Alarrion Oglesby flees police after stealing merchandise at Publix

22-year-old Alarrion Monique Oglesby and her brother stole merchandise from the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard Publix on May 3rd. Investigators observed them walking out of the establishment with a full cart without paying. Her brother put the items into a gold Dodge Journey and entered the passenger seat with the window down. Officers approached and demanded they exit the vehicle and turn it off. Oglesby then put the vehicle in drive and sped out of the parking lot. Officers noted the license plate and later discovered it was registered to her. On May 8th, they spoke with Oglesby at her Smith Springs Road residence, where she stated that she drove a gold Dodge Journey and that she gave her brother a ride to go “shopping” a couple of days prior. Oglesby was taken into custody for theft and evading arrest on May 9th.

Omar Yussuf evades arrest after aggressively panhandling with 15-year-old on Broadway

18-year-old Omar Ali Yussuf and two other unidentified males were aggressively panhandling near Broadway Avenue and Representative John Lewis Way North on the night of May 7th. Then, they stepped in front of and followed multiple people while trying to solicit. Officers observed this and approached them, during which Yussuf and one of the males, later identified as a 15-year-old, ran away and disregarded their commands to stop. Officers eventually caught up to them and recognized Yussuf from previous soliciting incidents, where he had been warned that his actions were illegal. Yussuf was then taken into custody for aggressive panhandling, evading arrest, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

18-year-old Kelexus Simmons jailed after driving stolen GMC Terrain without a license

18-year-old Kelexus Simmons was driving a GMC Terrain, which Dylan Young reported stolen, near Claiborne Street on the afternoon of May 6th. Officers located the GMC Terrain on Carrol Street. Officers conducted surveillance until it became mobile, where Air One followed it throughout Nashville until it stopped behind a Claiborne Street residence. Then, Simmons and her juvenile acquaintance were seen running away from the GMC Terrain. Officers then detained them near Charles E. Davis Boulevard and Fain Street. Simmons had the key to the stolen vehicle on her during her arrest. They were interviewed at police headquarters, where Simmons stated she did not know where the car came from and was not involved in taking it. Officers later discovered that she did not have a valid driver’s license. Before officers located the GMC, there was a reported shooting in the area, and the vehicle suffered a bullet hole to the rear passenger door on the driver’s side. Officers also located a shell casing inside the car but had not yet determined if Simmons and her friend were involved. Simmons was taken into custody for theft, evading arrest, and not having a valid driver’s license.

Patrick Burns lying unresponsive, wakes up and runs woman over

26-year-old Patrick Michael Burns was observed sleeping on the floor, appearing unresponsive near the Entertainment District in the early hours of May 5th. After several attempts, officers woke him up, where they noticed he had a strong alcoholic odor and showed signs of impairment. They allowed him to call friends to pick him up, but he was unsuccessful, so they told him he could not leave their presence until he was safe. Officers deemed him unable to care for himself and called him an ambulance. While they were waiting, Burns started running away through the crowd “in a reckless manner,” posing a danger to himself and the public. He ran into May Paw, pushing her over and causing her to fall to the ground. She sustained a head injury that required medical attention and was later transported to the Hospital by medics. Burns was taken into custody for assault, public intoxication, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and evading arrest.

Jonathan Shafer assaults a police officer on Interstate Drive

50-year-old Jonathan Shafer had an altercation with Officer Blaze Williams near Woodland Street and Interstate Drive around 6 p.m. on May 2nd. Williams was directing traffic when he encountered Shafer, who was swearing at him because he guided him the wrong way. Wiliams attempted to de-escalate the situation and told him to have a nice evening, which was when Shafer turned around and threw a lighter at him. Officer Williams said it flew right next to his face, prompting him to follow Shafer, who ran toward 1St Street. Williams requested backup, caught up to Shafer, and said, “Stop! Police,” which Shafer ignored while attempting to juke him, prompting them to perform a “takedown,” where he continued to resist until additional officers arrived to detain him. Shafer was then taken into custody for disorderly conduct, evading arrest, resisting arrest, and assault on an officer.

DUI: Raul Rizo blows .196% BAC after driving into police car

23-year-old Raul Rizo was seen sleeping in his vehicle, which was stopped in the middle of the road near Antioch Pike on April 29th. When officers arrived, they approached Rizo’s vehicle and noticed open beer bottles with liquid inside them. Officers told Rizo, who was sleeping inside, to turn his vehicle off numerous times, but he did not hear them. Rizo then woke up and drove into an officer’s vehicle. Rizo continued to keep his foot on the gas, causing even more damage. Officers proceeded to break the passenger side window of Rizo’s car and pulled the keys out of the ignition. Officers then placed Rizo into custody and learned Rizo was sleeping at the wheel. Officers noticed he had many signs of impairment, including bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, as well as having an extreme odor of alcohol. Rizo agreed to do a breath sample and blew a .196% BAC. Officers questioned Rizo, who stated that he had ten beers before beginning to drive. Officers received Rizzo’s information and found that Rizo did not have a valid driver’s license. Rizo was charged with DUI, No driver’s license, Vandalism, evading arrest, and open container violation.

Stephen Burns riots in the form of street racing in Davidson County

25-year-old Stephen Burns III was taken into custody for evading arrest, riot, and two counts of reckless endangerment on April 26th. On April 20th, officers conducted a Street Racing Initiative. Burns was observed as one of 3-5 vehicles that took over intersections and drifted around while street racers stood by and filmed. He participated as an active slider in “takeovers” and attended prior gatherings, where he contributed to the lawlessness and risked injury, death, or property damage via driving stunts. After investigating, warrants were issued for his arrest.

DUI: Matias Choc-Botzoc blows 0.180% BAC after fleeing police in his Toyota Corolla

32-year-old Matias Choc-Botzoc drank while swerving in his Toyota Corolla on Old Hickory Boulevard late April 24th. Officers observed this and activated their emergency equipment to initiate a traffic stop near Gallatin Pike South. However, Choc-Botzoc refused to comply and sped off onto Dupont Avenue until he got to his residence. Officers approached the driver’s side and noticed he reeked of alcohol. During their interaction, officers asked if Choc-Botzoc saw their sirens, to which he replied yes and admitted to consuming four beers. They then had him perform sobriety tests, where he showed multiple signs of impairment. After this, officers discovered that Choc-Botzoc did not have a valid driver’s license. After being read implied consent, he agreed to provide a breath sample, resulting in 0.180% BAC. Choc-Botzoc was taken into custody for driving under the influence, not having a valid driver’s license and evading arrest.

Tyrique Harris steals man’s backpack inside Copper Branch Cafe with group of juveniles

20-year-old Tyrique Harris, Leslie “Big Head” Bradford, and Jayden “Baby Jay” Woods had an altercation with Bryan Pasquini at The McKendree Methodist Church on April 18th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Pasquini, who stated that when they approached him, Harris asked him, “Where is the money for the girl?” Then, Pasquini said that Harris threw his backpack down and squared up to him, attempting to fight him. Pasquini walked away due to being outnumbered and went inside the Copper Branch Café, where they followed him inside. Harris then ripped Pasquini’s backpack off, telling him, “You better not come back to the bus station, or we are going to kill you.” Pasquini said this caused him to fear for his life, so he called the police. Michael Locscio, a witness, told officers that he observed them steal Pasquini’s backpack inside the café.

Then, officers investigated and located Harris running near the Downtown Detention Center on James Robertson Parkway, matching the description provided to them, so they detained him. During a subsequent search, officers located two baggies of marijuana, totaling 36.68 grams, a small digital scale, a small glass jar stating it contained THC on the label, and $158 cash on Harris’ person. Officers conducted a “show-up” where Pasquini identified Harris, Bradford, and Woods. Another officer contacted them and told them he initially discovered Harris with the other two at the MTA Bus Station and told them to stop. The group refused until being stopped by the other unit. The police discovered that Bradford and Woods were 13 and 16 years old. Then, when they spoke with Harris, he stated that he had the marijuana to sell in downtown Nashville, adding that he did so every day and made about $100 a day. Harris was taken into custody for possession of Schedule VI with intent to sell, evading arrest, two counts of contribution to the delinquency of a minor, theft, and assault.

David Pickett drives into oncoming traffic while fleeing from traffic stop

28-year-old David Jaye Pickett sped in his blue Dodge Charger, going around 70 mph on Clarksville Pike near Buena Vista Pike late April 13th. Officers observed this and tried initiating a traffic stop near Dr. D.B. Todd Jr. Boulevard, where he slowed down and turned on his hazards but never pulled over. Pickett then drove into oncoming traffic, nearly causing a head-on collision, and sped away. Air 1 was above and captured the incident before following him until he parked at a 22nd Avenue North residence, where officers identified him and discovered he had a canceled driver’s license. Pickett was taken into custody for reckless driving, driving on a canceled driver’s license, and evading arrest.