Seantae Demoss reportedly assaults boyfriend in his car

21-year-old Seantae Demoss was booked on December 12th after reportedly assaulting her boyfriend when a disagreement took a violent turn. While officers sat on Dupont Avenue, a black Dodge Challenger pulled in next to them. James Briggs told officers that he had just gotten into a physical altercation with Ms. Demoss. At that moment, Demoss got out of the front passenger’s seat, into the driver’s seat, and left with Mr. Briggs’ vehicle. He told officers that he and his girlfriend started arguing while on their way to a gas station nearby to get some snacks so they could watch a movie at her apartment. While at a stop sign on Dupont Avenue and Delaware Avenue, Demoss became very upset and started hitting Briggs in the face. Briggs explained that he tried to bring Demoss back to her apartment, but she refused to leave the car, which is why he pulled up to officers when he saw them. Police found Demoss at the address provided by Briggs. She was standing outside beside his vehicle and stated that she had just got back from a friend’s house when she and her boyfriend started arguing. She later admitted to hitting him in his chest, not his face, and wouldn’t go into detail about what the argument was about.

Bambi Fae causes a scene at Olive Garden

29-year-old Bambi Fae was jailed after causing a scene at Olive Garden on Gallatin Pike. The manager told police that Ms. Fae was acting erratically toward other customers and wished to have her removed after she paid for her meal. Ms. Fae gave the manager a Visa gift card, but it declined, and she had no other form of payment. Police asked the manager if she wanted to press charges for theft of service, but she declined. The officers escorted Ms. Fae off the property and warned her not to return or she would be arrested for trespassing. Ten minutes later, the manager called back, and officers again found Ms. Fae inside the restaurant. She was then placed under arrest and transported to booking.

Cheyenne Cole jailed after allowing somone to drive her vehicle under the influence of drugs

24-year-old Cheyenne Cole was jailed on Thursday night after police rolled up on a white truck on Dickerson Pike and found the driver passed out, snoring, and unresponsive with his eyes rolled to the back of his head. Cheyenne was the passenger and began to dig in Nathaniel’s pocket, pulling out a small bag of a white powdery substance and attempting to hide it inside of her prison purse. Police grabbed Cheyenne to place her into cuffs as she pulled away and tried to stomp out the small bag that had fallen. Nashville Fire Department transported Nathaniel to the hospital, where he told them that the bag in question contained fentanyl and could be found in Cheyenne’s wallet. Police found a straw that had white powder residue on the inside. It was also discovered that the vehicle was registered to Cheyenne’s father and that she was solely responsible for it, resulting in her being charged with a DUI per se.

Thomas Patton charged with DUI after leaving bachelor party

47-year-old Thomas Patton pulled out in front of officers on Gallatin Pike and began driving erratically on the morning of August 6. Police conducted a traffic stop, and Thomas gave them his debit card when they asked for identification. Thomas agreed to step out of the vehicle and perform sobriety tests. He showed signs of intoxication and was placed into custody. While transported to booking, he told the officers that he came from a bachelor party and originally planned to have his wife pick him up. He said that he drove because he lived close by.

Larogerrick Moore throws glass vase at mother of his child when asked to watch the infant

34-year-old Larogerrick Moore and his baby momma threw things at each other after she asked him to watch their infant. On July 26th, MNPD officers arrived at a residence on Cheyenne Blvd and spoke to Latoya McDuffie. She said that Larogerrick came home from work at 6 am, and she asked him to watch their 6-month-old child. An argument started, she said, and he threw a household item at her. She admitted to police that she threw something back, leading to each of them throwing several items at each other. At this time, Larogerrick threw a glass vase that hit Latoya in the arm. A juvenile eyewitness corroborated Latoya’s story as well as police noted a bruise on Latoya’s arm.

DUI: Christopher Reddick alseep behind the wheel on Broadway in downtown Nashville traffic

Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative in downtown Nashville were flagged down by bystanders who advised that 28-year-old Christopher Reddick was asleep or passed out behind the wheel of his vehicle on Broadway amid many other cars and pedestrians. He was coming to as officers approached his vehicle, but he provided severely delayed responses to questions and was obviously intoxicated. He stated: “I’ve been drinking enough today,” and refused all field sobriety and chemical/breath tests.

Ethan Schaaf spits blood on cops, appalled they told him to go home after fight downtown

22-year-old Ethan Schaaf, the son of two prominent Paducah lawyers, and himself an aspiring lawyer, told Metro Nashville Police Officers, “Who are you telling to go home?!?” before shoving an officer and “landing a thick amount of bloody spit” on another officer once he was in custody.