Cheyenne Cole jailed after allowing somone to drive her vehicle under the influence of drugs

24-year-old Cheyenne Cole was jailed on Thursday night after police rolled up on a white truck on Dickerson Pike and found the driver passed out, snoring, and unresponsive with his eyes rolled to the back of his head. Cheyenne was the passenger and began to dig in Nathaniel’s pocket, pulling out a small bag of a white powdery substance and attempting to hide it inside of her prison purse. Police grabbed Cheyenne to place her into cuffs as she pulled away and tried to stomp out the small bag that had fallen. Nashville Fire Department transported Nathaniel to the hospital, where he told them that the bag in question contained fentanyl and could be found in Cheyenne’s wallet. Police found a straw that had white powder residue on the inside. It was also discovered that the vehicle was registered to Cheyenne’s father and that she was solely responsible for it, resulting in her being charged with a DUI per se.

Henry Pangan charged with strangling woman, knocking her into a closet

27-year-old Henry Pangan got into an argument with a woman after she accused him of looking at another woman, and she became erratic, he said. He told police that he attempted to calm her down by holding her back at arm’s length. Also, he said that she threw a bottle of cologne at him, scratched his arms, and bit his chest while at the residence on Fedders Dr. on September 23rd. The victim, Migdalia Soto, said, through an interpreter, that Henry abuses alcohol and gets angry when he goes on bingers. She asked to use his vehicle due to her car being broken, and he said no, called her trash, and other curse words in front of her children at the residence. When she stood up for herself and told him that he would not talk to her like that in front of her children, he slapped her across the face.

She says Henry then pushed her into a closet and placed his hands around her neck as she attempted to escape. She reportedly lost consciousness for a few seconds and could not leave the closet because Henry blocked the door. In an attempt to defend herself, she grabbed a high heel, but Henry got it from her and threw it at her, causing an injury to her hand. Migdalia had to be treated by paramedics and transported to the hospital for her injuries. Her son was at the scene and told police that he saw Henry standing in front of the closet with his mother inside. He said that Magdalia was holding her neck as if she had been strangled.