Man throws dog crate at woman after she goes out with friends

29-year-old William Washington was arrested and charged with domestic assault and vandalism after he followed his partner around during the day, smashed her phone, and threw a dog crate at her.

Woman “lashes out” against ex-roommate by shattering his window with a brick

40-year-old Demetria Stuart was charged with vandalism when she flipped tables and smashed her ex-roommate’s window with a brick at Bartaco after she saw him there with another female.

Man assaults two women including the mother of his child over the course of several months

27-year-old Tremaine Stem was charged with assault, burglary, vandalism, theft, and harassment after he assaulted two women and damaged property owned by his child’s mother.

Woman soils bed with food and attacks boyfriend who refuses to provide money for cocaine

41-year-old Tamika Mcgee was charged with vandalism and domestic assault after she punched her boyfriend in the face multiple times, damaged the window blinds, and soiled their bed with food after he refused to give her money to buy cocaine.

Felon caught climbing from the window of American Auto Sales with two T.V.s

24-year-old Kendall Williams was charged with burglary and vandalism when he was recorded forcing entry to American Auto Sales through the glass on a garage door as well as stealing car keys and key fobs.

Woman wrecks boyfriend’s car and bedroom during breakup

26-year-old Asia Larkin was charged with vandalism after she took her aggression out on her boyfriend’s car and bedroom wall, per report.

Nashville man smashes girlfriend’s rear window when she ends their relationship

feat Corder Damion

41-year-old Damion Corder was charged with vandalism when he damaged his girlfriend’s car because she was breaking up with him, per report.

Woman kicks in ex-boyfriend’s door after an argument “sent her into a rage”

26-year-old Jimika Flowers was charged with vandalism after she took a brick to her ex-boyfriend’s apartment door and then kicked it in after arguing with his friend.

Woman caught selling stolen diapers on Facebook; booked on multiple charges

28-year-old Jamesha Grady was charged with criminal trespass, vandalism, two counts of theft, and domestic assault when she bit her girlfriend, smashed her windshield with a cinder block, stole $200 worth of items from Kroger after being banned, and took four boxes of diapers from Dollar General to sell on Facebook.

U-Haul renter charged after hitting parking garage lift gate and fleeing to Colorado

30-year-old Nicholas Price was charged with vandalism after damaging a Bank of America lift gate and two cars in their parking garage. He then fled to Grand Junction, Colorado.