Ryan Willis evades arrest at Twin Peaks restaurant

40-year-old Ryan Taylor Willis was disorderly at Twin Peaks in the night hours of November 29th. Officers arrived and observed Willis speeding on his motorcycle, doing burnouts, and when they got behind and blue-lighted him, he sped away. Willis returned but kept his distance from officers as he gave them his information. Officers attempted to get close to him, and he took off again towards the Sumner County line, disregarding the activated emergency equipment. Willis was taken into custody for two counts of evading arrest on November 30th.

19-year-old Labronte House flees police after attempted traffic stop

19-year-old Labronte House was jailed on November 16th after police observed a Honda Civic with an inoperable brake light. Detectives also observed two vehicle occupants who were not utilizing their seatbelts. The vehicle sped off when the officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop on Ashwood Avenue. The officers then turned off their lights and sirens and chose not to pursue the vehicle. The aviation unit covertly followed the vehicle to Cedar Lane and Hawthorne Place, where the passenger exited. The car then continued to speed until it reached crestmoor, where an awaiting MNPD detective had deployed spike strips. The spikes left the vehicle inoperable, but Mr. House continued driving to Abbott Martin Road before exiting and being taken into custody. It was later discovered that he was driving without a valid driver’s license.

Ryan Smith charged for ignoring police and evading arrest after obstructing lane of traffic

45-year-old Ryan L Smith was parked in the middle of Rep. John Lewis Way N for a couple of minutes on November 2nd as officers approached and asked if he needed assistance. Smith advised officers he had stopped so he could program his GPS and began to berate them when they told him he could not park in the middle of a lane of travel. He told officers that they did not know how to do their jobs, that there were “better” things that they could be doing, and that they needed to “cut people a break”. Officers told Smith that they were attempting to “cut him a break” by telling him to move along but he continued to scold them, so they initiated a traffic stop for obstructing a lane of travel. Smith drove off but officers were able to keep up on foot as he approached a red light and when they told him to stop again, he looked at them and said, “No.” before driving off again. Officers caught up to Smith and were able to place him in custody for failure to comply with an order and evading arrest.

Casey Tuffo assaults police, threatens to kill them and their families after Vibes bar incident

23-year-old Casey Tuffo threatened to kill officers and their families after being placed in custody this weekend. Officers were dispatched to Vibes Bar & Lounge regarding a fight. The security of the bar detained Tuffo, who was believed to be the suspect in the fight. Officers arrived and observed Tuffo screaming that there was no probable cause for his arrest. Tuffo complained about his wrist hurting, and as officers attempted to fix the handcuffs, he pushed Officer Pfeiffer and began to run away. Officers told Tuffo to stop multiple times but had to draw Tasers to get him to comply. Tuffo was taken into custody for disorderly conduct, evading arrest, resisting, public intoxication, and assault of an officer.

Jonathan Coward flees from police over license plate light traffic stop

20-year-old Jonathan Coward was jailed on Thursday after police observed him driving a black Chevy Impala with no license plate light. When they initiated their emergency equipment to pull him over near White Bridge Pike and Bugress, he sped off. Air One was above the vehicle, giving the ground unites his active location as he fled. Officers threw out spikes to disable the vehicle, but he continued to flee until he was apprehended on Cowan Street. He was taken to the police station and questioned. He stated that he fled the traffic stop but eventually gave up.

Kyshawn Roberts jailed after fleeing from stolen car

22-year-old Kyshawn Roberts was arrested on the evening of October 17th after being seen fleeing the scene of a stopped stolen vehicle on Summercrest Boulevard. A 2019 Dodge Durango was reported stolen from Bartlett, Tennessee, and tracked to Summercrest Boulevard, where it stopped. An MNPD helicopter witnessed the defendant fleeing from the direction of the stopped vehicle and running through the apartment complex on Summercrest Blvd. After being stopped and searched by police, Roberts was found to have an eight-gram plastic package containing marijuana.

After being read his Miranda Rights, the defendant admitted to being in the vehicle but stated he wasn’t driving. Roberts stated another occupant said police were trying to use road spikes ahead of the group fleeing. Roberts also admitted to the package being marijuana. A detective also said there was surveillance video from Bell Road showing the defendant in the driver’s seat.

Lazarius McGee charged after fleeing in stolen vehicle

19-year-old Lazarius McGee was taken into custody for motor vehicle theft, evading arrest, theft, and driving without a license on October 13th. Officers were in the parking lot of Fort Negley when they observed a black Volkswagen crash into a light pole. Three black males got out of the vehicle and ran away from officers, but McGee was caught on foot. McGee did not have a license.

Street Racer Adriel Lopez jailed after fleeing from police at sideshow

The Traffic Division was conducting the Street Racer Initiative on August 12th, and around 8pm at Corporate Place, 150 vehicles and at least 400 individuals were observed conducting illegal activities that occasionally resulted in a pedestrian being struck or damage to the parking lot. Vehicles began to flee before the 19-year-old Adriel Lopez was flagged down and commanded to shut his 2012 white Infiniti G37 off. Officers observed the license plate of the vehicle before Lopez fled. A warrant was issued for his arrest, and he was booked on that warrant this week.

Aaron Edwards flees to his home after striking another vehicle in crash

20-year-old Aaron Conner Edwards was driving in Antioch when he struck another vehicle driven by Geneva Wilkerson. He fled from the scene of the accident and drove to his home on Towne Village Rd, where he told his mother he crashed into a pole. He was outside when officers approached and fled inside the home when they commanded him to stop. He was eventually taken into custody and charged with evading arrest and failure to file a report. 

Marvell Bright cited for evading arrest with fugitive passengers

18-year-old Marvell Bright was pulled over by police in a 2016 Chevy Impala on Main St. on July 31st. Marvel was the vehicle’s driver, and the other two occupants had warrants out for their arrest. When the police contacted Marvell and the two others, Marvell ran. He qualified for a citation for evading because he had no warrants or failure to appear. He was booked on the citation on August 28th.