Michael Mings fights with security at Margaritaville after refusing to throw drink away

42-year-old Michael Mings was seen visibly intoxicated in front of the Margaritaville bar on Broadway on June 22nd. When officers arrived, security at the location directed them at Mings. Officers observed that Mings was visibly impaired. Security went on to tell them that they saw Mings walking in front of the location with an open alcoholic beverage. They stated that they asked Mings to throw the drink away, but he refused. Once they took the beverage away, Mings became aggressive towards them, leading to an altercation. Security told police that they did not wish to press charges. After watching footage of the incident to gather further evidence, Mings was deemed a danger to himself and others, so he was taken into custody for public intoxication.

Drunk man with gun threatens to kill store clerk, police let him walk away, he then assaults roommate — Shabazz Mallison

26-year-old Shabazz Mallison is jailed in lieu of a $72,000 bond after police had two interactions with him Wednesday. Officers first encountered him at a South Nashville 7-Eleven when he threatened to fight and kill the clerk. He was released from the scene after the clerk chose to not press charges.

One hour later, police were called to his home where they encountered him armed with a handgun on the front porch, yelling for cops to “shoot me! shoot me!” while waving the gun around. He had threatened a roommate, Shameka Watson, and another woman with a gun while pointing the laser sight at them. During the argument he reportedly also threw a Yankee candle at her, leaving wax on her face, and she used a chicken pan on him in self-defense.

Mallison is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, reckless endangerment/assault, and possession of a handgun under the influence.

Fort Campbell soldier threatens and pushes Tootsie’s security guard

22-year-old Isiah Gonzalez was charged with assault after telling a security guard that he would “kick his ass” and pushed him multiple times at Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge on Broadway.

The Inn at Opryland drug bust: handgun in one pocket, codeine in the other; $25K & a QP of weed on the dresser.

Desmond Jones & Madison Wright arrested after found with 25K in cash, a QP of weed in their hotel room. Wright also had a fresh bottle of codeine in one pocket, and a stolen handgun in the other.

Waffle House Security Guard snitches on weed in car, gets employee arrested

Things got wild at the Waffle House on Murfreesboro Pk during the post-bar rush on Saturday morning. It seems the security guard working at the waffle house got so nosy, that at 2 AM he starting looking INSIDE the cars parked in the parking lot. Yep, security guard Tyler Hicks, who is there to protect the patrons inside the waffle house, was outside peeping in your cars. BUT WAIT, there’s more! – when Tyler Hicks saw a small bag of what he assumed was marijuana inside the driver’s seat of…

Cora Howe Student Refuses Search & Bypasses Security Checkpoint, Assaults Asst. Principal

03/07: On Wednesday morning at Cora Howe Exceptional School in East Nashville, an 18 year old student refused to be searched by the electronic wand, bypassed the security checkpoint, continued into the school where he eventually assaulted the assistant principal, Jonathan Mahaffey. The assistance principle did not want to press charges for assault. MNPD arrested the teenager on disorderly conduct, and he will appear in court on 03/23/2018. He was ROR’d until his court date after booking. Here’s the MNPD affidavit describing the incident: MNPD WAS DISPATCHED TO A FIGHT…

Pro-Tect Security (of Cloud IX notoriety) Allegedly beats man after he’s unconscious at ‘ALL NEW’ Daisy Duke’s Kuntry Kitchen

In light of Cloud IX’s closure, it seems a rather unexpected replacement has popped up to host events –  Daisy Duke’s Kuntry Kitchen & Saloon, in Hermitage. In a flurry of new events there, and using the same security crew that protected Cloud IX (Pro-Tect Security), things are off to a violent start in an otherwise unsuspecting venue. Last night was an ‘all night long’ release party featuring @NFL_CUDDY In the early morning hours of Saturday at the @NFL_Cuddy mixtape release party, two members of the Pro-Tect security team got…

Drunk Girls Gone Wild in Nashville Waffle House: Toneisha Gooch & Sydney Arter

Toneisha Gooch & Sydney Arter were having a great night out on a Friday in Nashville earlier this month, when in the early hours of Saturday morning they decided to end their night out and head to the Waffle House at 816 Murfreesboro Pk. According to multiple police reports, Gooch & Arter decided to take a taxi cab to Waffle House, where they were unable to pay the fare. At some point Sydney Arter goes inside the Waffle House, leaving Toneisha Gooch inside the back of the taxi cab throwing…