Nashville woman attempts to incinerate vehicle at Robin Hood Tires

33-year-old Gabrielle Bailey was charged with aggravated assault, violating an order of protection, and bond forfeiture after throwing gasoline onto a man’s vehicle while in the parking lot of a North Nashville tire shop in an attempt to burn him.

Spitter tells woman “I’m a nasty b-tch” before pulling knife, tries to hit her with vehicle

38-year-old Meridith Price was charged with two counts aggravated assault when she was accused of spitting toward a woman, pulling a knife on her and then trying to hit her with her vehicle, per report.

Father stabs woman with a fork, hijacks vehicle with infant child inside

21-year-old Malik White was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated robbery, custodial interference, and theft after hijacking a Jeep Compass in order to see his 10-month-old child. Prior to commandeering the vehicle, he reportedly threatened and stabbed a woman multiple times with a fork.

Zaxby’s employee attempts to stab coworker with kitchen knife

18-year-old Kionna Clark was charged with aggravated assault after attempting to thrust a 12-inch kitchen knife into a coworker at a Watkins Park Zaxby’s restaurant. Clark later stated to police that, if she were given the chance, she would have stabbed the man.

Boyfriend attacks woman three times, tells her “Every time I see you I am going to fight you”

33-year-old Curtis Gordon was charged with two counts of domestic assault, theft of property, and aggravated assault by strangulation after he hit his girlfriend in the face in March when she tried to leave. In May, he attacked her twice and blackened her eye, bruised her arms and face, and strangled her.

Man argues with girlfriend about driving her car, knocks her unconscious

28-year-old Christopher Malone was charged with aggravated assault after knocking his girlfriend unconscious during an altercation at AutoZone. When she regained consciousness, she experienced pain in her abdomen alongside visible cuts and gashes on her face from the attack.

Wife strikes man with a rolling pin during dispute

31-year-old Hanadi Kaifo was charged with aggravated assault after striking her husband numerous times with a rolling pin during an argument. Law enforcement noticed injuries sustained to both arms of Kaifo’s husband from the attack.

Woman hits her boyfriend’s ex-wife with her vehicle; 10-year-old son forced to watch

39-year-old Erin Rudolph Walton was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after she drove into her boyfriend’s ex-wife with her 10-year-old son in the vehicle.

Woman violates release conditions, caught in fight with husband after stabbing incident

55-year-old Denyce Jones was charged with resisting arrest and a violation of her conditional release after a domestic disturbance in an apartment. Jones’ violation stems from reportedly attempting to stab her husband when coming home from church back in December.

Nolensville man accused of strangling partner when she suggested he get a job

42-year-old Zachary Ryan was charged with aggravated assault by strangulation when a woman who may be either his wife or fiance, told officers they were drinking all day and he cut off her breathing with his forearm when she suggested he get a job.