Kristi Cook booked after disobeying police when daughter threatened to shoot woman

47-year-old Kristi Cook was seen resisting arrest on 2nd Avenue North on March 18th. Cook’s daughter pulled a gun out at the scene and threatened to shoot someone. Officers ordered Cook to stand away from the woman that her daughter was threatening to shoot. Despite this, Cook ran at the female and yelled, “She pulled against me!” Officers cited her for the violation that day. Cook was booked on the citation for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest on April 5th.

Carley O’Neil found drunkenly sprinting down Division Street, admits to having “a lot of alcohol”

27-year-old Carley O’Neil was sprinting down near 8th Avenue South and Division Street in the early hours of April 7th. Officers observed this and approached her to ensure she was not in danger. As officers spoke to O’Neil, they noticed she was stumbling and slurring her words. O’Neil then admitted to having “a lot of alcohol” and that she was trying to get home. O’Neil could not provide any information regarding where she lived, and the address on her license revealed that she did not live nearby. O’Neil was deemed a danger to herself and others, so officers tried to detain her, and she became resistive. O’Neil was taken into custody for public intoxication and resisting arrest.

Elijah Ledbetter found lying on ground outside of Ole Red’s Bar on Broadway

25-year-old Elijah Rayne Ledbetter was lying on the ground in front of Ole Red’s Bar on Broadway in the early hours of April 6th. Officers observed this and approached him, where they noticed he was highly intoxicated. Ledbetter told them he was alone in Nashville with nowhere to go, so officers tried to give him options for a place to stay. When Ledbetter tried to walk away to one of the places, he started stumbling and could not stay on his feet. Ledbetter was deemed too impaired to care for himself, so officers went to detain him. This was when Ledbetter became resistive, refusing to put his hands behind his back. Ledbetter was taken into custody for resisting arrest and public intoxication.

Kalen Hatchett gets into fist fight on Broadway

29-year-old Kalen Ferninando Hatchett and Andrew Joseph Mulcunry were involved in a fight near Merchants on Broadway in the early hours of April 7th. Officers arrived and went to break up the altercation, but Hatchett continued swinging and punching Mulcunry. When the officers tried to detain him, he started pulling away from them and resisting. Hatchett was then taken into custody for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

College tourist Brock Duty says he’s “just down here to be an a**hole”

22-year-old University of Michigan student Brock Duty left Nashville this weekend with five new criminal charges after a night out on Broadway. Officers responded to AJ’s Good Time Bar and met with security at the location, who had removed Duty from the bar. Police noticed he reeked of alcohol and asked him if he was with anyone, to which he replied, “No, I am just down here to be an asshole.” Then, they detained Duty and requested a transport vehicle. When officers tried to put him in the patrol car, he became aggressive, thrashing and pulling away from them. During the altercation, Duty got in Officer Sarabia’s and started yelling and screaming, and then spit in his face. Once officers got Duty into the patrol car, he began to kick the passenger side window until it was off-track, popping it out of place and causing it to need repair. Officers then readjusted him and restrained his legs. Duty was taken into custody on April 6th for vandalizing government property, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, and the assault of an officer.

Local DJ Deer Emerson drunkenly assaults multiple people with rocks at Night We Met nightclub

33-year-old local DJ Deer Emerson was involved in a domestic altercation with her girlfriend, Beronica Crosby, at the Night We Met nightclub on 12th Avenue North on March 31st. When officers arrived at the location, they came into contact with Emerson, who was blatantly intoxicated and holding a rock in each hand. Witnesses at the scene state that Emerson was aggressive and tried to hit people with rocks. Emerson attempted to run away from officers but fell after a short distance. One of the witnesses, Walter Blackman, informed officers that he saw Emerson punch Crosby in the head while they were in front of the bar.

A security guard, Victor Hatcher, told officers he received a call regarding the altercation. Hatcher stated that he observed Emerson attempting to hit Crosby after getting aggressive with her in the parking lot. Before Emerson could land the hit, Hatcher held her down. Emerson retaliated by kicking Hatcher multiple times and attempting to strike him with a rock. During the scuffle, Emerson bit Hatcher on the arm. Officers contacted Crosby, who did not want to answer any questions. Crosby also appeared intoxicated and ended up leaving the scene before the investigation was over. Crosby didn’t have any visible injuries, but she seemed to have been in a physical altercation. Emerson was taken into custody, where she was actively resistant and refused to get into the police car. During a search of her person, a small baggie of suspected powder cocaine was found in her pocket. Deer Emerson was then transported and charged with assault of an officer, domestic assault, possession or causal exchange, public intoxication, resisting arrest, and two counts of aggravated assault.

Parker Glenn grabs officer’s gun during takedown

20-year-old Parker James Glenn tried to grab Officer Cheyenne Taylor’s gun during an altercation in his apartment at The Arbours of Hermitage late April 1st. Glenn had four outstanding warrants for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, so officers went to his unit to conduct a warrant service. When they arrived, his mother answered the door and told them she would bring Glenn to the door. He came to the door and opened it about 4-5 inches. The officers then asked Glenn to step outside, but he refused and slammed the door, smashing Officer Foote’s finger and leaving it bruised and swollen. The door also hit Officer Taylor in the nose, causing it to bleed. Then, officers forced entry to apprehend him, during which he ran into his bedroom and became resistive. While he resisted, he reached for Officer Taylor’s gun, and he was detained. Glenn was taken into custody for evading arrest, resisting arrest, two counts of assaulting an officer, and four counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Williams Cateno follows ex-girlfriend to movie theater after learning she’s with another man

18-year-old Williams Alexander Cateno parked and left his car in the One Hundred Oaks Regal parking lot on March 31st. Cateno started pacing while on the phone and became irate. VUPD officers observed this and conducted a welfare check, asking if he needed assistance. While officers were trying to gather Cateno’s information, he was extremely uncooperative with providing his identity. Cateno told officers he followed his ex-girlfriend to the theater because she was at the movies with another guy. Officers explained to Cateno that he was detained and needed to identify him for more information, but he continued to disobey. Officers went to arrest him, during which Cateno pulled away and took off running. Officers later caught up to him after he dropped his phone on the ground. Officers then ran Cateno’s VIN and spoke with his mother, who confirmed his identity. After they towed his vehicle, Canteno was taken into custody for resisting arrest on April 1st.

Daniel Brown throws girlfriend on ground, drags her out of hotel room at Embassy Suites

27-year-old Daniel Brown was involved in a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Serinity Evick, in their room at the Embassy Suites on March 27th. Officers arrived at the mentioned location and made contact with Evick. She informed them that Brown threw her down to the floor and dragged her out of the room. Evick then stated that she was experiencing pain in her right shoulder. Officers observed abrasions on Evick’s right elbow, right wrist, and center of her back. Shortly after, officers made contact with Brown inside his room. He told them that he “kicked out” Evick. When Brown was asked if Evick “put her hands on him,” he stated, “obviously so.” Daniel Brown was deemed the primary aggressor and taken into custody, where he was charged with domestic assault.

Thomas Turner Jr. assaults girlfriend, breaks her windshield during dispute over Instagram comment

21-year-old Thomas Turner Jr. had a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Kiyona Browne, at his mother’s Richards Road residence on March 24th. Browne was at the Walgreens on Antioch Pike when she alerted the authorities. When officers arrived, she explained that she and Turner Jr. had argued over a social media post that she felt was disrespectful to their relationship. Then, after a while, Browne decided to leave because she had to take her niece somewhere the next day. However, she could not leave because Turner Jr. still had her key fob. Browne said she still went out to her car and locked the door, but Turner Jr. followed her outside, unlocked the door, and got in the backseat. While in the backseat, he started punching the interior of the car, causing injury to his hands. Browne took Turner Jr. back inside so they could clean up the injuries and he could calm down, which he did. Shortly after, Turner Jr. became angry again, and when Browne got her key fob and returned to her car, he followed her again. Turner Jr. got into the passenger seat before Browne could lock the car. Then, Browne told him to get out repeatedly, but he refused, asking if she was going to cheat on him. When Browne did not reply, Turner Jr. threw his phone at the windshield, leaving a crack. Browne said he kept pulling her back in when she tried to exit the vehicle. When Browne got out to walk away, Turner Jr. kept trying to block her from leaving, grabbed her arm, and pulled her towards the car. When they returned to the car, Browne got inside and locked Turner Jr. out of it. Turner Jr. kicked Browne’s car as she drove away to Walgreens, where she called the police. Officers observed the cracked windshield and blood inside the car. Officers contacted Turner Jr., who agreed to speak with them at his mother’s apartment. When officers arrived, he told them that his injuries were not caused by Browne, adding that she never assaulted him. Then, Turner Jr. admitted to throwing his phone at the windshield and cracking it. Officers went to detain him, but he attempted to flee and resist. Turner Jr. was transported to General Hospital for medical treatment to his hands and was later taken into custody for domestic assault, vandalism, resisting arrest, and false imprisonment on March 25th.