Brandy Morin attempts to flee police after being caught with out-of-county warrants

40-year-old Brandy Morin was caught with out-of-county warrants at Charlotte Avenue on June 14th. When officers arrived after being called for backup, they observed Morin trying to hide herself in front of a van. After making eye contact with law enforcement, Morin attempted to run away, causing a brief foot chase. Once Morin was caught, officers tried to cuff her, but she refused to put her arms behind her back. After several attempts to wrestle away from officers, Morin was placed under arrest. While speaking to Morin, she admitted that she ran because she had warrants for her arrest. Brandy Morin was then taken into custody and charged with resisting arrest and evading arrest.

Breanna Peach assaults brother when confronted over crystal meth habit

Christian Peach says he confronted his 19-year-old sister Breanna Peach about having crystal meth in the house on January 31. When he advised he would call the police if she didn’t seek help for her drug habit, she reportedly smacked his phone and slapped him, and he grabbed her arms and pushed her against a wall to stop the assault. Breanna says she did smack his phone but didn’t hit him. Officers documented a red mark on the victim’s arm when what appeared to be a slap injury.

Drunk man with gun threatens to kill store clerk, police let him walk away, he then assaults roommate — Shabazz Mallison

26-year-old Shabazz Mallison is jailed in lieu of a $72,000 bond after police had two interactions with him Wednesday. Officers first encountered him at a South Nashville 7-Eleven when he threatened to fight and kill the clerk. He was released from the scene after the clerk chose to not press charges.

One hour later, police were called to his home where they encountered him armed with a handgun on the front porch, yelling for cops to “shoot me! shoot me!” while waving the gun around. He had threatened a roommate, Shameka Watson, and another woman with a gun while pointing the laser sight at them. During the argument he reportedly also threw a Yankee candle at her, leaving wax on her face, and she used a chicken pan on him in self-defense.

Mallison is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, reckless endangerment/assault, and possession of a handgun under the influence.

Man accused of assaulting woman & refusing to let her leave after she denied him sex

20-year-old Isayah Batista is facing multiple charges after police say he asked a woman for sex and grew “irate” when she told him no. Court records allege he assaulted her and would not allow her to leave the apartment. The man’s roommate had to get involved so the woman could flee, at which time the man reportedly followed her, strangled her, and threw a marijuana grinder at her face out of anger.

Nashville Sex Worker threatens ‘John’ with shovel when his payment wouldn’t go through- $76K Bond

An Antioch man solicited the services of a sex worker known as ‘Ruby Foxx’, and when she arrived and it was time to pay, he says his payment “wouldn’t go through”. Officers arrived in the neighborhood to find Foxx, later identified as Summer Caster, standing in the man’s yard with a shovel. She threatened to harm the man, destroy his car, and have “her men” come to shoot him.

Nashville man beats and threatens nine-year-old son at knifepoint for losing wallet

36-year-old Rolando Caal was charged with assaulting his nine-year-old son at knifepoint for losing his wallet that had almost $2,000 inside, per report.

Father charged with strangling daughter’s mother while she watched

23-year-old Austin Miller was charged with aggravated assault with strangulation after he assaulted the mother of his 3-year-old daughter while the child watched.