Man tells MNPD he’s “fucking hammered” when found passed out in car at Shwab Elementary School

MNPD Officers found 35-year-old Matthew Johnson passed out across both front seats of his running vehicle, parked at a local elementary school. Johnson told officers “I’m fucking hammered”.
He was charged with DUI, Implied Consent, disorderly conduct, open container, assault of a police officer and resisting arrest. He is now free on pre-trial release.

Man slips cuffs, attempts to escape car, after nude drawing date goes really, really wrong

This weekend, 25-year-old Matthew Homonnay took his girlfriend of four weeks on a date to a ‘Drink-N-Draw’ type event, which consists of a 2-3 hour drawing session of a nude model, and free alcohol. The night would end with Homonnay escaping his cuffs in the back of a patrol car, and nearly escaping police completely, while being charged with 2 felonies and 2 misdemeanors, after he¬†went berserk.

Prostitute “Strawberry” Charged in North Nashville Shooting #AttemptedMurder

Two men solicited a prostitute called ‘Strawberry’ in North Nashville. They agreed on a price, she left to get drugs, and returned with a gun, and shot one of them in the stomach when she tried to rob them. Now she’s charged with attempted murder.

Whitney Warren re: MNPD: “I made that officer do his job, I boxed his little ass” – and she did!

During the fight, Warren grabbed for Officer Gonzalez’s gun multiple times, and screamed: “Give me that gun, bitch!”

Maureeshia Lumpkin asleep behind the wheel. DUI, Assault on Officers x4. Kicks, bites, pinches Officers.

Just before 8 AM on Sunday morning, MNPD observed Maureeshia Lumpkin in the driver’s seat of her vehicle, asleep, wearing only black underwear, a hooded sweatshirt, and socks. The vehicle was on Archer St near Southside Ave and was in the road running. Officers worked excessively in order to attempted to wake up Lumpkin by knocking on her windows, and eventually she woke up enough that police were able to gain entry to the vehicle to turn off the ignition for safety. Once Lumpkin stepped out of the vehicle, officer’s…

Kroger’s Star Employee Robs Them Blind | Antoinette Bradley Arrested.

Antoinette Bradley was recently selected by Style Blueprint magazine as one of four ‘Faces of Kroger’ in a piece highlighting great Kroger employees that you instantly recognize and their personal profiles. What no one would realize until now, is that in the past five months, she cancelled 585 cash transactions on the register, and pocketed the $8,632.76 for herself. It’s unclear why Kroger’s internal systems did not catch such a large amount of cancelled cash transactions, but she played the system since 08/20/17 with this scam of her employer. According…

East Arrest: Colton Collins Wrestles Officer, Breaks Watch During DUI Arrest | Bonds Out, Re-Arrested 36 Hours Later.

Just after midnight on Monday, Colton Collins was arrested at our East Nashville Cop’s favorite DUI spot – N 11th at Gartland/Gallatin. It’s almost like no one knows this is the hottest DUI spot on the East side. Just before 1AM Tuesday morning, Collins was observed going 50 in a 40mph zone, and not keeping his vehicle between the lines. The officer reports smelling an obvious odor of alcohol coming from the defendant’s breath, blood shot, watery eyes, and the officer noted that he suspected an additional use of an…