David Sharp strangles girlfriend because she wants to see her daughter

49-year-old David Sharp was involved in a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Candice Briggs, at Aaronwood Drive on April 8th. Officers arrived and made contact with Briggs inside the house, hugging a chair and crying. Candice was asked what happened but would continue to lie on the ground and cry. Candice eventually spoke to officers and told them that an issue had been going on for a few days and that she had called before. However, this address has not contacted law enforcement in the last 48 hours. Candice explained that an argument started when she told Sharp she wanted to see her daughter. When the couple got back home, they consumed some alcoholic beverages. During the argument, Sharp slammed Candice’s head on the ground. Candice also told officers that Sharp strangled her, which made her blackout. A medic on the scene observed Briggs’s injuries and saw redness around Candice’s neck and chest, a long scratch on her neck, as well as broken nails on her fingers. Sharp told officers that there was a verbal argument, but the only time that he put his hands on her was when he helped her from the car because she was intoxicated. David Sharp was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault and aggravated assault.

Wesley Hulsey strangles girlfriend, hides from police at Taco Bell

21-year-old Welsey Hulsey was jailed early Tuesday morning when he assaulted his girlfriend on Millwood Drive. Abigail Wood advised that she told Hulsey she was done with him, and he had to leave. This upset Hulsey, so he came up behind her, wrapped his left arm completely around her neck, and strangled her until she passed out. She woke up to find Hulsey pointing a knife at her and stating that he was not going to leave. Officers observed strained blood vessels in Abigail’s neck and noted her raspy voice. She advised that she had difficulty speaking and heard ringing in her ears. Hulsey had already left the scene before police arrival, but he was found at the Taco Bell on Murfreesboro Pike, where he stated that he did not touch Abigail. Hulsey was then placed into custody and transported to booking.

Nathanial Jacob tackles, strangles boyfriend during argument

27-year-old Nathanial Jacob was jailed early Monday morning when officers responded to Old Matthews Road after he assaulted his boyfriend. Sergio Donis told officers that Nathanial started arguing with him for no reason. He said he was trying to leave when Nathanial tackled him to the floor in the hallway, and they began fighting. Sergio stated that Nathanial was on top of him and strangled him for about 40 seconds to the point where he had difficulty breathing and speaking. Officers observed a scratch on Sergio’s face, and a witness told officers they saw Nathanial on top of Sergio with his hand around his neck.

Martin Harasim claims to be government agent after assaulting his sister

41-year-old Martin Haraism was jailed Monday night after assaulting his sister at their apartment on Broadway. The victim stated that her brother was extremely intoxicated, and she took a bath to give him time to calm down and ended up having to barricade herself inside the bathroom. Harasim broke through the door and slammed her head against a wall. He then strangled her to the point of lightheadedness and threw her around the apartment. The victim stated, “He beat the hell out of me.” She had visible bruises and injuries in multiple places on her arms, legs, neck, and abdomen. She also had bruising around her neck from the strangulation.  

When officers spoke with Harasim, he denied ever assaulting the victim and claimed she had a mental illness. He was obviously intoxicated and claimed to be an IRS Criminal Investigator and an FBI agent but never showed a badge or provided any credentials. Officers called the FBI field office located in Knoxville, and they had no knowledge of him. Officers then attempted to take Harasim into custody, but he resisted by pulling away. He even stepped on an officer’s foot and would not move. He also attempted to throw his shoulder into an officer but was quickly pinned against a wall to prevent that. While in custody, he threatened to retaliate against the officers due to his employment by the federal government. He stated the federal government would “f*/k them up.” He also stated that he would “chop up” the arresting officer and called them “dumb f*/king fa*/ots.”

Henry Pangan charged with strangling woman, knocking her into a closet

27-year-old Henry Pangan got into an argument with a woman after she accused him of looking at another woman, and she became erratic, he said. He told police that he attempted to calm her down by holding her back at arm’s length. Also, he said that she threw a bottle of cologne at him, scratched his arms, and bit his chest while at the residence on Fedders Dr. on September 23rd. The victim, Migdalia Soto, said, through an interpreter, that Henry abuses alcohol and gets angry when he goes on bingers. She asked to use his vehicle due to her car being broken, and he said no, called her trash, and other curse words in front of her children at the residence. When she stood up for herself and told him that he would not talk to her like that in front of her children, he slapped her across the face.

She says Henry then pushed her into a closet and placed his hands around her neck as she attempted to escape. She reportedly lost consciousness for a few seconds and could not leave the closet because Henry blocked the door. In an attempt to defend herself, she grabbed a high heel, but Henry got it from her and threw it at her, causing an injury to her hand. Migdalia had to be treated by paramedics and transported to the hospital for her injuries. Her son was at the scene and told police that he saw Henry standing in front of the closet with his mother inside. He said that Magdalia was holding her neck as if she had been strangled.

Tourist Zackary Mack tosses wife into hotel closet after assault

41-year-old Zackary Mack was jailed on Saturday after police responded to a 911 hang-up. A call text stated, “Female voice, get out! Hit me.” When officers arrived at the Westin on Clark Place, security brought Kathryn Lett to the lobby. She told officers that she and her husband only argued and nothing physical happened. When officers contacted Mack, he had a welt under his left eye with a small cut. Officers asked Mack how he got the welt on his face, and he stated vaguely that his wife threw something at him. After interviewing Lett, she disclosed that Mack got in her face during the argument and began to place his hands around her neck, strangling her while throwing her onto the bed. Lett stated they struggled before she hit Mack in an attempt to get him off her. Mack proceeded to throw Lett into the hotel room closet. Lett was then able to break free and alert the hotel security. Officers saw a mark around Lett’s neck and determined that Mack was the aggressor before arresting him.

Alexander Campos charged with assault of woman inside Opry Mills Theater

22-year-old Alexander Campos was reportedly watching a movie at Opry Mills Mall theater with Grace Voss a couple of hours before police arrived for a sexual assault in progress. On July 9th, around 1:30 a.m., police arrived at the theater and spoke to Grace, who said she and Alexander were watching a movie around 10 p.m. While they were watching the movie, she said that Alexander put his arm around her, grabbed her thigh, moved his hand toward her genitals, placed her hand on his genitals, and fondled her inside her shirt.

All of these advances, she said, were met with her pulling his hand away and telling him that she did not want him to touch her. After she pulled his hand out of her shirt, he asked her if she wanted to leave with him. She refused, and Alexander began kissing her. Alexander also licked her ear, and she attempted to escape him, but he grabbed her by her throat, restricting her breathing for approximately sixty seconds. He said, “You like that, don’t you?” Grace tried texting her roommate for help with her Apple watch. She also went to the bathroom to try and call her roommate for help, but Alexander followed.

Out of fear that he would hear her due to his proximity to the bathroom, she did not answer the phone calls she received from her roommate. Shortly after, she exited the bathroom and returned to the theater with Alexander. Once the movie was over, she said that Alexander asked her to walk with him to his car in the parking lot. She refused and told him she did not drive but was waiting for her roommate to pick her up. He asked her to wait in his car; she told him he should just go and that she could wait alone. Alexander left, and her roommate arrived to pick her up; that is when the roommate contacted the police.

Paul Bailey reportedly assaults his husband when asked to get a job

43-year-old Paul Bailey was awoken, he told police, by his husband and became upset when he thought his husband broke a family portrait when they arrived at his residence on Leo Ct. He admitted to placing his hands around his husband’s throat for approximately five seconds but did not apply pressure. He also told police that he was remorseful for his actions. Police spoke to his husband, Kyle Bailey, at Turley Dr. earlier, who said that Paul got angry with him when he asked if Paul was going to get a job. At that time, Kyle said, Paul grabbed him by the neck in a headlock and constricted his airway for several seconds. Police noted redness on Kyle’s neck. Also, while at Turley Dr., police spoke to Paul’s mother, who said that she heard the commotion and then entered the room where the two were. She said that she saw Paul place Kyle in a headlock and hit him. Paul was placed into custody for aggravated assault.

Donal Rodriguez-Avalos attacks girlfriend when she attempts to go out with a friend

25-year-old Donal Alexander Rodriguez-Avalos attacked his lover when she was leaving to go out with her friend, according to police. Sarahi Valle, Donal’s wife, told police that when they arrived Wednesday at her residence on Anderson Rd., Donal beat her. She said that when she was leaving to go out with her friend Donal grabbed her, hit her in the face, tried to pull her upstairs, threw her on the couch, and strangled her with one hand. She said that she did not lose consciousness but struggled to breathe. Police asked if she believed he intended to kill her, and she said that she did not know. Paramedics were observing Sarahi before she was transported to Southern Hills Hospital. Police observed bruising on her face, a bloodied, swollen lip, scratches on her neck and back, and blood inside her ears that EMS found. She said the scratches on her back were from him attempting to pull her up the stairs.

Jalan Armstrong kicks, punches, strangles girlfriend after she goes through his phone

25-year-old Jalan Armstrong allegedly struck his lover after she went through his phone. Whitney Gama, Jalan’s girlfriend, spoke to police after they were called to her and Jalan’s apartment at Easton Apartments. She told police that earlier that day, on August 10th, she went through Jalan’s phone, saw text messages from another woman, and confronted him about it. She said he snatched his phone from her and pushed her face into a pillow, causing her to struggle to breathe. Jalan then punched her several times in the face and head. Also, he threatened to hit her with his pistol, but she said she could not tell if he had it on his person. She said that she knew he owned one. Then, she said, he let her up, and kicked her in the legs when she attempted to leave, causing her to fall, but eventually left the room. During the altercation, Whitney was face timing a family member who could not see anything but thought they heard a gun cock. Police reported that Whitney’s lip was busted and had bruising on her face and ear. Jalan was placed under arrest due to her visible injuries for aggravated assault.