him, and after he broke free, staff placed Overton in the bed. While they were placing Overton down, he bit Morris on top of his right hand, leaving a visible wound. Several hospital employees advised officers that they witnessed Overton put Dr. Morris in a “chokehold” and bite him. Morris wished to prosecute for the assault. Overton was taken into custody for aggravated assault on March 30th.