Tourist Britt Johnson charged in assault of girlfriend in Nashville hotel room

31-year-old Britt Johnson was jailed on May 5th after assaulting his girlfriend on Music Valley Drive. Police saw Johnson sleeping outside of the hotel room. He was startled when the officers woke him and appeared to be intoxicated, slurring his words, unsteady on his feet, and smelled of alcohol. He told police his wife had kicked him out of the hotel room.

When officers entered the room to speak to Jennifer Rodriguez, she was crying and pointed at her face. Officers saw cuts on her face, objects in the room that were thrown around, and blood on the bed. She wouldn’t tell officers exactly what happened, but she said she was scared of Johnson and wanted him to leave. Officers asked Jennifer if Johnson put his hands on her, and she nodded her head yes but wouldn’t give further details. Due to the evidence on the scene and injuries to Jennifer’s face, police determined Johnson as the primary aggressor.

Alvionna Jones stabs lover during argument, flees the scene

19-year-old Alvionna Jones was jailed last week on an outstanding warrant from March 12th for stabbing her boyfriend Joshua Cloyd in the hip after an argument at the Super 8 by Wyndham Hermitage on Princeton Place. When officers arrived on the scene, they saw Joshua with a stab wound and additional slash marks on his left hip area, with blood on the bed and floor. Joshua told police that Jones had seen a text message on his phone that she thought was from another woman. Joshua said that they argued, and she eventually grabbed a knife.

According to Joshua, anytime an argument occurs, she always “goes for the knife.” He says it was a kitchen knife this time, and the blade was about three inches. Joshua said that after Jones stabbed him, she fled on foot to an unknown location. He said he blacked out during the altercation and wasn’t sure how it escalated. Joshua was treated on scene by NFD but refused to be transported to the hospital. He made it very clear that he didn’t want his girlfriend to get in trouble. During the investigation, officers discovered Jones has active bond conditions from a previous incident where Joshua was the victim.

Nashville Police charge Ryan Murray with personal marijuana possession

32-year-old Ryan Murray was booked this week on a citation from January 4th after officers pulled him over for driving on and over the dotted roadway lines and blocking two lanes of traffic on the Korean Veterans Boulevard Bridge. Murray openly admitted that he had marijuana in the car, and his vehicle was searched. Officers located a baggie of marijuana in the center console and a pipe with residue in the sunglass holder.

Chad Banks says girlfriend must have “tripped over his boot” — says he didn’t assault her

37-year-old tourist Chad Banks was jailed after beating up his girlfriend on Friday night at the Holiday Inn Express. Haley Anderson tells police that she and Banks got into an argument when she wanted to leave the bar and return to their hotel room. Banks pushed her to the ground outside the bar, and she busted her lip when she fell. She stated that when she was pushed outside the bar, she returned to the hotel room, and Chad followed her. Anderson told police, “It got physical.” but wouldn’t go further into detail because she did not want him to get in trouble. Officers observed Anderson’s busted lip as well as blood on the floor and on a towel in the bathroom. Chad was outside hiding behind his black diesel ford truck. when police approached him. During the investigation, Chad was extremely intoxicated, slurring his speech, ad unsteady on his feet. Chad told police that he did not touch Haley and that she tripped over his boot and fell onto the table.

Christian Martin: “I could snap your neck, but you’re not worth going to jail for”

31-year-old Christian Martin was jailed on Friday night after breaking his sobriety and threatening his girlfriend during an alcohol-induced argument. Allison Truman is Martin’s girlfriend, and they live together on Jackson Downs Blvd. Allison told police that Christian had been sober for two months due to issues that occurred when alcohol was involved. Allison and Martin got into an argument about his relapse, and she locked herself in her bedroom to avoid any conflict while he was drunk. Martin started kicking the door, and Allison told him to stop several times, but he kicked the door off the hinges. Allison was scared that Martin would seriously hurt her.

Martin then threatened her by saying, “I could fold you if I wanted to” and “I could snap your neck, but you’re not worth going to jail for” When officers spoke to Martin, he was slurring his speech and unsteady on his feet. He told police he kicked the door down because “he felt like it” and he “just wanted to talk to her” The damage to the home matched the details of the incident. When Martin was taken into custody, police found brass knuckles in his pockets.

Drunk & Disorderly at Mapco — Ronald Flanders

43-year-old Ronald Flanders Jr was jailed for public intoxication at a Mapco, where employees called the police after his rowdy behavior. The employee told police that Flanders threw money at her and fell over, damaging store items. When officers spoke with Flanders, he was slurring his words and being unsteady on his feet. Officers attempted to take him to the Radisson Hotel he claimed to be staying at, but the hotel staff said he did not have a room there. Flanders then told officers that his room was at the Courtyard at Marriot. Officers called the hotel to confirm before making another wasted trip. The staff at Courtyard stated that Flanders has been at that location, claiming he has a room but does not. Officers placed Flanders into custody due to his level of intoxication and inability to care for his safety.

Tyler Mulldane: I’m a CIA operative that owns the Opry Mills Mall & Hotel

33-year-old Tyler Mulldane told police he was a working CIA operative, and that he was the owner of the Opry Mills Mall & Gaylord Opryland Hotel when he was found trespassing on their property on February 26. Security had asked Mulldane to leave the property, but he refused, demanding he owned the property. Officers took him into custody and jailed him on a criminal trespassing charge.

Zachary Owen says he can break into Opry Mills Mall because his family are all country singers.

40-year-old Zachary Owen told police he was attempting to enter Opry Mills Mall at 1:30 a.m. on February 6 to “hang out inside” and that he’s allowed on the property because “all his family are country singers.” Mall Security had caught him inside the mall after-hours the previous day and escorted him off the property. Owen was transported to booking and charged with criminal trespass.

Tommy McDonald charged with strangling girlfriend; dragging her by hair

When police arrived at an Elm Hill Pike apartment late Saturday night, they discovered Chenike Reid gathering her things from the ground, which were scattered outside of the apartment. She explained that her boyfriend, 30-year-old Tommy McDonald, had punched her in the forehead when she attempted to take a book that Tommy had bought for her as she was moving out. When she grabbed the book a second time, she says he grabbed her by her hair and then her throat until she had problems breathing. He then dragged her out of their apartment. Officers documented injuries to the victim’s forehead and throat. She was transported to the hospital, and Tommy was taken into custody.

Palwan Sadeq & Mardan Sadeq charged after vending from hot dog stand on private property downtown

28-year-old Palwan Sadeq & 30-year-old Mardan Sadeq were vending from their hot dog cart on November 27th at the Hilton on 4th Ave in downtown Nashville when they were approached by Metro Nashville Police, who say they were warned the night before that this was private property and vending wasn’t allowed in this area. Both were issued citations for criminal trespass and were booked on the charges this week.