Woman shatters father’s window and cuts girlfriend with box cutters in separate incidents

29-year-old Lacey Stone was charged with vandalism and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after she shattered a window at her father’s house and cut her girlfriend with a pair of box cutters.

Old Hickory man violates restraining order and threatens to kill ex-girlfriend

47-year-old Mark Williams was charged with harassment, vandalism, and violating an order of protection after he continued to contact his ex-girlfriend and threatened to kill her, per report.

South Nashville woman charged after throwing things, giving man goose egg on his head

31-year-old Alicia Holcomb was charged with vandalism, domestic assault, and resisting arrest after a man reported that an argument escalated to her kicking his vehicle and throwing objects that left him with vehicle damage and a knot on his head.

Woman facing charges after throwing computer, tipping filing cabinet over eviction notice

47-year-old Cheryl Sebastion was charged with assault and vandalism after she confronted her apartment office manager about an eviction notice. Police say she threw a desktop computer, tipped a filing cabinet and tried to rip the manager’s clothes off.

Man charged for getting into cat fight with wife

24-year-old Braxton Insco was charged with vandalism when he started flipping furniture and throwing other items at the wall after his wife confronted him about the mess his cat was making.

Nashville man charged for refusing to leave Hallmark Inn and damaging police vehicle

27-year-old Gabriel Henderson was charged with two counts of vandalism, criminal trespass, and public intoxication after refusing to leave Hallmark Inn for being intoxicated and causing damage to two vehicles, including a police vehicle.

Jealousy, food hurling, and keying vehicle leads to stalking and vandalism charges for Nashville woman

39-year-old Phoeum Prum was charged with stalking and vandalism when her ex-boyfriend told police she had followed him in her vehicle, keyed his vehicle, and threatened to move near him to keep tabs on him and his new girlfriend.

Man found asleep in AirBnB after breaking down door

37-year-old Joshua Reid was charged with vandalism after he was found sleeping in a bed after breaking down a door to gain entry into the location.

Woman lashes out at girlfriend during argument

22-year-old Tatiana Barton was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after she punched her girlfriend in the face and then attempted to run her over. Tatiana had an outstanding warrant for vandalism after having a domestic dispute in November with the same person.

Drunk man thinks he’s in Michigan while breaking a window at Comfort Inn

24-year-old Kenneth Kortman was charged with public intoxication and vandalism after officers found him attempting to vandalize a truck while thinking he was in Grand Rapids, Michigan.