Makiya Lowe trashes father’s home when she learns he is out with his ex-girlfriend

20-year-old Makiya Lowe vandalized her father’s Canady Avenue residence on May 14th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Marcus Allen Lowe, who stated that Makiya had trashed his house while he was gone and thrown documents over the residence. Officers then spoke with Makiya, who told them she had used her key to enter her dad’s house but had not found him. So, she called him and discovered he was out with his ex-girlfriend, whom she did not like. Then, Makiya said she threw documents and garbage bags full of his belongings around the property and broke a few mugs to “get back” at him. Marcus Allen Lowe was also previously arrested on February 29th for stealing his ex-girlfriend’s emotional support dog. Makiya Lowe was taken into custody for vandalism on May 14th.

Orlin Vareala-Zuniga destroys father’s car after going out to drink

22-year-old Orlin Isaac Vareala-Zuniga had a domestic altercation with his father, Orlin Joel Vareala-Media, at their Cedarmont Road residence on May 10th. When officers arrived, Media advised them that Zuniga had gone out to drink and had asked to be picked up. Media initially refused due to his son’s level of impairment until he told him he was going to walk home.

After picking him up, an argument ensued in the car, which escalated once they got to their house. Zuniga started hitting the windows before jumping atop the car, kicking the windshield, and breaking the glass. Media stated when he tried to stop his son from further damaging his car, Zuniga began striking him in the face, leaving visible redness. Dereck Rosales-Carbanal, a witness, stated he observed the attack after he heard the commotion outside his residence. He also corroborated Media’s statements. Zuniga was then taken into custody for domestic assault and vandalism.

Jada Tomlin breaks boyfriend’s iPhone 13 during confrontation over social media posts

21-year-old Jada Tomlin had a domestic altercation with her boyfriend, Patrick Pointer Jr., at his Old Hickory Boulevard apartment around 4:55 a.m. on May 9th. Upon arrival, officers talked with Tomlin, who said she was sleeping at Pointer Jr.’s apartment. Jada stated that Patrick woke her up around 4 a.m. and confronted her about a social media post he saw at work. Jada said she was upset, took his iPhone 13 from the bed, and threw it, shattering the screen. Patrick responded by breaking her $5 lamp, sparking an argument where they started pushing each other. Then, Jada stated Patrick grabbed her by the neck and pushed her to the ground. When officers spoke with Pointer Jr., he told them he came home from work and brought up the social media post he had seen. Then, Patrick said she took his $600 iPhone 13 and threw it onto the ground, shattering the screen. Patrick stated Jada then began pushing him several times. Pointer Jr. noted that he pushed her back in self-defense but denied grabbing her neck. Tomlin was deemed the primary aggressor and then was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Jeante Tate smashes girlfriend’s iPhone 15 after making fun of her work on Instagram

19-year-old Jeante Lashawn Tate had an altercation with his girlfriend, Monique Austin, on February 14th. Officers were dispatched to a Whispering Oaks Place residence, where they spoke with Austin, who stated she and Tate argued over him making fun of her work on Instagram. Austin said he then started taking all her clothes out of her closet. Austin stated when she tried to stop him, Tate pushed her head, grabbed her iPhone 15, and threw it on the floor, causing the screen to shatter. Austin said the phone cost over $1,000 and that her friend tried to intervene, which sparked a scuffle between them and Tate. A warrant was issued for Tate’s arrest that day. Tate was taken into custody for vandalism, domestic assault, and not having a valid driver’s license on May 9th.

Seth Russell steals $1000 worth of merchandise from Craft Vapor

23-year-old Seth Russell broke into Craft Vapor on Highway 70 South in the early hours of May 8th. A concerned citizen observed this, alerted the authorities that Russell was stealing vapes, and provided them with a description of him. Then, when they arrived, they noticed Russell in the parking lot behind the location, holding two large bags as they approached. The bags were filled with several boxes of vapes, jars of THC, and around 25 packs of Delta-8 gummies, totaling about $1,000. Officers investigated the store and discovered all the glass displays were broken; some had missing items, and others were just damaged. Russell had a flashlight in his backpack with marks on the hilt. Russell was then taken into custody for burglary, vandalism, and theft.

Gregory Middleton assaults wife during argument about Scoop: Nashville post

46-year-old Gregory Middleton had an altercation with his wife, Colette Hill-Middleton, at their apartment on May 7th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Hill-Middleton, who stated Claudia Mallison, her sister, sent her a picture of a Scoop Nashville post regarding Middleton’s recent arrest. When she notified him about it, it upset him, and he demanded to know who gave her the link, to which she eventually told him Mallison and her brother-in-law, who lives a few units down from them, had sent her the link. He went there to speak with his brother-in-law, but Mallison refused and kicked him out.

Middleton returned home, where his wife was lying in bed, and started an argument with her about the post. He then grabbed a bottle of water and poured it on her. Colette yelled at him, and he grabbed her leg and the back of her neck, forcing her into the fetal position. She threw the empty bottle of water at him, trying to get away from him, and Middleton let go of her and put his hands around her neck, strangling her for about a minute, causing her to struggle for breath.

When officers spoke with Middleton, he told them, “Nothing happened,” adding that their argument was strictly verbal. They spoke with Mallison, who confirmed Middleton had come to her apartment angrily and demanded to speak with her husband about the Scoop Nashville post. Middleton was deemed the primary aggressor and was placed under arrest. While being transported to booking, he urinated on himself in the back of the patrol vehicle. Middleton was taken into custody for domestic assault and vandalism of government property.

Katelynn Fencl pours anti-freeze on ex-boyfriend during confrontation over narcotics

21-year-old Katelynn Fencl had a domestic altercation with her ex-boyfriend, Melvin Houston, in the parking lot of Iglesia Casa Del Alfarero around 3 p.m. on May 5th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Houston, who stated that earlier today, he was driving with Fencl when an argument ensued because she had narcotics with her. Houston said he was trying to pull over to let her out when she grabbed his right arm while he drove, leaving multiple abrasions. Then, he said he pulled into the Iglesia Casa Del Alfarero parking lot and started recording the incident on his phone. Fencl then poured multiple drinks over the front of his vehicle, causing damage, before opening a bottle of orange juice and pouring it inside his car. Houston added that she then grabbed a bottle of anti-freeze, poured it on him, and threw it at him after emptying it. Houston said she then chased him around in the parking lot while swinging her hands at him, grabbed his $4,800 camera from the backseat, and fled. Officers reviewed the footage and confirmed his statement. Fencl was then taken into custody for domestic assault, theft, and vandalism on May 8th.

Pashelle Wilson assaults girlfriend during argument about breaking up

26-year-old Pashelle Wilson had a domestic incident with her girlfriend, Carone Edwards, at her Nolensville Pike apartment on May 2nd. When officers arrived, they spoke with Wilson, who stated she and Edwards argued over their relationship issues, which escalated when they started to “wrestle”, leaving a small laceration on her foot. Wilson said that Edwards’s daughter broke up the altercation.

When officers spoke with Edwards, she stated she told Wilson she wanted to end their relationship and attempted to leave, which was when Wilson started pushing her, sparking a scuffle, where Wilson pulled her by her arm into her daughter’s room and continued fighting with her until her daughter intervened.

After the fight, Wilson locked herself in Edward’s bedroom and started damaging her belongings, including a vase, a gold watch, and a bottle of perfume, totaling around $300. Her daughter provided officers with a video showing Edwards’s shirt torn and ripped from the occurrence. Wilson was deemed the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for domestic assault and vandalism.

Travis Odom strangles girlfriend until she passes out

24-year-old Travis Odom was taken into custody for vandalism, aggravated kidnapping, and assault on May 2nd. On May 1st, around 11 p.m., officers arrived at 909 Flats Apartments, where they located Odom, who was sitting on the steps in front of the leasing office, bleeding from his nose, crying hysterically and highly intoxicated. While Odom was getting medically evaluated in the ambulance, officers spoke with Javier Nunez, who advised them that he was on the couch in the leasing office when Odom and his girlfriend, Claudia Rehg, approached him. Nunez said he observed Odom pulling her into the apartment complex, telling her they were going to his apartment while she was saying, “No” and “Please, let go,” before frantically asking Nunez to call the police.

While Nunez was alerting the authorities, Odom punched him in the face, chipping his tooth and leaving visible swelling, during which Rehg ran away from the office, attempting to get away from Odom, who then chased her out the front door. Rehg fled near 10th Avenue North and Rev. Dr. Enoch Boulevard, where she spoke with officers, advising them that she and Odom had been romantically involved for two months. She explained that they were on Broadway and used a rideshare to return to Odom’s apartment. When they arrived, Rehg asked if they could go back to Broadway so she could gather some belongings from her vehicle, which they had parked downtown. She said this made Odom angry and he hit her in the back of the head repeatedly, threw her against a concrete wall, and strangled her, causing her to lose consciousness.

She was then transported to Vanderbilt Hospital for medical attention. Officers reviewed security camera footage from the parking garage, showing Odom holding Rehg in a “chokehold” and dragging her into the garage while she tried pulling away from him, hitting his back, trying to get out of his grasp. Rehg fell to the ground as her body went limp, lying there for about 15 seconds without any movement. Odom stood over her while she rolled onto her back and lay there for another 40 seconds before helping her up and carrying her to the apartment complex entrance. Once they got to the stairs, Rehg started pulling and running away toward the parking garage exit, where she found Nunez in the leasing office. When officers spoke with Odom, he said, “I plead the fifth,” and, “I plead the fourth,” refusing to speak with them. He was then taken into custody.

DUI: Raul Rizo blows .196% BAC after driving into police car

23-year-old Raul Rizo was seen sleeping in his vehicle, which was stopped in the middle of the road near Antioch Pike on April 29th. When officers arrived, they approached Rizo’s vehicle and noticed open beer bottles with liquid inside them. Officers told Rizo, who was sleeping inside, to turn his vehicle off numerous times, but he did not hear them. Rizo then woke up and drove into an officer’s vehicle. Rizo continued to keep his foot on the gas, causing even more damage. Officers proceeded to break the passenger side window of Rizo’s car and pulled the keys out of the ignition. Officers then placed Rizo into custody and learned Rizo was sleeping at the wheel. Officers noticed he had many signs of impairment, including bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, as well as having an extreme odor of alcohol. Rizo agreed to do a breath sample and blew a .196% BAC. Officers questioned Rizo, who stated that he had ten beers before beginning to drive. Officers received Rizzo’s information and found that Rizo did not have a valid driver’s license. Rizo was charged with DUI, No driver’s license, Vandalism, evading arrest, and open container violation.