Melony Motley punches boyfriend in face eight times during drunken domestic assault

31-year-old Melony Motley argued with her boyfriend after drinking at a residence on Zermatt Ave on September 26th. Her boyfriend, Jonathan Harper, told police that Melony broke his mirror and television. He said that she punched him in the head at approximately eight times. Police noted the broken mirror, broken television, a large bump on Johnathan’s forehead, and his ear bleeding. She was deemed the primary aggressor and taken into custody.

Ashly Cruz, 18, jailed after her mother finds her marijuana stash in her room

On the morning of September 25th, Leticia Cruz found a stash of marijuana in her household belonging to her daughter, 18-year-old Ashly Cruz. Leticia then threw the marijuana away. Later that night, it was reported that Ashly began to vandalize the property in retaliation. Ashly shattered her mom’s bedroom window, destroyed her makeup, destroyed two pairs of her pajamas, and dumped all her shampoo in her shower, causing $380 in damages.

Nicholas Newman charged in assault of father who was attempting to help him

18-year-old Nicholas Newman ran out of gas on I65 and called his father for help when an argument ensued Wednesday. The father, Burton Newman, reported the incident at a local hospital Wednesday night, and police spoke with him about the incident. He said after he arrived, and they argued, Nicholas punched him in the leg and hit his car with a gas can. Police noted a bruise on Burton’s calve, a crack in his windshield, and minor dents in his car. Police went to I65 to find Nicholas but could not locate him. No one witnessed the vandalism; they both refused services, and Burton said he was unsure if he wanted to prosecute. Police prosecuted on Burton’s behalf due to the bruise on his leg.

Amya Johnson kicks in front door of boyfriend’s house after seeing him with another woman

19-year-old Amya Johnson saw her boyfriend, Jayemus Daniels, with another girl, Jayemus told police, which caused an argument between them on July 7th at a residence on Baldwin Ct. He said Amya kicked in the front door after he went inside to avoid the argument. Police noted that there was damage to the door frame and that Amya wasn’t at the scene when they arrived. They attempted to contact Amya, but she said she had a video shoot to go to but would contact them later. She was arrested for the vandalism charge on September 20th.

David Johnson goes bananas over fruit stand, destroys man’s way of making a living

48-year-old David Johnson told police he didn’t like that Diego Jimenez had a fruit stand in a public area near his property on Antioch Pike. Late Sunday night, Johnson parked his vehicle next to the fruit vendor’s stand and began to throw and destroy all of the fruit from the canopied cart. He then picked up the table and canopy and flipped them over, destroying the entire fruit stand and all of the product, which was estimated to be $3,000 in damages. Due to the felony amount of the vandalism, Johnson was taken into custody and transported to booking. 

Camron Ellis charged in assault of boyfriend, rips TV from wall, stomps it

20-year-old Camron Ellis was jailed Sunday morning after police responded to Woodale Lane and spoke with Aaron Mitchell, who advised that he and Ellis had been together for a year. He said Ellis had been drinking and wanted to go out to a club, but Mitchell didn’t want to go out; he wanted to go to bed. Ellis kept talking and wouldn’t leave him alone, so he ignored him. When Ellis realized he was being ignored, he became angry and started packing up his belongings to leave. In the process of packing, Ellis broke Mitchell’s ceramic toothbrush holder in the bathroom. He then walked into the bedroom yelling, grabbed the water tank from a dehumidifier, and hit it against the headboard, stating to Mitchell, “You don’t think I’ll hit you with this?”

That’s when Mitchell called 911, and Ellis went upstairs, ripped the TV off the wall mount, and stepped on it. Mitchell explained that the TV belonged to him, and he had it for 2-3 years. The police observed the broken toothbrush holder, droplets of water from the de-humidifier, and the damaged TV and photographed all of it as evidence. There was also damage to the ceiling and walls from Ellis ripping out the mount. When officers tried to speak with Ellis, he wouldn’t cooperate and stated he just wanted to leave. He also refused to identify himself. Ellis was determined to be the primary aggressor and taken into custody.

Brock Gibson jailed after grabbing woman’s butt, another’s vagina, at Tequila Cowboy

40-year-old Brock Gibson reportedly grabbed a woman’s butt and another woman’s vagina outside Tequila Cowboy on August 26th. The woman, Delaina Young, told police after they were flagged down outside Honky Tonk Central that she felt someone grab her butt as she was walking outside the Tequila Cowboy. She turned around and saw Brock standing behind her, then watched him grab another woman “by the v*gina”. Witness Shacarolyn Alexander said that she watched Brock grab Delaina’s butt and the other woman’s vagina. The other woman walked away and was not present to report on the situation. Police made contact with Brock, who showed signs of being visibly intoxicated. He was placed into custody for sexual battery and public intoxication. While in transport, Brock spit on the back window of the patrol car and then vomited in the back seat. Police pulled him out of the vehicle and waited for Brock to feel okay before continuing transport. After they resumed transporting Brock, he puked all over the back of the car again.

Cayley Phillips bites an officer who arrested her for DUI; after her parents turned her in to police

24-year-old Cayley Phillips was driving on Briley Parkway early Friday morning when her parents called police and asked them to conduct a welfare check on her, as they believed she may be intoxicated. Officers located Phillips, who was visibly intoxicated. She initially stated she was “just emotional” but later admitted to consuming “three shots” earlier in the evening. She consented to a breathalyzer but became physically aggressive and verbally abusive when she was woken up to provide the sample. During booking, she began to fight officers and bit one on the arm during the struggle. She then broke some of his equipment. 

Kearea Ward breaks through front door into home, claims it was the wrong house

33-year-old Kearea Ward used her shoulder to bust through the front door of the home of Connor Haseley and Ali Hutchinson just after 5 a.m. Sunday, setting off their ring doorbell alarm and waking them up. They called down to Ward to tell her to leave their property, causing her to flee the residence. Officers issued a BOLO, and nearby officers located Ward walking away from the neighborhood. She was taken into custody and during questioning admitted she pushed into the home, claiming she believed it belonged to her ex-boyfriend.

Alfred Trevor Webb breaks parking gate arm to exit garage without paying

32-year-old Alfred Trevor Webb was booked this week on an outstanding warrant, charging him with breaking an electronic parking gate arm in 2021, causing approximately $1,800 in damage. On August 26th, 2021, around 10:30 a.m. Alfred was observed in the parking garage on Rep. John Lewis Way getting out of his vehicle and lifting the electronic parking gate arm, breaking it, and causing $1,800 damage. He left later, having not paid for the parking, and all of the incident was observed on security footage. After the detective pulled the registration, they called the vehicle’s owner. They got ahold of a woman who said that she was only the cosigner and that the vehicle belonged to Alfred and his wife.