Nikitah Skyy charged with broomstick assault at Franklin Pike party

22-year-old Nikitah Skyy posted a video of her hitting a woman in the head with a metal broomstick at a party on Franklin Pike on social media on August 14th, leading her to be arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Police were approached by the victim’s, Tyra Melton, friends at the party on August 11th when they arrived to a call of a fight involving a weapon. They said Tyra had been struck in the head, and police observed that she had severe bleeding from a cut on her head and seemed in extreme pain. At the time of this report, they said that Nikitah approached Tyra from behind and hit her, so they had no idea who hit her but could describe her. Tyra said that she ran away after being struck, and there was a small scuffle between her and Nikitah, but it was broken up by her friends. Four days later, they called the police again to report that Nikitah posted the video. Tyra stated that after she was treated on her own accord, the assault caused her to receive four stitches in her head.

Richard Erpelding knocks man unconscious in downtown fight; victim requires brain surgery

24-year-old Michigan tourist Richard Erpelding knocked a man unconscious during a fight at 1st & Broadway early Sunday morning. Erpelding reportedly was hitting on a female member of another group when one of her friends told him to stop and may have pushed him. Witnesses say Erpelding then punched the victim, Christopher Thompson, knocking him unconscious. He was transported to the hospital and had not regained consciousness at the time of the report. Doctors report he would have to have surgery due to an injury to his brain. 

Anthony Walker knocks uncle unconscious during argument over phone

41-year-old Anthony Walker fought his uncle in a dispute over a cell phone. His uncle, the victim, James Alexander, told police that he and Anthony were arguing over the phone when Anthony punched him several times. James was transported to Southern Hills Medical Hospital for treatment because he was knocked out from Anthony’s barrage of punches.

Ryan Taugher charged in felony aggravated assault of influencer girlfriend, McKinli Hatch

29-year-old Ryan Christopher Taugher was jailed in Nashville early Wednesday morning for the domestic assault of his social media influencer girlfriend, McKinli Hatch. There was an initial argument Tuesday night after Ryan became intoxicated and reportedly hit McKinli. She says he then tossed her clothes around the home and threw a piece of frozen candy at her. Still intoxicated, Ryan then threw a glass bottle at McKinli, which shattered across her buttocks, causing injuries and bleeding. She ran outside and called 911 and stated she had been hit and was being chased, but seconds later, he grabbed the phone and disconnected the call.

Officers responded to the hang-up call, but Ryan pulled her into the bushes, where they successfully hid from officers. The officers knocked on the door, but no one responded, so they pulled around the corner. Once they left the immediate area, he escorted her back into the home and threw her into a room. Due to their past, she was afraid she would be assaulted if she attempted to leave. He then made her text her family and tell them she was OK, as she had previously texted them for help. He then forced her to change out of her bloody clothing. She found a moment to escape out the front door, and he chased her as she screamed. The nearby officers heard the screaming and observed Ryan holding her as she struggled when they approached. The parties were separated, and Ryan Taugher was taken into custody

Donald Shane Hodges jailed on 2007 felony warrant for attempted aggravated assault of ex-wife’s paramour

42-year-old Donald Shane Hodges was booked on July 7th for an incident that took place in June of 2007, when he reportedly pulled up outside Matthew Land’s Job at the ‘Batman’ Building in downtown Nashville to confront him about the relationship he was having with his ex-wife. Matthew walked away and got into his car, and they both drove off. Hodges followed Matthew and tried to run him off the road on I-65 until he was able to exit the highway safely and contact police.

Jared Taylor charged with attempted murder of his infant daughter

25-year-old Jared Taylor is charged with the attempted murder of his infant daughter. The child’s grandmother heard crying at 7:30 p.m. on July 1 and walked in on Taylor while he was standing over the child. He was pressing the child’s head into the bed, appearing to suffocate her. She screamed at him, and he stopped but “appeared unfazed.” He initially claimed he was placing a blanket over the child, but later admitted he was trying to get her to stop crying. He stated he was “not using his full body weight because that would probably snap her neck.” Taylor is jailed in lieu of a $175,000 bond.

Dickson Police Captain Ronald Hobson charged in brutal assault during Kid Rock concert

56-year-old City of Dickson Police Captain Ronald Hobson is on administrative leave after being jailed in Nashville Saturday, charged with a felony aggravated assault that sent a man to the hospital. Hobson was attending the Kid Rock concert at Bridgestone Arena. According to a half-dozen witnesses who observed the incident, Hobson was standing at his seat neat the first row of section 102 and refused to sit down despite person after person telling him he was blocking their view of the concert. Another blocked patron, Gilbert Keifer, was two rows behind Hobson and also asked him to sit down as he was obstructing the view. Hobson then began a verbal argument with the victim. This quickly escalated as Hobson pushed him and grabbed him in a “full Nelson choke hold” before briefly releasing him. Hobson then grabbed him a second time and threw him down a set of stairs and over the railing. After the victim was on the ground, the police Captain then walked o him and kicked him several times while he was on the ground, unable to move. Police spoke with over a half-dozen witnesses who confirmed all of the events.

In a statement to Scoop: Nashville, the Dickson Police Department stated they are “aware of an incident involving one of its detectives at a concert in Nashville Saturday, July 8. Per department policy, Capt. Ron Hobson has been placed on administrative leave pending resolution of the investigation. A 20-year veteran of the department, Capt. Hobson is part of the Criminal Investigations/Narcotics Division.”

Florida man Adam Kien charged in brutal assault of woman in Nashville AirBNB

26-year-old Florida man Adam Kien was jailed on May 27th after brutally assaulting a woman he was with at an Airbnb on McFerrin Avenue in Nashville. Police spoke with Diana Becerril outside of the Airbnb, who said she and Kien were visiting Nashville. They had been out drinking and got into an argument that continued when they returned to the Airbnb. The argument turned violent when Kien pushed Diana onto the bedroom floor beside the bed and started kicking her in her side. He then pulled her to the bed and suffocated her with a pillow. Diana struggled to breathe but was able to get up at some point and run into the bathroom closet. Kien followed her into the closet and grabbed wooden hangers, hitting her repeatedly. When the hangers broke from the impact of hitting her body, he used the pieces to try and stab her. After Kien was finished assaulting Diana, he left, and she was able to get to a phone and call the police. When Kien realized Diana was on the phone with the police, he forced his way back inside, took the phone, and ran. Police were on the line when the phone was taken and were able to corroborate Diana’s statement.

Bobby Paul charged with aggravated assault of ex-boyfriend Matthew Tidwell

52-year-old Bobby Paul is charged with the assault of his ex-lover and current roommate, Matthew Tidwell. Police say that on May 27, Paul punched Tidwell in the face during an argument. The victim was then thrown against a wall and struck again before being thrown on the floor, with Paul standing over him to continue the assault. A home security camera captured the assault and was viewed by officers.

Justin Shull assaults his mother’s boyfriend with a stick

24-year-old Justin Shull was jailed on May 26 after assaulting his mother’s boyfriend with a stick. Officers responded to the Murfreesboro Pike residence, where Shull had already fled the scene. Roy Duke told police Shull assaulted him with a stick and then smashed out both headlights and one taillight of his yellow Ford Ranger. Officers observed broken lights and plastic on the ground and located Shull and took him into custody.